Chapter 558 - So what?

"Boom boom boom!"


High above Feng Ming City, deafening explosions could be heard one after another, as a terrifying energy ripple spread out, shaking the void and falling like a raging wave.


The fierce battle caused all of the Windemere City cultivators to watch the battle, with the eyes of the crowd looking to the sky.


Within Windemere City, the strongest members of various clans were also drawn to the city.


“Ling Yun Palace’s Young Palace Master got into a fight with someone else!”


"The first level of the Heavenly Human Realm can really fight against Young Master Su, how strong!"


"What kind of person doesn't want to die? How dare you provoke Young Master Su!?"


The crowd of people from Feng Ming City spoke, curious as to what kind of person had the guts to provoke Su Shuihan.


Even the strongest members of the various great clans of Feng Ming City shook their heads.


Who in the Star Realm did not know how powerful Ling Yun Palace was?


However, what shocked the crowd from Feng Ming City was that not only the strongest members of Ling Yun Palace were heavily injured one after another, but even Su Shuihan, who was the Young Palace Master of Ling Yun Palace. , was no match for Beidou Tianye.


The strength displayed by Yi Tianqing and Beidou Tianye was extremely ferocious and their power was wildly incomparable, completely overwhelming to crush their opponents.


“Actually both of them have Earth rank martial skills! Young Master Su's combat power that is comparable to a third level of the Heavenly Realm is actually no match for that first level of the Heavenly Human Realm!”


The Windemere City crowd rose to a roar, stunned and gaping.


In the restaurant, Han Chongshan was filled with horror, simply unable to believe that a group of outsiders could have such a strong fighting force.


On the street outside the restaurant, Su Shuihan's face was pale, her icy gaze fixed on Beidou Tianye, and she asked morosely: "Who are you?"


Beidou Tianye walked closer step by step and sneered: "It's none of your business, you just know that death is not far away."


"Humph! Don't be too happy." Su Shuihan said in a morose tone, although he was seriously injured, he still had no fear on his face.


"Is that so? Feel free to use whatever else you have, I'll give you that chance!" Beidou Tianye made a face, with a proud posture.




At this moment, Yi Tianqing had already gotten the upper hand, killing a Third Tier Heavenly Human Realm with a single merciless slap.


Lan Yue was even more ruthless, killing two Heavenly Human Realms without even a frown.


“Brother Su is Lingyun Palace’s Young Palace Master, if you dare to kill him, Lingyun Palace will never let you go! With so many Thousand Valleys disciples and Ling Yun Palace disciples dying at your hands, you will never get out! alive!" Han Chongshan, who came out of the tavern, yelled at Beidou Tianye in anger and threatened him.


"Is Ling Yun Palace very strong?" Feng Wushen and Ling Xiaoxiao left the restaurant, and Feng Wushen asked nonchalantly.


“Ling Yun Palace is more than just strong, it is one of the great powers of our Star Realm.”


“Palace Master Ling Yun is a powerhouse of the Extreme Heavenly Realm! It is also believed that there is a fifth grade alchemist inside the palace!”


“Ling Yun Palace doesn't even know how powerful it is, how dare they mess with Young Master Su, they just don't know what they're doing, they think they're big just because they have some strength?”


There were murmurs from the cultivators from the entire street, each of them looking at Feng Wushen with the gaze of a fool.


Faced with the chatter from the crowd, Feng Wushen did not take it seriously in the slightest.


Su Shuihan's icy gaze turned towards Feng Wushen and said coldly: "It's more than enough to kill you!"


"Oh? Is that so? I'd like to try." Feng Wushen smiled weakly and coldly, emboldened by the look of fear.


"Bastards, don't be so arrogant! In a moment, when Young Master Mo comes, I'll let you die without a burial place!" Han Chongshan looked at Feng Wushen with anger and coldness, his face was fierce to the extreme.


"Young Master Mo? Is he coming in a bit? Spare your lives first then." Feng Wushen said morosely, with a confident look on his chest.


Hearing these words, Su Shuihan slightly frowned as his mind rushed to think of the geniuses of the major powerhouses of the Star Realm, but Su Shuihan simply couldn't think of a single genius that was related to Feng Wushen.


Looking at Feng Wushen's emboldened appearance, it made Su Shuihan feel again that he was something big, and with the battle with Beidou Tianye, if he didn't have a bit of an advantage, wouldn't he have an Earth rank martial skill?


The fact that Feng Wushen dared to say such arrogant words made the crowd feel puzzled, some felt that Feng Wushen and the others thought they were bluffing.


But if it was a bluff, why did Feng Wushen and the others dare to stay? Were they really not afraid of death?


For a while, the streets of the restaurant were silent and an eerie atmosphere permeated.


But while they were waiting, the young master Mo that Su Shuihan had spoken about did not arrive, but a group of powerful people did.


"Elder Chigokudani!"


"And the elders of Ling Yun Palace!"


The streets were instantly boiling as they saw the appearance of one powerful man after another.


"Chongshan! How have you been injured? Who has injured you?" One of the elders asked anxiously, relieved to see that Han Chongshan was still alive.


"It's them! Some of them have killed dozens of our Thousand Valleys disciples! Grand Elder, kill them quickly!" Han Chongshan pointed at Feng Wushen's group and said angrily.


"What?" Hearing these words, the faces of the three elders were greatly surprised.


"Young Palace Master, what's going on?" An old man asked Su Shuihan.


Su Shuihan said morosely: “Two dozen Ling Yun Palace disciples have been killed, I wonder what they are?”


"How bold you are!" The Grand Elder erupted with rage, and his aura of the eighth level of the Heavenly Human Realm spread wildly.


Palace Grand Elder Ling Yun is also a fifth grade alchemist and has a certain prestige in the Star Realm.


Feng Wushen's face was calm, completely unfazed by the appearance of the elders of the two great powers.




At that very moment, a figure appeared in an instant above Feng Ming City, and the terrifying aura of the Extreme Heavenly Realm quickly spread out, instantly engulfing the entire Feng Ming City, shocking the entire city and frightening the crowd.


“A Heavenly Extreme Realm powerhouse!” Yi Tianqing frowned deeply as his gaze turned to the sky.


“Palace Master Ling Yun!” someone exclaimed.


The person who came was none other than Su Yinzuo, the Palace Master of Ling Yun Palace, a strong man at the second level of the Heavenly Extreme Realm!


“How cunning, saying that he was waiting for some young master Mo, but instead he brought his saviors himself and deliberately stalled to buy time.” Beidou Tianye said lazily, regretting that he had not killed Su Shuihan in the first place.


Yi Tianzheng said nonchalantly: "Hitting the young man and having the old man come out, that's all."


High in the sky, Su Yinzuo blinked and dashed into the street, so fast that no one reacted.


"Shui Han, who is trying to kill you?" Su Yinzuo asked coldly, with an icy gaze towards Feng Wushen's group.


"Them!" Su Shuihan glared at Feng Wushen's group and said grimly, “All of Ling Yun Palace's disciples were killed by them.”


Su Yinzuo's face darkened as her eyes shone coldly and her gaze shifted towards Feng Wushen.


“You really have the guts to kill my Ling Yun Palace disciples, and you dare to threaten to kill my son!” Su Yinzuo said in a morose tone, an extremely terrifying murderous aura permeating the air.


The crowd in the street withdrew in fear.


“Palace Master Su, they also killed dozens of my Thousand Valley disciples, please also ask Valley Master Su to tear them to pieces!” Han Chongshan hastened to say, turning around and showing a carnival smile to Feng Wushen's group.


Hearing this, Feng Wushen still looked emboldened, and said nonchalantly: "So what?"



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