Chapter 553 - The Monarch's Tomb

Miao Qingqing's flirting can make Liu Qingyang break out in a cold sweat.


No one can imagine how terrifying a power of the True God Realm can be.


"Master, can you open this seal?" With his eyes looking towards Feng Wushen, Zhang Junlan asked.


Slightly silent, Feng Wushen snapped: "This seal is stronger than the last one, and I'm not sure."


It is the first time that Feng Wushen has seen a seal dedicated to a dead monarch of ancient times, and the Evil Dragon God has not found such a powerful seal in his memory.


Therefore, Feng Wushen was not at all sure.


But since the ancient power could stimulate the sealing formation, Feng Wushen thought of starting with the ancient power, which could open the ancient sealing formation.


The golden spell formation is not large, it is only a dozen feet in size, but the seal formation is not seen as small, rather it is much more powerful than the seal formation above.


Feng Wushen flew up and approached the golden spell formation, the quenching power once again activated, trying to use the ancient power to open the seal.


The quenching power was injected into the Sealing Formation, and Feng Wushen tried to find the Sealing Formation's brute gate, but at the moment the quenching power was injected into the Sealing Formation, the spell formation stopped. he waved violently and an extremely terrifying power gushed out.


"The spell formation resists my power!" Feng Wushen frowned slightly.


Sensing this ancient and terrifying power, Zhang Junlan's few faces changed dramatically.




In just a few moments, terrifying power surged from the spell formation and exploded with a boom, instantly shaking Feng Wushen with terrifying space-shaking force.


"Brother Feng!" Ling Xiaoxiao's pretty face suddenly changed.


"Brother Feng, are you alright?" Liu Qingyang asked worriedly.


Feng Wushen shook his head and looked at the sealing formation intently, saying, “Okay, the sealing formation resists my power and is unable to find the living gate.”


"And what to do? Is there no other way?" Liu Qingyang became anxious when he heard that, and he couldn't help but feel a little disappointed in his heart.


The treasures of the kings of the archaic period were before them and they could not do anything about it.


"Brother Feng, perhaps the power of divine punishment is what will open the seal." Ling Xiaoxiao guessed.


"Not bad". Feng Wushen nodded and said: "The power of divine punishment is the only way to open it!"


Since the power of divine punishment is sealed in this separate space, and the power of divine punishment is capable of making the sealing formation react, it is not difficult to guess that the power of divine punishment is the key to unlocking the sealing formation.


Feng Wushen urged the Golden Dragon Seal back and drew a bolt of divine punishment power from it.


"If the power of divine punishment can't open it either, then there's no way." Feng Wushen said in his heart, this was the only way to open the Sealing Formation.


Feng Wushen rushed over, and with a wave of his hand, injected the power of divine punishment into the sealing formation.


Zhang Junlan's few people nervously looked at the sealing formation, secretly praying in their hearts that they could open it.


The sealing array shook violently, and an extremely blinding golden light burst out.


"It worked!" Not sensing the sealing formation's resistance power, Feng Wushen was immediately glad.


Before long, the violently churning sealing formation soon opened a huge opening, and an extremely ancient aura poured out of the sealing formation.


"Brother Feng! The Sealing Formation has opened!" Liu Qingyang shouted excitedly.


"It really worked!" Several people from Yi Tianqing were enthusiastic and full of excitement.


It was also at this time that the white space, as the sealing formation opened, suddenly changed.


In the face of Feng Wushen's extremely shocked look, the white space turned into a grave at a speed visible to the naked eye, and the entire white space was a grave.


"Um... what's going on here?"


"What is this place?"


"How did space come to be like this?"


The few people in Zhang Junlan were shocked and puzzled, no one knew what that place was.


"This is the tomb of some ancient monarch!" Feng Wushen said with great certainty: "The ancient sealing formation is really remarkable, it can really seal such a huge tomb into another seal, such a terrifying double seal, no one can really find it, and even if they can find it, they may not be able to find it. " harness the power of divine punishment to open it."


Feng Wushen was able to harness the power of divine punishment thanks to the power of quenching, coupled with the overbearing Golden Dragon Seal.


"The tomb of a monarch?" The crowd shuddered tremendously, and only then did he look around.


Feng Wushen nodded, looked around, and finally looked at the old tomb in the middle, and said: "All around are burials, and the old coffin in the middle, the one buried must be the monarch."


The tomb is surrounded by grave goods and is decorated with numerous gold chests containing gold and silver jewelry.


Of course, gold, silver, and jewels were nothing more than the most common grave goods, and indeed constituted a great fortune to the general public, but to Feng Wushen and the others, they were worthless at all.


In addition to gold and silver jewelry, there are also a large number of heavenly treasures, all kinds of magical treasures, pills, scrolls, bouncy crystals, etc. The number of treasures is dazzling.


The crowd looked on in amazement, secretly marveling at the Ancient Monarch's most prestigious position.


"The treatment of a monarch is really extraordinary, this is too much treasure, isn't it?" Liu Qingyang was shocked, not knowing until he saw it, but he was shocked at first glance.


"Such an amount of wealth is only enough to cultivate great power!" Zhang Junlan was shocked, even the young master of the Zhang family had never seen such a large number of treasures.


"This... It's too much, isn't it?" Lan Yue gaped with an expression of disbelief.


"This journey has not been in vain, these treasures are all ours, with these treasures, the strength of the Dragon God Temple will surely soar!" Feng Wushen said excitedly, his face revealing a bright smile.


“Temple Master, this is a mid-range earth rank martial skill!”


"Ninth grade elixir! And an eighth grade elixir."


"Brother Feng! High Grade Spirit Weapon Storage Ring! High Grade Earth Art!"


One by one, Beidou Tianye and the others exclaimed, the excitement on their faces hard to hide.


High grade spirit weapons, earth grade techniques, earth grade martial arts, ninth grade pills, eighth grade pills, and many heavenly treasures, this tomb was like a natural treasure!


"This is an immortal weapon! This is an art of immortals!" Looking at the surprised and excited Zhang Junlan and the others, Feng Wushen signaled to them an even more powerful presence.


"Immortal Weapon? Immortal Art?" Liu Qingyang's eyes bulged out.


In the catacombs, a random immortal weapon can make countless powerful people of the continent go crazy.


Each volume of Immortal Arts can also spark a huge fight between countless powerful people from the continent.


With all these treasures offered to the brothers of the Dragon God Temple, one can only imagine the terrifying change in their strength.


"Qing Yang, Xiao Zhang, open the coffin, the Ancient Monarch's coffin is the most valuable place to be!" Feng Wushen laughed.


"All right!" The two men were very emotional and then joined forces to open the coffin.


As the coffin opened, a monstrous aura of extreme terror forced its way to no avail, transforming into a terrifying aura that jolted Liu Qingyang and Zhang Junlan out of the room, scaring the crowd.


A radiant divine radiance shone from the coffin, incomparably blinding, enveloping the entire tomb.

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