Chapter 545 - Open Sealing Formation

The storage rings of the three Grand Formation Masters hold many materials for formation creation.


The amount of these materials is enough for Feng Wushen to set up an illusion formation!


The Divine Punishment Power was under the Sealing Formation, and as long as the Sealing Formation opened up, Feng Wushen and the others would have a chance to seize it.


How can you miss such an opportunity?


The illusion formation set up by Feng Wushen had to cover the space where Leng Shen joined.


"Is it time to start breaking formation?" In the vast space, Leng Shen's transparent face emerged from the surface of space and was looking at Feng Wushen's group at the bottom of the cliff.


"Trapped in space, either open the sealing formation or wait for death, you have no choice, the power of the sealing formation even if it breaks through my space and hurts me, it's still enough to kill you, what's mine, no one! can snatch it!" Leng Shen made a dark face.


Looking towards Ling Xiaoxiao, Leng Shen said again in a grim tone: “Rather, this girl has mysterious origins, the Divine Transformation Limit that she condensed earlier was obviously a limit set by a strong person from the Divine Transformation Realm, and the power that he urged was extraordinary, like the power of space, both were powers of the ages, it must have some origins."


Before, if Leng Shen hadn't realized at the beginning that Ling Xiaoxiao's limit was a Divine Transformation limit, he would have been seriously injured.


Although Leng Shen's strength was terrifying, he was still too far from the Divine Transformation Realm.


For Ling Xiaoxiao, Leng Shen still had some scruples in his heart.


Although the Divine King Divine Hall was the strongest powerhouse on the continent, it would not easily go out of its way to offend other powerhouses of the Divine Transformation Realm!


The terror of a strong person in the Divine Transformation Realm was clearer to Leng Shen than anyone else.


“Check the origins of this girl, a strong person from the Divine Transformation Realm is not to be messed with.”


The transparent face slowly disappeared, and Leng Shen was in no hurry, he just had to wait for the sealing formation to open.


At the bottom of the cliff, Feng Wushen ordered the formation materials of the three. Feng Wushen needed to set up a powerful spell formation just in case.


Even if they can't hold back Leng Shen, they can at least hold out for a while.


Liu Qingyang and the others looked dumbfounded, they knew nothing of formations and could only do what they were told when ordered by Feng Wushen.


Three hours later, everything was ready, and the measured array of materials was arranged in all directions.


"Shura Heavenly Dipper Formation! Open up."


"Nine-fold Heaven Punishment Formation! Open up."


“Yin-Yang Illusory Destruction Formation! Open up.”


Feng Wushen continuously changed his gestures and opened a spell formation, which flashed with an incomparably blinding light, and an incomparably powerful force permeated the area.




Seeing the spectacular scene, Liu Qingyang's few were so shocked that they withdrew a breath of cold air, dumbfounded.


They never expected Feng Wushen to know so many spell formations, where the hell did Feng Wushen learn them? Could it be that he was born with it?


"Master... It's amazing." Lan Yue looked stunned.


In the blink of an eye, the three main formations joined into one layer after another, very cold.


“The first Yin Yang Illusion Destruction Formation is one of the illusion formations, and unlike other illusion formations, it is a double illusion formation, although the first layer can be broken, no one would expect that there would be a second layer of formations. of illusion." Feng Wushen laughed, a hint of smugness on his face.


"Double Illusion Formation?" Several people in Yi Tianqing looked back in astonishment.


“The Nine Fold Heaven Punishment Formation is an attack spell formation, and although it is powerful, I am only afraid that it will not be able to stop Leng Shen.” Feng Wushen then said.


“Master, is that Shura Heavenly Dipper Formation a defensive spell formation?” asked Zhang Junlan.


Feng Wushen nodded and said: "Not bad, the defense is strong, but it can't stop Leng Shen, after all, my power is limited, and the strength of the spell depends on the person who casts it."


Feng Wushen was only at the Heavenly Human Realm level, while Leng Shen was at the Extreme Heavenly Realm, the difference in power could be described as worlds apart.


Heavenly Extreme Realm strongman .


The same was true of the Dragon God Temple's Nine-Fold Qiankun God Slayer Formation, which was similarly unable to stop the might of a Heavenly Extreme Realm powerhouse.


"If the Leng Shen cannot be stopped, why did Master prepare it?" Zhang Junlan asked, puzzled.


Hearing this, Feng Wushen laughed: "It is used to activate the Ancient Sealing Formation! The stronger the power, the more terrifying the sealing formation will be when it breaks out, Leng Shen is at the Heavenly Extreme Realm level, breaking through these two formations with their power will be enough to trigger the sealing formation, and if we are lucky, we might be able to seriously injure Leng Shen.”


"So it is so, brother Feng is brilliant!" Liu Qingyang raised his thumb in realization.


“The Hall Master has only reached the realm of the gods in the field of formations, right?” Beidou Tianye asked, her heart in a million pieces of shock.


Feng Wushen laughed and did not reply.


With such a huge shock, as well as the energy of the three spell formations constantly permeating, and still in the space where the Leng Shen had joined, wouldn't the Leng Shen know?


With time running out, Feng Wushen pushed his true essence into the sealing formation.


"The Ancient Seal Formation is really not simple, it is all-encompassing and contains many formations, a mistake can make it vanish, these formations completely cover the Seal Formation, it is impossible to find where the eyes of the formation are, it is not from No wonder the four of them couldn't break the formation." Feng Wushen said in shock, secretly marveling at the strength of the person who had set up this formation.


"Didn't Brother Feng say that it was hard to beat you?" Miao Qingqing cautiously asked.


Feng Wushen helplessly shook his head and laughed bitterly. "Although it's not difficult to beat me, it will take time, and what I have to find is not the eye of the formation, the eye of the formation is used to break the formation, while I'm against Leng Shen, I have to find where the gate is." Sealing Formation brute, and by opening the brute door, I can open the entrance to the Sealing Formation."


"So, master, hurry up and find it!" Zhang Junlan said.


Feng Wushen slowly closed his eyes, and with the knowledge of the Evil Dragon God of countless formations, Feng Wushen began to search for where the Sealing Formation gross gate was.


About an hour later, Feng Wushen suddenly said excitedly: "I have found it!"


Hearing these words, Liu Qingyang and the others were overjoyed, their excited gazes turning to Feng Wushen at the same time.


"Opens!" Feng Wushen switched his hands in arcane gestures before finally shouting.




The Ancient Sealing Formation vibrated to no avail as dazzling light erupted and a terrifying ancient aura pervaded the area.


The terrifying ancient aura frightened the few of Liu Qingyang, their faces turned pale as if they were facing a great enemy.


“Brother Feng, will this terrifying force destroy the spell formation you have assembled?” Liu Qingyang asked worriedly.


"No, it's just opening the spell formation, don't worry." Feng Wushen shook his head, and then said grimly: "Leng Shen must have realized it by now, I hope the illusion formation can entertain him."


In a few moments, an opening opened in the sealing formation at the foot.


"Come down quickly!" Feng Wushen shouted loudly and took the lead to jump into the center of the sealing formation, and Ling Xiaoxiao several people jumped down one after another.


"Is the sealing formation open?" Leng Shen 's figure appeared out of nowhere, the corners of his mouth curling up in a cold smile.


"With only your three seals, do you still want to stop me? You have underestimated my power." Leng Shen's face showed a sneer as he completely ignored the three spell formations arranged by Feng Wushen.





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