Chapter 549 - The Battle of the Mighty One of the Divine Transformation Realm

"If you make enemies of the Divine King's Divine Hall, there is only one way to die!"


The Second Elder cast an arrogant look at Ao Yuan with an air of superiority.


Being at the fourth level of the Divine Transformation Realm, how could Second Elder be afraid of Ao Yuan?


However, the Second Elder's strong words were rewarded with Ao Yuan's vile tactics.


The corners of Ao Yuan's mouth hooked into a sneer, his old eyes flashed with an intimidating cold light, and an extremely terrifying murderous aura permeated.


Only to watch as Ao Yuan condensed his terrifying power into his fist and sped off with a single motion without a fuss.


"Hmph!" The Second Elder, who had sensed this, gave a cold snort in a sulky manner.




A mere fist, but a terrifying fist of 3,000 meters in size, with powerful force, and a loud boom that shook the earth, terrifying energy shook the void to collapse layer by layer, and the void within a radius of 3,000 meters shattered into nothingness.


A simple punch, but one that carries the energy to destroy the heavens and the earth.


Yi Tianqing and the others were speechless in horror.


“Just… Just a punch… The sky… And the sky collapsed…” Beidou Tianye was so shocked that his guts nearly burst.


"It's terrifying! A powerhouse from the Divine Transformation Realm is too terrifying!" Liu Qingyang's body trembled tremendously, the fear in his heart was irresistible.


"How terrifying this power has become." Yi Tianqing's face was pale, with fear written on it.


A powerhouse from the Divine Transformation Realm is that terrifying!


The strike launched by Ao Yuan was fierce and relentless in its attack.


After the terrifying energy gradually dissipated, the two of Second Elder and Leng Shen were already several thousand meters away.


Although they were shaken by thousands of meters, the two of them were unharmed and withstood with great strength this terrifying energy from Ao Yuan.


"Your strength is not weak, but if you want to defeat this Elder with this power, you are too far from it!" The Second Elder said in a morose tone, and as he spoke, his aura, so wide and growing, surged up and the terrifying energy of the fourth level of the Divine Transformation Realm was activated.




The white pillar of light was like a link with heaven and earth, a huge vortex came together in the void, and a large area of space erupted and collapsed layer by layer.


The void was like a doomsday collapse, as if the entire world was about to be destroyed.


"The power of that old thing is really so terrifying too!" Yi Tianqing and the others were horrified again.


Ling Xiaoxiao formed a cyan colored boundary and engulfed Feng Wushen's group in it. When facing the terrifying power of the Divine Transformation Realm, one had to rely on Ling Xiaoxiao's limit to protect oneself.


"Second Elder, kill him! Recover the power of divine punishment." Leng Shen said morosely.


"I will show you the strength of this Elder!" The Second Elder said coldly and proudly, his right hand formed a one-handed seal and stood in front of his chest, while behind the Second Elder, an illusory white image immediately joined.


At that moment, the Second Elder's aura shot up once more, his aura shot up, breaking through to the fifth level of the Divine Transformation Realm in an instant!


"His power has increased!" Liu Qingyang and the others simultaneously exclaimed in shock, the panic on their faces increasing rather than diminishing.


Ao Yuan's face remained the same, unchanged, as if the Second Elder raising his cultivation level was no threat to him.


“A mid-range earth rank martial skill! Heaven Destroying Hand.”


The Second Elder coldly yelled and raised his palm to the sky, gathering extremely terrifying energy, then lowered his palm fiercely, and above the void, tens of thousands of feet of huge palm prints. white energy slammed down, like a divine palm!


The Second Elder's attack was fierce, majestic, and relentless.


An Earth rank martial art from the start, worthy of being a strong person in the Divine Transformation Realm!




Seeing that terrifying three thousand meter palm imprint, Liu Qingyang and the rest were terrified, their hearts were about to burst, and they swallowed a mouthful of saliva with extreme difficulty.


Faced with such a terrifying palm print, Ao Yuan still had no fear on his face, but instead had a confident posture.


“Earth Rank High Grade Martial Art! Finger of the Soul Killer!"


Ao Yuan formed his sword finger with one hand, and an even vaster aura spread through him, a dazzling green light engulfing the void, destructive energy spread like a tsunami.


"A high degree of the rank of the earth?" The second elder's expression was slightly grave.


At the same time, a golden runic pattern appeared out of nowhere on Ao Yuan's sword finger, which was fused with terrifying energy, and coiled around him.


At that moment, the power that permeated Ao Yuan's sword fingers instantly multiplied.


And the aura of this power had surpassed the energy of the Second Elder's palm seal!


"Runic Patterns! You are a master of inscription." The moment he saw the golden runic pattern, the Second Elder's face finally changed.


"A golden runic pattern! It's at least a sixth grade inscription master." Leng Shen, who was watching the battle from afar, was filled with surprise.




Ao Yuan pointed his finger at a distance, and a green-colored energy containing the destruction of heaven and earth shot out, with an extremely piercing sonic sound, the void collapsed wherever it passed, the terrifying finger of energy seemed to pierce through the darling.


"Mr. Ao Yuan is really an inscription master! That is terrifying."


"Earth High Rank Martial Art! Also, an attack rune pattern! It's unimaginable how terrifying it is."


"I feel like the sky is falling apart!"


Liu Qingyang and the others were shocked and horrified, seeing for the first time a strong person from the Divine Transformation Realm fight, before knowing what a strong person from the Divine Transformation Realm was!








In an instant, two strands of destructive energy collided, with a snort, only to see the terrifying finger of green energy effortlessly break through the 3,000-meter palm print, the palm print exploded to no avail, the terrifying explosive energy carried a destructive impulse of crazy roll, the second elder fiercely spat out a mouth full of blood.


“Earth rank runic pattern! This is an Earth rank rune pattern! Eighth rank inscription master! How is it possible…” The Second Elder was filled with astonishment, unable to believe that with his cultivation level, he couldn't block Ao Yuan's martial skill!


The Earth rank martial skills performed by the Second Elder were simply unbeatable against Ao Yuan!


"Second Elder!" Leng Shen, in the distance, had a look of horror and disbelief on his face.




Seeing this spectacular and visually stunning scene, Liu Qingyang's few couldn't help but suck in a breath of cold air as their eyes widened to the extreme.


But the thing does not end there.




The terrifying finger of green energy kept charging at the Second Elder with a powerful force that penetrated heaven and earth, the void stirred violently and collapsed, such destructive energy could kill the Second Elder in seconds!


The second elder, who had sensed this, had a shocked and shocked face, and couldn't believe that Ao Yuan had such fierce combat power.


However, time did not allow him to think about it.


The speed of the cyan energy finger is withering!


“Earth Rank Mid-Grade Martial Art! Armor of the Holy Spirit".


The Second Elder rushed forward to impel his true essence and formed a seal with his hands before finally shouting.


A massive 30 meter long white energy armor spread out, as the Second Elder hid within the energy armor, which was infused with extremely strong defensive power.




In the blink of an eye, the green colored energy finger impacted ferociously, and with an earth-shattering rumble, only to see the energy armor that the Second Elder had condensed instantly shatter, helpless.


“This can’t be! How can a combination of an Earth rank High Grade Martial Skill and an Earth rank Rune Pattern possess such power?” The Second Elder's heart was overwhelmed with panic.


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