Chapter 557 Qin Ling



An indescribably terrifying power spread towards them from all directions, as space rapidly crumbled around them. The boat at the center of the destruction began to shake, as if it were about to break into pieces.


The expressions of the numerous Cangxuan Sect disciples within changed drastically. They were as small as ants before this destructive power.


Zhou Yuan's expression also became grave as he quickly glanced at Peak Master Lianyi's figure. Although the latter's handsome face was currently frozen, there was not a single hint of panic, an observation that made him breathe a sigh of relief.


“I was wondering who it was, so it's the fourth hall master of the Holy Palace, Qin Ling. Although we haven't met for many years, your ability to push forward shamelessly hasn't shown anything at all.” Head Teacher Lianyi's eyes flashed with an icy feeling as her foot lightly stomped on the ground.




It was as if an invisible wave spread from the Lianyi Peak Master. As he pulsed, the terrifying energies heading towards the boat calmed down in an instant, even the ruined space immediately recovered.


With a squeeze of her hand, the surrounding Genesis Qi gushed towards her and transformed into a giant, seemingly endless Phoenix. The Phoenix roared towards the sky, as torrential power rushed towards the white mountain where the master of the fourth hall of the Sacred Palace was still sitting.


Peak Master Lianyi immediately displayed her astonishing talent for manipulating Genesis Qi, the surrounding Genesis Qi being easily forged at will into her hand. It was practically at the pinnacle of perfection.


Atop the white mountain peak, the abyss of the fourth hall master shone like eyes. With a wave of his sleeve, the vast Genesis Qi spread out, transforming into a giant hand that slammed towards the approaching Phoenix.




The two forces collided as an indescribably crazy shockwave deployed. The entire place seemed to tremble, as a giant chasm opened up in the sea below, causing the sea water to rapidly encircle.


The expressions of the experts from the various factions in the area changed one after another as they hurried away. Boundless flows of Genesis Qi whizzed out to block the terrifying shockwaves.


The exchange between Peak Master Lianyi and the Fourth Hall Master was akin to Armageddon itself.


Peak Master Lianyi waved his hand, neutralizing the incoming shockwave. Boundless Genesis Qi began to gather towards her once more, seemingly taking the shape of a lotus.


An extremely terrifying aura leaked from him.


Obviously he was going to do it for real.


However, if these two individuals were allowed to truly fight, the aftershocks of their battle would likely destroy the entrance to the mythical utopia. Therefore, the representatives of the other four supreme sects spoke out to stop them.


"The mythical utopia is about to open, please put aside your differences for the moment!"


Seeing the four overlord sect representatives who had stepped forward, Peak Master Lianyi snorted coldly, as the bright lotus on her had gradually dissipated. Naturally, he also understood that this was neither the place nor the time.


“Hall Master Qin Ling, if you are interested, we can find a place to have a proper duel after the Mythical Utopia opens.” Although Peak Master Lianyi was a woman, she had an exceptionally fiery temperament.


"How can I fear Peak Master Lianyi's invitation?" On the top of the white mountain, the sitting figure slowly stood up. He had the appearance of a middle-aged man, his abyss like eyes eliciting fear and respect in anyone who saw them.


When he stood up, a powerful pressure slowly spread, the choppy waves in the sea below timidly calming down, not daring to take a little dip.


This was the fourth hall master of the Holy Palace, Qin Ling.


Sparks flew as the gazes of Peak Master Lianyi and Hall Master Qin Ling collided, as the surrounding space began to distort slightly.


"So this is a hall master of the Holy Palace." On the boat, Zhou Yuan's gaze was grave as he looked at that heart-pounding figure. Even a small sliver of the aura from the latter's body made him feel a crushing pressure.


It was said that there were ten halls in the Holy Palace, and Qin Ling was one of the ten hall masters.


From how Peak Master Lainyi and Qin Ling immediately confronted each other the moment they met, it was quite clear that the relationship between the Cangxuan Sect and the Holy Palace was very hostile. However, no one found this strange at all. After all, the intrigue of the Holy Palace back then was what ultimately led to the demise of Patriarch Cang Xuan, while substantially weakening the Cangxuan Sect. Given Peak Master Lianyi's temperament, if Sect Master Qing Yang had not stopped her, she would have risked everything and attacked the Sacred Palace a long time ago.


The other factions breathed a sigh of relief as they saw that the two bigwigs had reached a temporary truce. If the duo ignored everything and fought here, the non-lord factions would end up suffering more.


With the arrival of the Holy Palace, the six sects of the Cangxuan Heaven Overlord were now in full attendance. Such a lineup was really great.


Bzz bzz!


It wasn't long before the mythical utopia's entrance began to become more and more distorted. More and more pure Genesis Qi gushed out, causing the air in the vicinity to become clearer and cooler.


After another time of incense, everyone saw the distorted space slowly begin to open, forming a hundred-foot-long spatial crack.


When the spatial crack appeared, the six representatives of the overlord sects suddenly moved. The vast Genesis Qi transformed into six giant hands that swept towards the crack and began to forcibly widen it.


As the crack grew larger and larger, the six giant hands of Genesis Qi began to melt and merge with the spatial crack, until it slowly became completely stable.


Only then was the entrance to the mythical utopia truly opened.


Peak Master Lianyi looked at the numerous disciples behind her and said, "The mythical utopia is open, prepare to enter."


“Remember that it will be nothing like the sect competitions and training inside. Your lives have never been threatened in the sect, but here, your elders and elders will no longer be able to protect you, and the only ones you can trust will be yourselves.”


"No one will show mercy for the sake of obtaining the essence of the mythical genesis."


"However, you are also the best Cangxuan Sect disciples of this generation, so don't perform too poorly and tarnish our reputation."


The disciples did not dare to delay, and quickly acknowledged in a respectful manner.


“Chu Qing, Qingchan, and Kong Sheng. You three are the leaders, so make sure to be cautious at all times." Peak Master Lianyi looked towards the trio. "One last thing, be careful with those from the Holy Palace."


The Chu Qing trio nodded.


After giving them her final instructions, Peak Master Lianyi wasted no more time. With a gentle wave of his sleeve, Genesis Qi turned into an arc of light beneath the disciples' feet, before leading them to the stabilized spatial entrance.


At the same time, the other five representatives of the supreme sect also acted, sending their sect's disciples to the mythical utopia.


Whistle! Whistle!


Meanwhile, the various factions who were anxiously waiting for the factions behind also began to move. Genesis Qi spread throughout the place, as countless streams of Genesis Qi were sent into the spatial tear.


It was an extremely magnificent scene.


Hall Master Qin Ling stood on the white peak with his hands behind his back. He suddenly turned to Peak Master Lianyi and said with a shallow smile: “Peak Master Lianyi, the Holy Palace has always been the ultimate winner in the recent re-emergences of the mythical utopia. Their Cangxuan Sect, on the other hand, have always ended up as losers and suffered heavy losses. “I wonder how many of the disciples your Cangxuan Sect has nurtured so thoroughly will be able to make it out alive this time.”


Peak Master Lianyi's eyes turned icy as she coldly said, "Don't be so sure, aren't you afraid of being humiliated because you can't take back your words?"


Hall Master Qin Ling laughed softly, but did not respond. Faint hints of mockery and disdain appeared beneath his eyes, as he turned towards the entrance of the mythical utopia and said indifferently: "Let us wait and see."


"I'm just afraid that Peak Master Lianyi will be quite disappointed in the end."


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