Chapter 56 - Seduction

When Yu Lang had reached an agreement with Lian Chong, he took out a bamboo whistle from his pocket and put it to his mouth, and immediately a subtle, high-pitched sound could be heard spreading through the fog.


When Zhao Gao heard this voice, his body immediately struggled frantically, and the four Eastern Abyss Academy students beside him rushed to pin him to death.


Zhao Gao struggled and did not move, his face was red, his eyes were teary, and he was staring at Yu Lang with clenched teeth, as if he wanted to eat him alive.


When Lian Chong, who was still a little distrustful of Yu Lang, saw this reaction from Zhao Gao, his heart relaxed a little, and then his contempt for Yu Lang grew even more.


This guy, he really doesn't have any kind of backup.


But it's good, it's the kind of soft bone he needs right now.


"Go, move slowly."


After Lian Chong gave the order, Yu Lang set off at a brisk pace and walked forward.




Somewhere in the mists, Li Luo, who was calmly waiting for them to dissipate, suddenly opened his slightly closed eyes.


He heard some whistles.


Li Luo's brow furrowed slightly, and then he pressed his finger on the trunk of the tree next to him, tapping it gently in time with the whistling sound.


After a moment, he said to himself, "Five people? It must be the people Lian Chong brought, right? These two guys, why are they so unlucky."


When they joined together to fish before, Li Luo had made some preparations with Zhao Gao and Yu Lang, one of which was to use this whistle to convey some simple messages.


As agreed, if this happens, those who are not trapped will have to find a way to get the person out, and if the other side is too strong, then they will try to get help from some of their classmates from the South Wind School if it's possible.


"Lian Chong..."


Li Luo gently brushed his lips, his palms touching the hilt of the twin swords at his waist, a slight coldness arising in his eyes.


"Did you really think it couldn't be cleaned after letting you escape earlier?"


Li Luo turned around and without hesitation, headed in the direction where the whistling sound came from, and soon the figure disappeared into the mist.




In the fog, several figures are slowly moving forward.


Lian Chong was holding Yu Lang in the front, while the four Eastern Abyss Academy students in the back were sandwiching Zhao Gao in front and behind.


The whistle doesn't stop blowing.


Lian Chong frowned and said, "Why is there no response yet?"


Yu Lang said helplessly: "The mists are so big, maybe Li Luo fled far away just now?"


Lian Chong said with some impatience: "Do it quickly, don't waste our time."


Yu Lang hurriedly replied yes, and then blew his whistle as loud as he could.


What no one noticed was that at the bottom of it, the fog fluctuated vaguely, a faint watery light rippled, and then, just as everyone was concentrating in front, there was a palm in the fog that strangely reached out and grabbed the mouth of the last one. man with one hand, and with a whistling wind of his fist, he crushed it on his head and knocked him out with one blow.


However, the other three people from the Eastern Abyss School also reacted sharply and immediately shouted violently, "Someone has attacked by surprise!"


Lian Chong's face in front of him changed and he turned his head to look behind him.




The ball of light exploded and a blinding light erupted.


Several people in the audience's eyes were stinging and they couldn't help but close them.


At that moment, Zhao Gao, who had long since closed his eyes at the first opportunity, slammed headlong into the three men before planting himself in the mist.


"Shit, they hit him!"


At that moment, Lian Chong understood that he had been undermined, so he immediately became enraged and slashed at Yu Lang in his hand.


But the latter's feet sprang into action, the power of the Wind Resonance erupted and his figure spread out like the wind, barely avoiding the reach of the blade.


"Haha, do you stupid people still want to catch the little master?"


Yu Lang grimaced and also rushed into the mist, quickly disappearing.


Lian Chong's face turned blue as yellow Resonance power erupted from his body and shot out in a whirlwind, his blade in his hand turning into a fierce blade light and he threw it in the direction of where Yu Lang had disappeared into the sky. a ray.




But from the mist, two swords with slashes of light floated out, and blue light appeared on them, colliding directly with Lian Chong's slash, before the sword was shot backwards.


Lian Chong gripped the hilt of his sword as he swung, his eyes fixed on her.


There, in the faint mist, was Li Luo holding his twin swords, looking at him with a smile on his face, and behind him were Zhao Gao and Yu Lang.


"Well, they dare to fool me." Lian Chong's eyes were fiercely staring at Yu Lang and Zhao Gao, at this moment, as he couldn't understand what had happened, earlier that Yu Lang's whistle, although it had attracted Li Luo, obviously also revealed some information in it, so What the latter had not rushed into their encirclement in a daze, instead, had also prepared well and stabbed them in the back.


Yu Lang sighed lightly and said, “Big brother, it’s not that I’m lying to you, it’s just… Give more money.”


Saying that, he winked at Lian Chong, the implication was clear... Do you want it, as well as money?


Lian Chong's face was red with anger, his breathing was heavy, and his eyes were fierce.


"Hey, this guy is angry as a bull, let's retreat first, shall we? The mists here seem to disperse." Seeing this, Yu Lang hurriedly said.


However, Li Luo did not move, but laughed: "Why should I retreat? Such a big fish, so difficult to catch, I can't afford to give it back."


Yu Lang was surprised and said, "You're blinded by butter, aren't you? That guy has eighth seal and has three helpers."


"Those three, I'll leave them to you two, no problem, right?" Li Luo asked.


"You really came, huh?" Yu Lang's face became a little more solemn.


Li Luo stared at Lian Chong, nodded gently and said, "My patience is almost exhausted for him, so I think I should pay a price for this."


Yu Lang and Zhao Gao looked at each other and pondered for a few moments before finally nodding their heads.


"Well, I want to clean up these bastards too." Excitement surged in Zhao Gao's eyes as he grabbed his great ax and struck twice.


On the opposite side, when Lian Chong saw this scene, his originally angry face suddenly broke into laughter.


"I'm surprised you're not running." He laughed a little in disbelief.


Li Luo had put in a lot of effort to save Zhao Gao and Yu Lang, so the wisest thing would be to escape before the fog cleared completely, but what Lian Chong didn't expect was that this Li Luo seemed like he was still planning to look for himself. problems with him...


Did the man's good looks absorb his brain?


Lian Chong held his chopping knife in his hand and waved it gently, the blade light cut through the air with a swaying sound, and then he stared at Li Luo, the smile at the corner of his mouth gradually becoming fierce.


"Li Luo, don't think that just because you are some kind of Young Master, I dare not touch you, and if you fail here, it will only be you and the Luolan House who will lose face."


Li Luo smiled: "But don't jump to conclusions, or if you go crazy then, won't you lose face and points?"


"Oh? Are you worthy?"


Lian Chong made a sneer, then waved his hand and addressed the three people from the Eastern Abyss Academy behind him: "Then, Yu Lang, Zhao Gao, I will leave it to you, while I clean up." this Li Luo first."


The three responded, they were all seven seals of strength, and three against two, they were not afraid.


"We will go first, you take care of yourself, if you see that you can't, send a signal, we have to find a chance to retreat." Yu Lang whispered a reminder before he and Zhao Gao ran in another direction.


The three opponents immediately followed.


With his departure, only Li Luo and Lian Chong were left facing each other.


Lian Chong held his cutting sword in his hand, his fierce and contemptuous eyes staring at Li Luo, but this time, he did not say any more nonsense, his yellow Resonance power exploded violently, and his eighth seal Resonance power unfolded . In its whole.


The feeling of oppression runs through the room.


"Li Luo, now you regret it and it's too late!"


"Watch me destroy this face of yours!"


Amidst his laughter, Lian Chong's figure had already shot out, his sword whistling and swirling with yellow light as he slashed hard at Li Luo.

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