Chapter 542 - Kill to be silent

The fact that Feng Wushen was able to set up the Nine-fold Qiankun Godslayer Formation as well as the Spirit Gathering Formation shows just how high Feng Wushen's achievements are in the field of spell formations.


It was not uncommon for Feng Wushen to be able to tell at a glance that the four of them were Formation Masters.


“The Ancient Sealing Formation is terrifyingly powerful, with your formation strength, you will not be able to find where the formation eyes are, your power is only on the surface of the Sealing Formation, and it is impossible to find the formation eyes even if give you another thousand years." Feng Wushen shrugged and sneered.


Hearing these words from Feng Wushen, the faces of the four strong men changed greatly at the same time, their eyes filled with surprise.


As Grand Formation Masters, they could already be sure that Feng Wushen was also a Grand Formation Master and was so much more powerful than them, he was not at all on the same level.


“Who exactly is Your Excellency? You are not below us when it comes to achievements in the field of formations, but we have never heard of a formation master as young as you coming out of the mainland!” A strong man asked with a frown, very curious about Feng Wushen's identity.


"The treasures here are of great interest to me, four of you, I'm sorry." Feng Wushen smiled faintly, his eyes flashing with a fierce murderous aura.


“Indeed, we dare not touch the Sealing Formation in depth, this formation has multiple spell formations, each intertwined and intertwined, their existence completely covers the eyes of the Sealing Formation itself, we dare not try. , because each of these formations can unleash the power of the Sealing Formation, if his Excellency kills us, he may not be able to break the formation either!" The strong man of the Extreme Heavenly Realm frowned, his face very gloomy.


"It's not necessarily possible to break the formation without killing you, is it?" Liu Qingyang laughed coldly.


"Temple Master your power is starting to withdraw from the spell formation, it will be too late if we don't do something about it." Yi Tianqing frowned, his expression extremely gloomy.


This is the best opportunity to attack at the moment. Once the power of the four men is withdrawn from the spell formation, the consequences are unthinkable.


"Do it! Don't give them a chance." Feng Wushen shouted fiercely and coldly, taking the initiative to break out.


“Finish off the power of the Heavenly Extreme Realm first!” Yi Tianqing said in a morose tone, as his body swayed like lightning with a murderous aura.


"Bastards!" The four of them erupted in rage and desperately tried to regain the power built into the spell formation.


"You seek death!" The mighty one from the Extreme Heavenly Realm yelled evilly and angrily as his hands quickly changed their gestures, and with what little true essence power he had recovered, he set up a spell formation.


“Cang Hai Soul Cloak Formation!”


A blue spell formation erupted from the ground under the feet of Feng Wushen's group, trapping them in an instant, unable to move their bodies.






Feng Wushen let out a cold cry, and the blue spell formation suddenly clicked and shattered.


"What? It was really possible to find the eye of the formation and break through it so quickly." The heart of the Heavenly Extreme Realm powerhouse trembled.


Feng Wushen said scornfully, “Can such a rubbish spell formation trap me?”


"A garbage formation?" The Heavenly Extreme Realm enhancer froze, this was his best formation to kill, he didn't know how many Heavenly Extreme Realm enhancers he had killed.


But in front of Feng Wushen, it was indeed a garbage formation, otherwise it would not have been broken in an instant.


"Wuji Spinning Sea Formation!"


"Mystic Phantom Dust Formation!"


"Water Moon Illusion Formation!"




The four formation masters panicked and set up a series of formations, but they were all broken by Feng Wushen one by one without any effort.


All the formations that the four men had learned in their lives, whether they were defensive or attack formations, or labyrinth formations, illusion formations, and so on, were easily broken by Feng Wushen as a result of his reliance on recovery power to establish the formations.


The four men were full of horror, as if they had seen a ghost, they had never seen such a terrifying formation master before.


His spell formations, in front of Feng Wushen, were just rubbish and unbearable.


Seeing Feng Wushen's ability to break the formation with a wave of his hand, Liu Qingyang's men were also very surprised, having never seen such a fierce formation master.


The various formations set up by the four of them were actually very powerful, except that they were set up with insufficient power, and they not only failed to bring the power of the formations into play, but consumed the power to get them back.


"He... who the hell is he...?"


"All of our spell formations, all figured out by him alone, it's just impossible!"


“How can there be such a demon formation master in the world?”


The four powerhouses were terrified to the core, each of them trembling in their bodies as the terrifying tactic displayed by Feng Wushen shocked them deeply.


"Boom boom boom!"




As he broke the formation, Feng Wushen had already closed in on Yi Tianqing and the others at the speed of fire, taking advantage of the fact that the four had not regained their power to launch a ferocious attack, powerful martial arts techniques pounced on the four, and without In order to protect them, the four of them spat out blood from their mouths and their bodies flew out of the spell formation.


The four of them flew out of the Sealing Formation, which means that they were unable to recover the power built into the Sealing Formation, and thus lost their power completely, becoming all weak.


The four of them never expected to meet such a terrifying formation master.


If he had known that, instead of wasting energy on spell formation, he would have used the power he had just recovered to cast martial techniques to kill Feng Wushen and the others.


“You bastards! If the power hadn't been brought into the Sealing Formation, would you have let some juniors go on a rampage like that?” A man clenched his teeth and raged.


"Brat, do you know who we are? Are you tired of living?" A man roared at Feng Wushen.


"I don't care what you are, I want the treasure for sure!" Feng Wushen grimaced, imperative of divine punishment power.


“We are from the Divine King Divine Hall, if you dare to kill us, you will not survive either!” Another man roared in panic and fury.


“Divine King Divine Hall?” Feng Wushen was slightly startled and said, “Divine King Divine Hall Hegemony Domain, the strongest power on the continent!”


"Not bad! The Young Hall Master ordered us to break formation, you dare to interfere, you just don't know whether to live or die!" The Heavenly Extreme Realm powerhouse shouted angrily, and seeing the shock on Feng Wushen's face, his heart couldn't help but sigh in relief.


“Divine King Divine Hall?” Zhang Junlan's face froze, and his body couldn't help but tremble upon hearing these four words.


“Master, Yan Ran was injured by the Young Divine King Hall Master.” Zhang Junlan hurried to say, and the figure of that Young Hall Master couldn't help but appear in his mind.


Zhang Junlan had his fists clenched, and there was anger in his eyes.


Zhang Junlan could never forget the scene where the Young Master of the Divine King's Divine Hall injured Yanran.


"So it's like that, all the more reason we can't stay with them, the Divine King's Divine Hall may not spare us, so we'd better kill them." Feng Wushen said slowly, as the words fell, Feng Wushen did not hesitate to kill a person.


Beidou Yan and Yi Tianqing struck at the same time, showing no mercy.


The three Formation Masters were killed on the spot.


"How dare you! We dwell together! I don't think you can break through the Ancient Sealing Formation." The Heavenly Extreme Realm powerhouse yelled angrily, and wanted to control the power of the spell formation to set off the Ancient Sealing Formation.


"You don't have a chance!" Feng Wushen's icy voice came from the left side of the Heavenly Extreme Realm powerhouse.


"What?" The face of the Heavenly Extreme Realm powerhouse changed dramatically. "Before I kill you, I'll tell you the good news, the Ancient Sealing Formation, it's hard to defeat me." Feng Wushen smiled faintly coldly as the dagger that had appeared in his hand at an unknown time pierced the mighty one of the Extreme Heavenly Realm's neck without mercy.



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