Chapter 552 - Ancient Sealing Formation

This treasure hunt was a journey of nine lifetimes.


It was good that they had captured the power of divine punishment, and it was also good that Ao Yuan had come to their aid, otherwise Feng Wushen and the others would have been afraid that they could not obtain the power of divine punishment and would have had to take their own lives. .


"Thanks to Xiao Xiao, otherwise we would all have died here." Liu Qingyang sighed in relief, his tense nerves relaxing at last.


Lan Yue smiled and said: "Treasure hunting is like this, you can't get a tiger child without entering a tiger's den."


As they say, wealth comes in small packages.


"Don't think so naively, there is no danger, and there are plenty of treasures for you to collect." Beidou Tianye stretched out his hands.


Yi Tianqing said, “This time, it was only a Leng Shen encounter, and it was already considered good to have a danger alert, if we were to encounter some imperceptible danger, that would be terrifying, and we wouldn't even know what was happening when we died. "


"Big Brother Feng, let's hurry to leave, I'm worried that Leng Shen will come back." Miao Qingqing said, Miao Qingqing's concerns were not unreasonable, after all, Ao Yuan was summoned by Ling Xiaoxiao and would naturally leave when the battle was over.


If Leng Shen had been cunning enough to drag the strongest of the Divine King's Divine Hall to come as soon as Ao Yuan left, the consequences would have been unthinkable.


"There is no rush, it will not come back, they are afraid of Xiaoxiao's identity, and they will not act rashly until they have checked, let's go back to the Sealing Formation first." Feng Wushen said nonchalantly.


"Back to the Sealing Formation?" Ling Xiaoxiao and the others looked at Feng Wushen with a shocked expression.


Feng Wushen smiled and said: "Don't you want treasures? There is another sealing formation hidden in the space below the sealing formation, and there must be treasures inside."


"Is there another sealing formation hidden?" Hearing Feng Wushen's words, the crowd immediately cheered up, their expressions rising with excitement.


Feng Wushen nodded and said, “I must not be mistaken, at that time I was devouring the power of divine punishment and inadvertently detected the sealing power.”


"Then let's hurry to check it out!" Liu Qingyang said enthusiastically.


In a few minutes, Feng Wushen's group was back under the cliff.


At this time, the sealing formation has gone down again and is in a sealed state, but the cliff has been washed away, and all the surrounding towering peaks have disappeared.


With the experience from the first time, Feng Wushen was soon able to open the sealing formation.


Once again, the crowd reached the white space under the sealing formation.


"Hall Master, this separate space, I can't see that there is still a hidden seal." Beidou Tianye said, carefully sensing his surroundings, he couldn't feel the slightest aura of sealing energy at all.


“The divine punishment power aura has completely dispersed, to say that the sealing energy aura was covered before, then I should be able to feel it now.” Yi Tianqing frowned, also unable to sense the slightest aura.


"I can't feel it either, brother Feng, there is nothing here." Liu Qingyang looked to the east and west and couldn't see anything but a white space.


Feng Wushen smiled faintly and said: "Even I only involuntarily noticed, this sealing formation can hide the aura."


“The Divine Punishment Force is sealed in the middle of such a powerful sealing formation, so I guess the previous owner of the Divine Punishment Force must have had a terrifying cultivation.” Ling Xiaoxiao guessed.


"Then he is a worldly master! The treasures he left must not be simple, there may be immortal weapons and powerful techniques and martial arts!" Liu Qingyang said enthusiastically, and as he spoke, his tongue licked his upper lip.


Feng Wushen urged his true essence to merge into his palm, emitting a faint golden light.


With his palms lightly resting on the surface of the space, Feng Wushen closed his eyes and carefully sensed the location of the sealing formation.


"The aura of the seal has disappeared." Feng Wushen frowned a bit, this would no longer be able to sense it, as if the aura from the sealing formation was deliberately avoiding them.


"Missing?" Liu Qingyang and the others were stunned.


Feng Wushen guessed: “It was probably because I devoured the power of divine punishment before activating the hidden sealing formation.”


"Brother Feng can't find it either?" asked Miao Qingqing.


"It will take some time." Feng Wushen smiled weakly.


With those words, Feng Wushen activated the quenching power, and his palm, which contained a dark red halo, was once again placed on the spatial ground.


At that very moment, the white space vibrated slightly to no avail.


"I found it, the Primal Power can really stimulate the sealing formation." Feng Wushen was overjoyed.


"Temple Master, it's up there!" Yi Tianqing pointed above the space, and the eyes of several people looked up.


Above the space, a spell formation pattern emanating golden light emerged and hovered just above the space, quite magically, as if the spell could fly.


"The Sealing Formation can really fly!" Zhang Junlan was stunned.


“What a strange aura, it is completely different from the power of divine punishment, Brother Feng, is it also an ancient aura?” Liu Qingyang asked curiously, the aura that emanated from the spell formation was very unique and different from the ancient aura still.


"This is a very old sealing formation, specially used to seal the dead monarchs of ancient years, I have only heard of it, never seen it." Feng Wushen gaped, seeing such an ancient sealing formation again for the first time.


“A monarch? Wouldn't that be a terrifyingly strong person? At least a Divine Transformation Realm, right?” Beidou Tianye's body trembled in fear.


Feng Wushen said softly: "It could be said that it is."


After a pause, Feng Wushen added, “But since it is a sealing formation that seals the monarch, it is reasonable to say that this area should be very prosperous, rather than becoming a mountain range, let alone be on the border of the Infinite Dominion and the Dominion of Hegemony."


Zhang Junlan frowned and said: "Even more terrifying than the Divine Transformation Realm, I am afraid that it is a True God Realm power house that has disappeared from the mainland, or perhaps a great war has occurred, leading to the destruction."


"That should be the case." Feng Wushen approved of Zhang Junlan's statement.


“True God Realm? Is there a True God Realm above the Divine Transformation Realm?” The crowd was shocked, the existence of the True God Realm was something they had never heard of.


“Although the Divine Transformation Realm is a legendary powerhouse on the continent, which is not even seen regularly, there are quite a few on the continent, but no one has been able to step foot on the True God Realm.” Zhang Junlan nodded.


As one of the mainland's giants, the Zhang family naturally knew a lot more than the others.


“Back then, my father told me something about True God Realm powerhouses having existed as well, but then, for some unknown reason, they all disappeared, and there has been no True God Realm powerhouse ever since.” Zhang Junlan then said that although he was also curious about what had happened, it was not something that people of his level could touch.


"Is everything gone? Why does it sound so scary?" Again, the public was stunned.


"Well, no one knows what happened, and after all these years, we haven't found out what the cause was, and then some strong people said that the mighty ones of the True God Realm all left, and where they went, no one knows." . Zhang Junlan nodded his head.


"Actually there are very strange things!" Hearing Zhang Junlan's words, Liu Qingyang and the others could be described as shocked beyond measure.


“A True God Realm powerhouse, what kind of terrifying existence is that?” Liu Qingyang couldn't imagine it and was filled with adoration.


"A being that can make you vanish with a spit." Miao Qingqing sneered.


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