Chapter 55 - The Mists

As the school exam gradually entered the Elimination Resonance, the points on the huge crystal wall outside the White Spirit Mountain began to pulse and change faster and faster, thus revealing how intense it was at that time. moment.


Countless lines of sight converged on the glass wall, and many gasps and moans arose from time to time as anyone paid attention to the results of their own academy students.


Cai Wei and Yan Lingqing were also keeping an eye on their young master, and when they saw Li Luo's points constantly increasing, a smile appeared on their pretty faces.


"The young master is not that bad." Cai Wei waved her flower fan and gave a delicate laugh.


"It must be that he has not yet encountered any strong rivals. As the qualifying rounds progress, those who remain will be difficult rivals, and only then will we be able to see the true caliber." Yan Lingqing analyzed cautiously.


Cai Wei nodded his head slightly and said with a dimpled smile, “But I am sure the Young Master will be able to do it.”


"So confident?"


"Because face value is justice." Cai Wei said seriously.


"Bored". Yan Lingqing lightly supported the silver frame, not bothering to pay attention to it.




The dense forest.




The three Li Luos surrounded an unfortunate man, and at his desperate gaze, the three of them cleaned his stitches and then left, leaving the unfortunate man in tears.


"We are all up to 1,500 points."


Li Luo looked at their respective glass tiles, the fifteen hundred points were the result of their efforts for most of the morning, and underneath were a group of greedy and unlucky fish.


"However, it seems like it's getting harder and harder to fish." Zhao Gao said with some sadness, just now they had been down for an hour and only this unfortunate egg had been hooked.


"Because word is spreading about our fishing reputation." Li Luo said.


It's not that they didn't miss this morning's catch, some of the fish were extremely elusive and of unusual strength, so there were a few that escaped among them, and those who escaped also spread the word about the fishing for Li Luo and his men.


So the trainees who are still in this area are afraid that they will not take the bait easily.


"It would have been unrealistic to continue fishing, and as more and more people were eliminated, it would have taken a tough battle to recapture the points afterwards." Li Luo was indifferent, after all, he didn't expect to continue fishing.


Zhao Gao and Yu Lang nodded, they understood the same point.


While chatting, the three of them did not stop, but continued to move forward on guard, but as they did so, they suddenly noticed a thin mist spreading through the dense forest.


The fog is quickly thickening.


Li Luo's steps faltered and his brow furrowed as he said, "Something's not right, let it go."


Immediately afterwards, the three of them turned around and quickly retreated back towards the original path.


After running for a few minutes, Li Luo suddenly turned his head and realized that Yu Lang and Zhao Gao, who were following him, had disappeared at some point.


Li Luo remained thoughtful for a few breaths, then searched through the nearby bushes and finally saw a gray mushroom, the same one that was spitting out a constant mist.


"It's a misty mushroom."


Li Luo felt somewhat helpless, this fog mushroom was spitting out a mist that could make one lose one's sense of direction, apparently they had unknowingly stepped on a fog mushroom area.


And just now Yu Lang and Zhao Gao must have gotten lost in the race and fell in line while walking.


"What a headache".


Li Luo raised his foot to crush this fog mushroom, although this fog was annoying, it should have a time limit, as long as he waited for the fog to dissipate a little, he should be able to find the two.


Meanwhile, on the other side of the fog.


Zhao Gao and Yu Lang were walking together in place, and they also realized that they had gotten lost with Li Luo, and so they were a little confused, and as they looked at each other, they could only continue to walk forward cautiously.


After walking for a while, they heard the sound of footsteps coming in front of them and were immediately happy, Zhao Gao called out timidly, “Li Luo?”


The sound of footsteps became increasingly clear, followed by a figure appearing in the two men's field of vision, and when they got a good look, their faces changed slightly.


Because it was not Li Luo, but someone who had met him before.


It was Lian Chong, who had previously tried to snatch the Ghost Face Fruit from the Eastern Abyss School from them.


And at this moment, that Lian Chong face with a cold smile stared at the two, saying, “Li Luo did not wait, but instead met two little followers first.”


Zhao Gao and Yu Lang did not hesitate to separate and flee. The other party was waiting here for the rabbit, so he had obviously prepared for a long time, and his target, I think, was Li Luo.


But as soon as their figures moved, they saw two figures emerge in the direction they had fled, blocking their path of retreat.


Surprisingly there were four other people on the other side.


And looking at the crystal plate on the chest, they are all from the Eastern Abyss School.


"Fight them!" Zhao Gao's eyes showed a fierce light.


But Yu Lang raised his hand and hurriedly said, “Surrender, surrender, we surrender!”


That Lian Chong was stunned, and the corner of his mouth raised in a sneer: “Are those from the South Wind School that soft?”


Zhao Gao roared: "Yu Lang, what are you doing? Will they let you go if you surrender?!"


"Zhao Gao ah, they're going after Li Luo, it doesn't have much to do with us." Yu Lang said.


"Shit, you piece of shit!"


Zhao Gao's face was full of anger and he clenched his fist tightly.


Yu Lang hurriedly dodged the path and his face was a little ugly as he said, "You're going too far, it's not like we're really Li Luo's little brothers."


Circling around, he looked at Lian Chong, who seemed to be watching a show, and said, “Brother, set me free.”


Lian Chong laughed: "Didn't you tell me before that you and Li Luo were friends in life and death?"


Yu Lang said uncomfortably: "It's a joke, that's just for show, if you are willing to let me free in the end, I can help you find Li Luo, he established special contact with us before."


Zhao Gao's eyes filled with tears and he ran frantically to hammer Yu Lang to death, but was intercepted by two students from the Eastern Abyss Academy.


Lian Chong's eyes narrowed slightly as he stared at Yu Lang, "Do you think I would believe you?"


With tears in his eyes, Yu Lang said, "If you had asked, you would have known that I actually have a very deep grudge against Li Luo. In the South Wind School's previous exam, he was so ruthless that he seriously injured me and left me in bed for many days, and even now, when it rains, my body vaguely aches."


"I was unlucky enough to meet both of them before, and then they forced me to be on the same team as them."


A student from Eastern Abyss Academy whispered in Yu Lang's ear: "I have heard of this man, he is famous in the South Wind School for seeing money, he will do anything to make money, he was actually beaten by Li Luo." "In the previous exam of the South Wind School, I found out from my friend of the South Wind School, at that moment Li Luo hit him so much that his blood flowed all over the ground, it was like shedding tears when he saw it."


Lian Chong frowned, and at this moment he heard Yu Lang's voice again: "Actually I already hinted at you before, ah."


"Imply what?"


Yu Lang showed a subtle smile: "I'll let you add money ah... As long as you add money, I can help you ah."


Lian Chong froze, Yu Lang said it at the time, but how could he believe it, but now that he thought about it again, combined with Yu Lang's rumors, could it really be a clue?


If that's the case, this guy is pretty shameless.


Lian Chong hugged his arms to his chest and said indifferently:


"If you can really lure Li Luo here, I can set you free."


It doesn't matter whether what this guy says is true or not, as long as it attracts Li Luo.


Yu Lang was overjoyed and said, "No problem!"


"This Zhao Gao is extremely close to Li Luo, we can use him as a hostage and when we lure Li Luo, we can use him as a threat and be able to make Li Luo throw in the towel." Walking around, an idea also occurred to him.


Hearing this, Lian Chong couldn't help but look at Yu Lang for a moment and said, "This sale of your companions is too soft, isn't it?"


Yu Lang gave an awkward smile.


"Yu Lang, you won't be allowed to die, just wait, I won't let you go!" Zhao Gao roared as he stormed out.


"Tie him up and gag him." Lian Chong waved his hand.


Four apprentices from the Eastern Abyss Academy gathered around and tied up Zhao Gao.


Lian Chong stood next to Yu Lang, then placed a chop on the latter's neck and laughed: "Now you can use your contact information and get me Li Luo."


"If I hadn't come, you could have been eliminated."


Yu Lang slapped his chest with a look of circumstance.


"Don't worry old brother, that Li Luo will definitely be beaten, when you guys capture him, make sure to hit him hard in the face, I have hated his incredible face for a long time!"


Lian Chong sniffed and touched his rough and ordinary face, and then turned around, not knowing what had come into his mind, irritated hatred welling up in his eyes.


Because he also hates this white guy who lives by his face!


Yu Lang's words simply touched his heart.


You can lose in a fight, but a handsome man must die! And those who are as handsome as Li Luo must die by a thousand cuts!

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