Chapter 544 - The Power of Space



Yi Tianqing roared in anxiety and pulled Beidou Tianye and Lan Yue into a hasty retreat.


"Zhang Junlan! Get out of here."


Liu Qingyang and Miao Qingqing were the first to launch an instant move to break out of the sealing formation.


The Ancient Sealing Formation is imbued with extreme and terrifying ancient power. The radiant light from the formation illuminates the entire dimly lit cliff, and the glow rises from its mouth to the clouds.


The void stirred violently, and dark clouds filled the air, merging into an extremely large dark cloud vortex.


A terrifying ancient power that transforms heaven and earth.


"Young Hall Master! Get out of here! Hurry up and leave." The mighty one from the Extreme Heavenly Realm cried out in panic as he did not dare to stay.


"What are you?" Facing the Sealing Formation, Leng Shen stared at Ling Xiaoxiao and asked, even in the face of the terrifying might of the Sealing Formation, Leng Shen was not the least bit afraid.


Ling Xiaoxiao said indifferently: "You are not qualified to know yet."


"Oh? Is that so?" Leng Shen frowned slightly.


"Are you so sure of your own strength?" Seeing that Leng Shen was still sealing the formation, Feng Wushen couldn't help but ask with a cold smile.


His icy gaze swept a glance at Feng Wushen, and Leng Shen said coldly: "No one in the world can catch me yet!"


As the words fell, strange images appeared.


Leng Shen's form disappeared from the air, silent and without any sound, along with his breath, and even the air did not fluctuate in the slightest.


It is not an instant move.


"The power of space!" Feng Wushen's expression changed a lot.


With the Evil Dragon God's sight, Feng Wushen was able to tell at a glance that Leng Shen had used the power of space, and that Leng Shen's disappearance was precisely a transfer of space!


"You only sealed yourself." From the cliff, came the cold laughter of the Leng Shen.


"Sorry, I activated the seal to really scare you, you don't know anything about formations, it's too easy to scare you." Feng Wushen sneered, and the corners of his mouth turned up in a cold smile.


“The Ancient Sealing Formation is all-encompassing, this power I unleashed is just the defensive power of the Sealing Formation, and just because you still want to covet the treasures under the Sealing Formation?” Feng Wushen made a face.


But even the defensive power is extremely terrifying!


"Defensive power?" The Heavenly Extreme Realm power house was filled with dismay.


With those words, the ancient power that permeated as Feng Wushen stood up, gradually dissipated.


In the next second, Leng Shen's figure appeared out of nowhere, his face cold as ice.


"Do you know what happens when you make me angry?" Leng Shen coldly asked, his gaze icy like a poisonous snake looking at Feng Wushen.


Feng Wushen slowly crouched down, placed his palm on the sealing formation, and said sneeringly, “You tell me.”


With a wave of his hand, an extremely terrifying force flew out in all directions, finally forming a huge spatial energy that trapped the entire cliff in the middle of space.


"It's as easy for me as killing all of you, and don't you dare try to use the power of the Sealing Formation against me." Leng Shen said coldly.


"I know that you have the ability to open the seal formation, the thing is that I also need someone who can open the seal, you will stay here and slowly open the seal, as long as you don't open the seal, you will never leave this place, no presume to forcibly break my space." Leng Shen sneered.


Zhang Junlan shouted angrily: "Leng Shen! Don't you dare."


"I'm just afraid that even if Brother Feng opens the sealing formation, we won't be able to get out alive, right?" Liu Qingyang said coldly.


Leng Shen smiled coldly and said, “You're right, they'll spend the rest of their lives here just fine, but if you break through the sealing formation, they might still have a chance to survive.”


"The space you have created may not be able to catch us." Ling Xiaoxiao said coldly.




With those words, Ling Xiaoxiao boosted the power of her bloodline and clasped her jade hands together as she muttered something through her mouth.


“This power is…” Leng Shen frowned deeply, sensing that this power of Ling Xiaoxiao's was extraordinary.


"How could I...?" Ling Xiaoxiao, who was meditating, suddenly stopped with a shocked expression.


"Xiao Xiao, the space condensed by the power of space can isolate your power and cannot be summoned." Feng Wushen shook his head and said.


"Can't summon?" Ling Xiaoxiao had a surprised expression on her face.


Unable to summon the strong, who can break Leng Shen's space?


"Do you want to summon strong people? I forgot to tell you that the space I have condensed is different from other spaces, the space you are in now is under my control." Leng Shen sneered.


With his eyes looking towards Feng Wushen, Leng Shen said: "You know quite a bit, and it seems that you have some understanding of the power of space, it seems that the purpose of your journey is similar to mine."


Hearing this, Feng Wushen frowned slightly and said in a grim tone, “Are you also looking for the power of divine punishment?”


"Temple Master, do you have a way to break your space?" Yi Tianqing asked quietly, if they couldn't break through the space, they were afraid that they would have to be stuck here for the rest of their lives.


"I wonder if the space you have condensed can block the power of the Ancient Seal Formation?" Feng Wushen sneered playfully: “The space you have condensed would cause you a lot of damage if it was forcibly broken, right?”


"Is that so? You could have tried." Leng Shen sneered with no fear on his face.


With those words, Leng Shen's figure disappeared from thin air.


"Brother Feng, try it quickly!" As soon as Leng Shen left, Liu Qingyang was quick to say.


"Opening the sealing formation will certainly break their space, but then Leng Shen will take the opportunity to strike, and with his strength, and the power of space, it will be just as easy to kill us." Feng Wushen frowned and shook his head.


"Does the Temple Master mean that breaking the formation is equivalent to death?" asked Beidou Tianye with a frown.


"Aren't we looking for the treasure? How can we find it if we don't break formation? And we have no choice, we can't get out without breaking formation!" Liu Qingyang asked anxiously.


The best way to break through the space is to activate the power of the Sealing Formation. With the ancient and terrifying power of the Sealing Formation, breaking through Leng Shen's space is as easy as a snap.


But, in that case, once the sealing formation opens, Leng Shen will definitely attack at the first opportunity.


By then, instead of getting the treasure, Feng Wushen and the others would be in danger.


Leng Shen caught Feng Wushen, only to let Feng Wushen open the seal, he was not worried about the damage caused by the gap rupture.


"The sealing formation does not have to be broken, the Temple Master can open the sealing formation, but he has to think of a good way to do it, it can't be cheap for Leng Shen, right?" Yi Tianqing said.


"It's a pity that I haven't been able to comprehend the spatial ability of the Golden Dragon Seal, if not, wouldn't a mere space be able to catch me?" Feng Wushen said in a gloomy tone, feeling somewhat helpless.


"Yi Tianqing is right, the sealing formation cannot be broken, we still have to stay to break through Leng Shen's space, the best way is to put up an illusion formation." Feng Weshen said.


"Illusion Formation?" The gazes of the crowd turned to Feng Wushen at the same time.


“The three of them were formation masters, they must have a lot of materials to set up formations on them, go find them.” Feng Wushen said, his gaze fixed on the three that had been killed.


Feng Wushen intended to set up an illusion formation. As long as they fooled Leng Shen, they would have a chance to seize the treasure, and then activate the power of the sealing formation, using the power of the sealing formation to break through the gap, they would have a chance to escape.


This was the only chance Feng Wushen had for them.


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