Chapter 548 - A powerful man from the Divine Transformation Realm

The ancient voice was very strong and carefree.


Is this the world of the strong?


The stronger you are, the harder you will speak.


A source of terrifying aura spread out from the crack, as if the crack was pierced by this terrifying aura.


“A powerhouse of the Divine Transformation Realm!” Leng Shen's heart shuddered with fear, even though Leng Shen was the first genius of the continent, even though he had seen a Divine Transformation realm powerhouse, he still felt fear in front of a Divine Transformation realm powerhouse. .


“What a terrifying aura! This is… Is this the Divine Transformation Realm?” Yi Tianqing was so terrified that his face was pale and trembling.


“True… How scary, the legend… The legendary strong man.” Liu Qingyang trembled, feeling short of breath.


"Xiao Xiao's background is so terrifying, to have a strong person from the Divine Transformation Realm!" Beidou Tianye was looking at the crack with wide, frightened eyes.


A powerhouse from the Divine Transformation Realm is too terrifying!


Even mere breathing gives a suffocating sensation and scares the soul.


Of those present, only Feng Wushen had a calm face, but he was also curiously looking in the direction of the crack.


For a moment, an eerie aura permeated the space.


Soon after, a black-robed old man slowly stepped out of the black crack, his hair white and wrinkled, and a terrifying aura imbued in the old man.


"Holy Maiden!" The black-robed old man came out and swirled around to greet Ling Xiaoxiao with a respectful salute.


As her beautiful eyes looked up at the old man, a smile appeared on Ling Xiaoxiao's pretty face as she respectfully said, “I have troubled mister Ao Yuan again this time.”


"You're welcome, Holy Maiden!" Ao Yuan said with a respectful smile.


"Holy Maiden?" Leng Shen's brows tightened as his gaze fixed on Ling Xiaoxiao, his heart becoming more and more curious about Ling Xiaoxiao's identity.


"Of all the great powers on the continent, I have never heard of the Holy Maiden, who exactly is she? And what power is behind her?" Leng Shen was secretly puzzled.


Leng Shen could obviously see that the old man was very respectful of Ling Xiaoxiao, which was enough to show that Ling's status was terrifying.


The fact that Ling Xiaoxiao was a Mysterious Saint did not surprise Feng Wushen and the others, who had known about it long ago, except for the deference of the old man, who had the appearance of a servant.


A slave of the Divine Transformation Realm?


This left Feng Wushen and the others in shock.


"Greetings, sir!" Feng Wushen and the others bowed respectfully.


And regardless of whether the old man was Ling Xiaoxiao's slave or not, he was at least a strong person from the Divine Transformation Realm, and Feng Wushen and the others naturally had to respect him.


Ao Yuan smiled and nodded, and her gaze became more fixed on Feng Wushen.


Feng Wushen was also measuring the old man and said in his heart, “Divine Transformation Realm fourth level, to think that he really was an eighth grade enrollment master, really something, there weren't many eighth grade enrollment masters on the continent. "


With a single glance, Feng Wushen was able to tell that the old man was an eighth grade inscription master, and he was also able to tell the old man's exact cultivation level.


“Xiao Xiao, how many levels of the Divine Transformation Realm does this senior Ao Yuan have?” Liu Qingyang asked quietly, keeping his gaze on the old man.


"I don't know, I think it's a fourth weight." Ling Xiaoxiao shook her head.


Ao Yuan's cultivation was so deep that even with the terrifying aura pervading him, his exact cultivation level could not be seen.


"This old man's cultivation level is not inferior to that of the Third Elder." Leng Shen frowned, just from his aura, Leng Shen was sure that Ao Yuan's cultivation level was above the Third Elder of the Divine King Divine Hall.


"Let her go!" Ling Xiaoxiao coldly yelled, in an entirely subservient commanding tone.


Leng Shen said coldly, “Do you want me to let people go without handing over my things? I want the Divine Punishment Power for sure.”


After sweeping his eyes at Ao Yuan, Leng Shen added, “Don't think you can scare me by pulling a strong person out of the Divine Transformation Realm, it's not like the Divine King's Divine Hall doesn't have a Divine Transformation Realm! "


As he spoke, Leng Shen formed a seal with one hand, then grabbed the void, and the space next to him, to no avail, tore out a crack.


" Leng Shen can also summon powerful people!" Yi Tianqing's face changed slightly.


"The Divine King's Divine Hall is the strongest on the continent, it is not uncommon for a Leng Shen to be able to summon powerful people." Feng Wushen said nonchalantly.


And with it, an aura of extreme terror permeates the chasm!


The aura is the same as Ao Yuan's, both are auras from the Divine Transformation Realm.


"This terrifying aura is the same as senior Ao Yuan's!" Yi Tianqing said in horror.


“The fourth level of the Divine Transformation Realm!” Feng Wushen frowned slightly, the strongest person in the Divine King Divine Hall was quite a bit more powerful than the Divine King Divine Hall in the memory of the Evil Dragon God.


In the memory of the Evil Dragon God, the Divine King's Divine Hall was not the number one in the continent at that time.


“The Divine King’s Divine Hall?” Ao Yuan smiled weakly.


Leng Shen made a proud face: “It seems that the senior knows the Divine King Divine Hall.”


Ao Yuan nodded and smiled, “The Divine King's Divine Hall is powerful, I naturally know that.”


Leng Shen said coldly and arrogantly, “I just want to get my things back, for senior's sake, I can ignore other things, if senior insists on interfering, it doesn't necessarily mean that you can fight my Divine King Divine Hall!”


Leng Shen had summoned a strong man and had the strength to do so, but he was not in the least bit afraid.


Although the Divine Transformation Realm's house of power was terrifying and the Divine King's Divine Hall did not dare to easily mess with it, Leng Shen could not worry so much about the power of divine punishment.


"If you let go now, the old man can't kill you, but it still depends on the Holy Maiden's wish, if the Holy Maiden wants you to die, you still have to die!" Ao Yuan was still smiling slightly, even when Leng Shen summoned a strong man, Ao Yuan did not change his face.


Ao Yuan was very strong, and although he knew that the Divine King's Divine Hall was terrifyingly strong, he was not in the least bit afraid.


Leng Shen thought that taking out the Divine King's Divine Hall would make Ao Yuan apprehensive, but to his surprise, Ao Yuan had no regard for the Divine King's Divine Hall and even threatened to kill him!


"That depends on your skill!" Leng Shen said morosely, with the enormous Divine King's Divine Hall behind him, how could Leng Shen be afraid of the Divine Transformation Realm?


"Brat, hand over the power of divine punishment! Or I'll kill her now."


shouted coldly, his gaze angrily directed at Feng Wushen.


"Senior Ao Yuan, kill him!" Ling Xiaoxiao coldly shouted.


An extremely terrifying aura pressure spread out in an instant, shaking Leng Shen to the point that his body became weak, his entire body trembled, his face pale, and his heart terrified.


With a wave of Ao Yuan's hand, the space that trapped Miao Qingqing was instantly broken, and in the blink of an eye, Miao Qingqing had been saved.


Just the pressure of the aura scared Leng Shen to the point where she had no strength to move.


A powerhouse from the Divine Transformation Realm is that terrifying!


"Second Elder! You're not coming out yet!" Leng Shen cried out angrily with anxiety.


In the crack, an old voice filled with majesty came out: “Have you clearly thought of antagonizing my Divine King Divine Hall?”


As the words fell, a white-robed old man stepped out of the crack, this man was the second elder of the Divine King Divine Hall, and his cultivation had reached the level of the fourth level of the Divine Transformation Realm.


“Second Elder, the Divine Punishment Power was taken away by that brat first, we must not let him go! The Divine Punishment Power must be taken away!” Leng Shen yelled angrily.


The Second Elder took a glance at Ao Yuan first before his gaze drifted towards Feng Wushen and the others.


"Who is your Excellency?" Second Elder asked as he looked at Ao Yuan.


“Your cultivation is not weak, but I advise you not to shorten your life for their sake, it is a pity that you have this Divine Transformation Realm cultivation!” The second elder said forcefully.



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