Chapter 542: Collecting True Water Dragon Saliva

Plop plop plop!


On the huge body of the ten thousand feet aquatic beast, the dark yellow True Water Dragon Saliva continuously melted and flowed downwards, revealing its original crystalline skin.


In the sky, all the Chosen stopped at this moment as they looked at this scene in shock.


The True Water Dragon Saliva had truly been neutralized!


"Did Zhou Yuan really do it?" The Chosen stared at the water, clearly unable to imagine how Zhou Yuan had achieved this feat.


After all, they had personally experienced the invincibility of the True Water Dragon Saliva.


However, the thing that even people like them had become powerless again, Zhou Yuan had neutralized so easily?


Zhao Zhu's expression fluctuated indeterminately, as his face flushed with heat. He had previously doubted Zhou Yuan, only for reality to hit him on the cheek a few moments later.


Zhao Zhu couldn't help but mutter: "How is this possible..."


Beside him, Kong Sheng inhaled deeply and slowly said, "It seems that he has some kind of method that specializes in dealing with True Water Dragon Saliva."


This was the only answer he could come up with that explained how Zhou Yuan had so easily neutralized the True Water Dragon Saliva, because it was absolutely impossible for the latter to force him with brute force given his strength.


Zhao Zhu pursed his lips. It was no longer important how Zhou Yuan had done it. What hurt the former was that they had to give twenty percent of the Genesis Marrow to Zhou Yuan if they managed to kill the creature.


Even his and Kong Sheng's shares added together would not reach such an amount.


This made Zhao Zhu quite indignant.


As these thoughts and feelings stirred within Zhao Zhu, the countless disciples of the seven peaks burst into cheers as they saw the changes that were happening to the ten thousand foot aquatic beast.


Although they were not part of the battle, they could sense how helpless the Chosen were towards the dark yellow cloak that covered the ten thousand foot aquatic beast. With the layer of water suddenly breaking , anyone could tell that it was probably the work of Zhou Yuan, who had recently joined the battle.


This made numerous disciples even more bewildered.


After all, Zhou Yuan had done what all the Chosen together could not...


"Head disciple Zhou Yuan is indeed very capable."


"No wonder even Baili Che lost it, it's quite incredible."


“We really have to thank him for neutralizing that dark yellow layer. The Chosen should now be able to deal with the ten thousand foot aquatic beast, which would be a joyous occasion for all of us.”


"It seems that all of us owe head disciple Zhou Yuan a debt of gratitude."




The disciples of the various peaks sighed in admiration, practically worshiping Zhou Yuan for a while. After all, dealing with the ten thousand foot aquatic beast would benefit all the disciples.


Faced with such praise for Zhou Yuan, the Sword Peak disciples no longer dared to mock him. They could only silently swallow the words in their stomach, because they knew that they would only incur the wrath of the crowd if they tried to slander Zhou Yuan again.


In heaven, the Chosen Ones returned to their senses.


Li Qingchan looked at the sea in amazement, before she said in a commanding voice: “Zhou Yuan has accomplished his mission, now it is time for us to do our part.”


The other Chosen nodded in recognition, even Kong Sheng and Zhao Zhu's icy gazes locked onto the ten thousand foot aquatic beast. Since Zhou Yuan had neutralized the True Water Dragon Saliva, the disciples would be truly disappointed if they failed to kill the beast.


After all, it was difficult to justify if the Chosen Ones performed worse than a core disciple.




In the next instant, powerful Genesis Qi surged once again from the Chosen's bodies, sweeping through the area like a storm.




The ten thousand foot aquatic beast let out a furious roar, as its giant foot slammed into the sea, seemingly wanting to crush the ant that had neutralized its True Water Dragon Saliva.


However, before he could focus towards the sea, the boundless attacks of the Chosen had already arrived, pouring onto his giant body.


Burst! Burst!


Bursts of Genesis Qi continuously bloomed on the ten thousand foot aquatic beast's body like fireworks, each attack compact with deadly energies.


After losing the protection of the True Water Dragon Saliva, the ten thousand feet aquatic beast could no longer be as ferocious as before. Each explosion of Genesis Qi caused a furious roar, as the ripples quickly spread throughout his crystalline body.


His six arms danced, weaving the surrounding Genesis Qi in an attempt to fend off the attacks.


However, it was of little use. The Chosen had been under heavy pressure before, and were currently filled with pent-up frustration. Now that the True Water Dragon Saliva had disappeared, they were fully determined to deliver their fiercest attack.


It had to be said that those who could become Chosen in the Cangxuan Sect were not ordinary individuals. When they seriously worked together, the ten thousand foot aquatic beast slowly but surely fell into a disadvantageous position.


Rumble! Boom!


High-level Genesis techniques were released from the hands of the Chosen One after another, with no lack of mid-level Genesis techniques among them. When the Chosen used it, the power of these techniques was clearly much greater than Zhou Yuan or Baili Che due to the difference in the foundations of Genesis Qi.


The stronger the foundation, the more powerful the techniques.


Without the True Water Dragon Saliva to counter them, the Chosen's true power was finally revealed.


The battle on the sea surface shook the sky, the entire sea became a mess due to its power.


There was no stopping either side at this juncture.


As they engaged in a fierce battle, Zhou Yuan had hidden himself perfectly in the sea with the Ethereal Form technique, slowly nodding as his gaze swept across the water to observe the crazy fight above.


"Not bad, it's pretty intense."


He gave his evaluation with a smile. It had been surprisingly easy to raise this twenty percent share, but what could he do about it? It wasn't like anyone else could deal with True Water Dragon Saliva. Therefore, he only needed to continue hiding here, while watching the Chosen give their all in battle.




While Zhou Yuan was engrossed in the fight, his gaze suddenly changed. He had seen small specks of dark yellow light flickering in the water around him.


With a thought, the Spirit power spread out and collected some of the dark yellow specks.


A drop of dark yellow liquid floated silently within an invisible cage made of Spirit power, when a faint roar of a Dragon resounded.


"This is…"


Zhou Yuan was silent as he looked at the dark yellow liquid. A long time later, a dazzling light suddenly burst out of his eyes.


This familiar-looking dark yellow liquid was the True Water Dragon Saliva that he had neutralized before!


It had evidently fallen into the water after melting from the aquatic beast, but it had not yet dissipated.


Zhou Yuan couldn't help but lick his lips. In the next instant, his body had already rushed forward like thunder, as the power of the Spirit quickly spread outwards.


Mote after mote of dark yellow light began to gather from all directions, finally converging on Zhou Yuan's palm.


In a short span of a few minutes, Zhou Yuan had collected all the nearby dark yellow specks. He looked excitedly at his palm, where a head-sized dark yellow liquid ball was currently hovering.


Wonderful ripples spread out from the ball, as the silhouette of a Dragon seemed to swim within it.


Although this True Water Dragon Saliva was not as concentrated as it had been before on the ten thousand foot aquatic beast, it was already more than enough for Zhou Yuan. After all, his body was not as huge as the first one.


“What a treasure…” Zhou Yuan’s eyes burned with desire. The fact that even the Chosen had not been able to break through it before was more than enough proof of its incredible defensive capabilities. Although the True Water Dragon Saliva in Zhou Yuan's hand could not compare to the ten thousand feet aquatic beast, if used properly, it would surely become an extremely formidable protective treasure, which could achieve miraculous results if used in an opportune moment.


Zhou Yuan retrieved a bottle and poured the Dragon saliva with his spiritual power, before putting it away.


He clapped his hands in satisfaction, clearly not expecting to obtain such a tour while hiding in the sea...


"It seems that good people are rewarded after all." Zhou Yuan sighed deeply.


If the Chosen knew that Zhou Yuan was happily collecting True Water Dragon Saliva beneath the surface while risking their lives above, they would probably go on strike.


Half of the incense time had already passed when Zhou Yuan finished collecting the True Water Dragon Saliva. He raised his head to look, and found that the earth-shaking battle was slowly reaching its conclusion.

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