Chapter 550 - Crushing



The Second Elder spit blood from his mouth again, his energy armor shattering, and his form leaping into the air.


With two heavy blows, the Second Elder was already heavily injured.


The terrifying powerhouse of the fourth level of the Divine Transformation Realm was simply unbeatable in front of Ao Yuan.


At the same fourth level of the Divine Transformation Realm, Ao Yuan displayed overwhelmingly terrifying power.


The gap! A huge gap!


"Second Elder!" Leng Shen panicked, but he did not dare to approach.


Such a terrifying energy wave was simply too much for Leng Shen's cultivation level.


How could Leng Shen not have expected that by summoning the Second Elder he would not be able to suppress Ao Yuan?


"Mr. Ao Yuan's strength is truly terrifying! The Second Elder of the Divine King's Divine Hall is as weak as an ant in front of him!"


“Another Earth rank high-grade martial skill and Earth rank runic pattern, Senior Ao Yuan's strength is only capable of fighting against the sixth level of the Divine Transformation Realm!”


"He's so strong! This is the most terrifyingly strong person I've ever seen in my life."


The few inhabitants of Liu Qingyang gasped, Ao Yuan's power was far beyond their imagination.




Extremely terrifying destructive energies spread out, and with a wave of Ao Yuan's hand, a fierce wind swept through, dispersing the waves of destructive energy in an instant.


In the distance, the Second Elder, pale and panting, with disheveled hair, looked very distraught.


With a fierce glare glaring at Ao Yuan, the Second Elder grimly said, “I didn't expect you to be an Eighth Grade Inscriptor, I really underestimated you.”


“Second Elder, how are your injuries?” As the terrifying energy ripples dissipated, Leng Shen turned around and asked worriedly.


"There is no major damage." Second Elder slightly shook his head, wearing an extremely ugly expression.


With a fierce gaze fixed on Ao Yuan, the Second Elder asked gravely, “Who is your Excellency? You are an eighth grade inscription master and can also refine earth grade runic patterns, it is impossible for anyone on the continent to know. ".


At that, Ao Yuan smiled slightly: "No one on the mainland really knows."


"Nobody knows?" Leng Shen looked weakly.


The second elder was frowning, as one of the giants on the mainland, he knew countless powerful ones, but he had never met Ao Yuan.


"Cut the crap! I'll give you two ways, either kill each other, or I'll kill you myself." Ao Yuan smiled faintly, not mentioning a word about her identity.


At these words, the Second Elder's old face sank as he said fiercely, “Humph! Do you really think you can kill this Elder? You have underestimated this Elder's strength.”


The Divine King's Divine Hall is the strongest on the continent, and as a Second Elder, how dare one occupy the position of Elder without some ability?


Leng Shen's face was grim as he said, “Old thing! Don't be too arrogant. Although you are strong, you don't necessarily have the strength to fight the Divine King's Divine Hall!”




The Second Elder turned and burst with terrifying power, and at this moment his aura and aura were very different from before, his aura was wildly violent, and the power with which he burst was even more terrifying.


"The power of the Ancient God of Water!" Feng Wushen said in surprise.


"The power of the Water God?" Several people from Liu Qingyang were very surprised.


Feng Wushen gaped: "Worthy to be the Second Elder of the Divine King's Divine Hall, his strength is truly terrifying."


“Will you be allowed to live if you antagonize my Divine King Divine Hall?” The Second Elder yelled angrily and his monstrous aura surged out.


Even with his severe injuries, the Second Elder's aura was still terrifying, having surpassed his peak posture!


The ancient power of the water god is far more powerful than the power of the true essence.


And the power of the Ancient Water God is the murderous weapon of the Second Elder!


"Senior Ao Yuan, be careful." Ling Xiaoxiao admonished, this terrifying power that surged from the Second Elder also made Ling Xiaoxiao a little worried.


"Holy Maiden, don't worry, he still can't hurt the Old Master." Ao Yuan smiled weakly, not showing any concern.


Ao Yuan's words couldn't help but make Liu Qingyang and the others freeze up. Although Ao Yuan was terrifyingly strong, would this be too wild?




The Second Elder then took out his high-quality spirit weapon, the Jade Pendant, and his aura shot up again, with increasingly terrifying power.




As his breath shot up to the limit, the Second Elder erupted with a ferocious burst of power, a loud roar and terrifying speed that came in an instant.


At the same time, Ao Yuan exerted all his strength and took out his high-quality Spirit Weapon Battle Armor, his aura shot up.


A true battle in the Divine Transformation Realm is on the horizon!


"Boom boom boom!"


The Second Elder launched a fierce attack, completely desperate, with a ruthless and relentless attack, a fierce battle, an endless series of deafening explosions, and a succession of destructive energies.


The speed of the two men was so terrifying that one could not see their figures at all and could only feel the energy that was destroying heaven and earth.


With the powerful runic patterns, even if the Second Elder exploded with a power greater than Ao Yuan's, the latter would still be able to fight against him and not be left behind.


As an eighth grade inscription master, Ao Yuan could condense all sorts of powerful runic patterns, suppressing the Second Elder was a matter of minutes.


As expected, with the passage of time, in the presence of the powerful runic patterns and with the deterioration of his severe injuries, the Second Elder began to be unable to sustain himself.


“The Second Elder is no match for him even with the power of the Water God?” The more Leng Shen looked at him, the more he worried, at first he thought that the Second Elder might eat Ao Yuan, but in the end he became suppressed.


The Second Elder's old face was extremely ugly, and his heart burned even more.


All of the Second Elder's attacks were deflected by Ao Yuan with a variety of talisman patterns, and they not only failed to injure Ao Yuan, but worsened his own injuries.


For this reason, the Second Elder had bitterness in his heart and could be described as suffocating.


"How outrageous! This Elder would like to see if his runic pattern is really that powerful." The furious Second Elder roared.


The power of his entire body was boosted, and his hands formed a seal, extremely destructive energy coalesced in his right arm, a dazzling white light that engulfed the void.


"A high-grade Earth rank martial skill! The Black Fury Flame Blade!"


The Second Elder let out a ferocious roar as his right arm stretched out fiercely, his aura majestic and unstoppable!




Tens of thousands of meters of huge flaming sabers tore through the air with the momentum of a rainbow, as if they were going to split the sky in half, and everywhere they passed, huge black cracks tore and stretched across the entire length of the sky. the trajectory of the flaming sabers, the image was extremely visually striking!


“Then I will let you see the power of a High Grade Earth Rank Rune Pattern!” Ao Yuan chuckled coldly, revealing a rare look of cold arrogance.


"High-rank Earth Martial Art! Divine Seal of Death! High-grade Earth Runic Pattern! Ten Thousand Souls Talisman!"


Ao Yuan formed a seal with both hands, chanting while performing a powerful martial art while offering the Talisman of Ten Thousand Souls, the two combined to create a vast and destructive energy seal.


Above Ao Yuan's head, the tens of thousands of meters of enormous green energy seal filled the air with a terrifying regal aura.


The aura of the energy seal had once again surpassed that of the Second Elder's Flaming Blade.


“High Grade Earth Martial Skills and High Grade Earth Rune Patterns!” Leng Shen's heart rose in fear, Ao Yuan's terror was beyond his imagination.


"This can't be... It's absolutely impossible." The second elder's old eyes were filled with horror, his body trembled a little, and finally he roared with extreme reluctance.



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