Chapter 551 Escape

The martial art that Ao Yuan executed was so terrifyingly powerful that it caused the Second Elder to roar in resignation.


Leng Shen, who was watching the battle from afar, was already too scared to speak.


Ao Yuan's terrifying strength again refreshed his imagination.


"An ordinary eighth-grade inscription master can't really condense an earth-grade high-grade runic pattern, senior Ao Yuan's achievement in the field of inscriptions, the realm is so profound that the combination of martial skills and runic patterns already is comparable to an immortal art!" Feng Wushen said in his heart, secretly marveling at Ao Yuan's strength.


A martial skill comparable to an immortal art, crushing the Second Elder was as easy as a hand.


"How powerful has this gotten, senior Ao Yuan?"


"Such a terrifying power can only be felt in the entire Infinite Domain, right?"


“Lord Ao Yuan is sure to win! The Second Elder of the Divine King Divine Hall is simply no match for Senior Ao Yuan!”


Yi Tianqing's heart trembled greatly, he no longer dared to imagine Ao Yuan's terrifying strength.






The two destructive energies pierced through the void and exploded on impact, causing a deafening sound that echoed throughout the Infinite Domain.


The destructive gust of energy spread wildly in all directions, a hundred thousand feet, covering the entire sky, tearing and crumbling the land below, tearing the rolling mountains into a jigsaw puzzle, and collapsing the towering peaks one after another.


The energy waves are extremely terrifying!


"Second Elder!" Leng Shen let out a panicked roar and was the first to activate the power of space, shooting towards the Second Elder with all his might.


In this battle, Ao Yuan defeated the Second Elder of the Divine King's Divine Hall with overwhelming force.


Although Ao Yuan was only at the fourth level of the Divine Transformation Realm, his true strength was capable of fighting against the sixth level of the Divine Transformation Realm, and the Eighth Grade Inscriptor was absolutely terrifying.


However, after the fierce battle, Ao Yuan's face was also a little pale, he had obviously consumed a large amount of true essence.


"Senior Ao Yuan, how are you?" Ling Xiaoxiao asked with concern.


"Thank you for your concern, the old man is fine." Ao Yuan slightly shook his head and smiled, he had only consumed his true essence, he was not injured.


“Senior Ao Yuan's strength is truly powerful, his use of runic patterns has reached the realm of perfection!” Feng Wushen smiled, the strength of Ao Yuan's use of runic patterns was something that Feng Wushen was secretly surprised as well.


Hearing this, Ao Yuan looked at Feng Wushen and shook his head, smiling bitterly, “Compared to you, I am still too far away even though I am an eighth grade Inscription Master, you have reached the realm of sixth grade Inscription Master at a young age, I am ashamed of myself."


"Mr. Ao Yuan is joking." Feng Wushen smiled modestly.


The fact that Ao Yuan could see Feng Wushen's Inscription Master realm at a glance was enough to see that it was very complicated, and it was not at all a normal eighth grade Inscription Master who could stand by his side.


As time passed, the terrifying ripples of energy continued for five minutes before gradually dissipating.


The Second Elder, in the distance, was badly injured and his body, suspended in the void, was trembling.


“Second Elder, you are seriously injured, I am going to call my father immediately!” Leng Shen frowned, he couldn't swallow this bad breath.


"Hold!" The Second Elder rushed to block, making an effort to say: "The power behind them is definitely not weak, this person is extremely strong, we don't know anything about them, we must not act rashly!"


“So the power of divine punishment is just going to be given to them? Wouldn't the Divine King's Divine Hall still fear them?” Leng Shen was extremely reluctant.


"Going to war would be extremely detrimental to us, the power of divine punishment can be recovered another time! Young Hall Master must not be impulsive, come back first!" The second elder strained to say.


As the second elder of the Divine King Divine Hall, he was not a foolish person.


Ao Yuan is an eighth grade inscription master, and he is not known to the people of the mainland, so his origins are extremely mysterious.


Ao Yuan is quite terrifying on his own, who knows what other terrifying power is behind him?


The network of connections of an 8th grade enroller is absolutely terrifying.


Therefore, Second Elder did not intend to go to war until he found out where Ao Yuan came from.


"Dammit!" Leng Shen clenched his teeth, as the continent's first genius, when had he encountered such a situation where he could not do anything?


Feng Wushen had already angered Leng Shen by taunting him many times, and now that he had summoned the Second Elder to come, he was still defeated.


As the Young Master of the Divine King Divine Hall, when had Leng Shen suffered such wrath?


The Divine King's Divine Hall was the strongest powerhouse on the continent, and now that the Second Elder had been defeated, wouldn't it be a laughing stock to flee there?


However, what the Second Elder said was not far-fetched, Ao Yuan had a mysterious origin and terrifying strength, and on top of that he was an Eighth Grade Inscription Master, such a terrifyingly strong person, one couldn't go too far to provoke.


In short, get to the bottom of the enemy!


Desperate, Leng Shen then launched a spatial technique and evacuated with the Second Elder.


"Senior Ao Yuan, stop them!" Ling Xiaoxiao shouted fiercely.


"You can go?" Ao Yuan's old face rose with a hint of contempt, and he wanted to make a move to stop it.


"Hmph! If I want to leave, no one can stop me yet!" Leng Shen yelled in rage, his spatial power quickening, his palms flexing his claws, endowing them with terrifying power.




A coal-black crack opened up next to Leng Shen.


"If you want to die together, you can try! His limit, I'm afraid, won't be able to stop my father's power, right?" Leng Shen fiercely threatened.


Hearing these words, Ao Yuan slightly frowned, he had heard of the Divine King's Divine Hall Master's strength, it was absolutely terrifying in its horror!


"You can ask your father to try it!" Ling Xiaoxiao responded forcefully, and then wanted to call on the power of his bloodline to summon a strong man.


"Hold on, Holy Maiden." Ao Yuan hurried to block, shaking his head: "There is no need for that."


"Xiao Xiao, forget it, the power of divine punishment has already been obtained, don't provoke it just yet, otherwise it will be detrimental to the Dragon God Temple." Feng Wushen also transmitted a voice to discourage.


"Consider yourself lucky!" Ling Xiaoxiao coldly shouted.


“Hmph! Brat, we will meet again, and I will definitely regain the power of Divine Punishment! I will see how long this old thing can protect you!” Leng Shen snorted fiercely, his poisonous snake gaze staring deadly at Feng Wushen.


"Old man, I will remember today's revenge! I will make sure that you pay me ten times as much in the future." Leng Shen yelled at Ao Yuan angrily again, before disappearing in an instant with the badly injured Second Elder in tow.


"The power of space, no wonder." Ao Yuan secretly marveled.


"This man is a great threat, the Divine King's Divine Hall is very powerful, he is the most powerful force on the continent, Leng Shen is capable of anything, you must be careful in the future, he will not rest in peace." Ao Yuan admonished.


"Thank you for reminding us, senior, we will definitely be careful." Feng Wushen and the others nodded their heads.


"Holy Maiden, if there is any danger, just summon the old me." Ao Yuan admonished Ling Xiaoxiao again.


"Senior Ao Yuan take your time." Ling Xiaoxiao nodded.


The space was torn apart, and the crack closed again as soon as Ao Yuan entered it.


Although Feng Wushen and the others have obtained the power of divine punishment on this journey, they have also provoked Leng Shen, and they are afraid that the path ahead will be even more treacherous.




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