Chapter 561 - The Mysterious Black Stone

"Emperor Dan, what will be done with them?"


Looking at Feng Wushen's face, Mo Qingyun asked respectfully.


With his eyes on Han Chongshan, Feng Wushen asked morosely, “Do you know why you should be killed?”


"I... I..." Han Chongshan stuttered, unable to speak for half a day.


"Speak you". Feng Wushen's icy gaze turned to look at Su Shuihan again.


"......" Su Shuihan was also unable to say.


"Since none of you will speak, then I will speak for you." Feng Wushen said morosely: “As a genius disciples of the Thousand Valleys and young palace masters of Ling Yun Palace, I won't say that you can remove harm for people and be useful, but you are intimidating people with your power and abusing them. children, worse than animals!"


"Woe to his women and children! You have chosen to abuse children, and for that you deserve to die!" Feng Wushen said morosely.


"Emperor Dan, I know that I was wrong, I should not have abused the children, I implore Emperor Dan to give me a chance to redeem myself, I will definitely make it up to Wang Bu!" Han Chongshan said in horror.


"It's too late! Kill!"


Feng Wushen spoke coldly, the beast must not be left behind!


"No! Emperor Dan have mercy! The Emperor have mercy! Please give us a chance to redeem ourselves. Don't kill me! Don't kill me." Han Chongshan bowed down in terror and begged for mercy.


“Ling Yun Palace is willing to submit to the Dan Emperor, I implore the Dan Emperor to let us live!” Su Yinzuo fearfully begged for mercy.


"Young Master Mo! Please help us." Han Chongshan looked at Mo Qingyun in horror.


“I warned you long ago, but unfortunately you were too stupid, Palace Master Su, you brought it on yourself!” Mo Qingyun said nonchalantly, right now if Mo Qingyun were to help them beg for mercy, instead of being able to, he would return the favor himself.


Mo Qingyun wouldn't be foolish enough to do it. Feng Wushen had already regarded Han Chongshan and the others as dead people, so how could Mo Qingyun beg for his mercy?


"Do it!" Mo Qingyun coldly yelled.


The three strong men did not hesitate to shake off, not to mention that they did not dare to disobey Feng Wushen's order, even if it was Mo Qingyun's, they could only obey her!


Even though Su Yinzuo resisted angrily, he ended up dying a miserable death!


With all three of them hitting, killing Han Chongshan and the others would be like crushing an ant with little effort.


In less than thirty seconds, Han Chongshan, Su Shuihan, and the elders of the Palace of the Thousand Valleys and Ling Yun died on the street.


Su Yinzuo, who fought back, could not hold out for even two minutes and died before the horrified eyes of everyone in Feng Ming City.


This is what happens when Emperor Dan is offended.


The entire town of Windemere fell silent, everyone's breath had to come down as panic weighed on everyone's hearts.


"Emperor Dan, is it necessary to remove the Thousand Valleys and Ling Yun Palace?" Mo Qingyun asked respectfully.


"No need, I have other important matters to attend to, so I'll leave the rest to you." Feng Wushen slightly shook his head.


"Yes! Dan Emperor!" Mo Qingyun nodded respectfully.


"Zhang Junlan! Let's go." Liu Qingyang shouted on the balcony of the restaurant.


"Young Master Zhang?" Mo Qingyun's few expressions changed instantly, before he looked towards the first floor of the restaurant.


"Young Master Zhang?" The crowd from Feng Ming City woke up in a flurry, their terrified eyes looking towards the tavern at the same time.


At first glance, it really was the Zhang family's young master, Zhang Junlan.


Feng Wushen and the others may not know, but Zhang Junlan, who in the Star World did not know who did not know?


The moment they saw Zhang Junlan, the crowd started to get excited.


"It seems that Master has taken care of it." Zhang Junlan laughed heartily.


"Come on, back to the Dragon God Temple." Feng Wushen said nonchalantly.


"Teacher?" Hearing Zhang Junlan's words to Feng Wushen, the crowd, which had just become emotional, froze once more.


Even the young master of the Zhang family had to address Feng Wushen as his master, so how terrifying was Feng Wushen, a Dan emperor?


"Please stay, Emperor Dan!" At this time, Wang Bu, who had woken up from shock, ran over with his wife and son while shouting.


"Thank you, Emperor Dan, for coming to my rescue!" Wang Bu clenched his fist and bowed in thanks.


"Many thanks to Emperor Dan."


"Thank you very much, big brother!" The wife and two children are also grateful.


"No need to say thank you for raising your hand, bye." Feng Wushen said with a slight smile.


"Wait, Emperor Dan!" Wang Bu called.


"Is there something else?" asked Feng Weshen.


Wang Bu Steal took something out of his storage ring and handed it over to Feng Wushen, saying gratefully, “I, Wang Bu, have no way of repaying Emperor Dan for saving me. I obtained this treasure in a very strange place. been studying for many years without success, but it gives off a strange aura, perhaps it is some kind of refining material that would be useful to Emperor Dan."


What Wang did not steal was a peculiar black stone, but it was completely different from ordinary stones, and it was impossible to tell what it was.


"Strange aura?" Feng Wushen looked faintly, and then looked strangely at the black stone in his hand.


"Brother Feng, what is this?" Liu Qingyang asked curiously.


Feng Wushen shook his head and said: "I can't tell what it is for a while."


"Emperor Dan, if you inject a trace of true essence, this stone will emit a strange aura, all in all the aura is extraordinary." Wang Bu said seriously.


At these words, Feng Wushen did as he was told and urged to inject a strand of true essence into the black stone.


The moment Feng Wushen poured his true essence into the black stone, it glowed with dim black light, while an extremely peculiar aura pervaded it.


"This stone shines! So magical." Miao Qingqing was surprised.


"It possesses a peculiar aura and a burning sensation, it is fire attribute energy." Feng Wushen was dumbfounded, but he had no idea what the black stone was, and the memory of the Evil Dragon God did not remember the black stone.


Ling Xiaoxiao said: "There is also an ancient aura that is similar to the power of the ages."


"Emperor Dan, what is it like? Can you see what kind of treasure it is?" Wang Bu and asked, very curious after years of fruitless research.


Feng Wushen shook his head: "I don't know, I couldn't figure it out for a while."


"Then I will not delay Emperor Dan." Wang Bu saluted with a fist and bowed.


Only after Feng Wushen put the black stone into his storage ring was he surprised to see that his palm was stained with a black carbon substance.


"Coal ash?" Feng Wushen was slightly surprised, the black stone had obviously been burned, and he secretly wondered in his heart: "What kind of flame can burn a stone like this? The coal ash on the surface of the stone is obviously the substance." of the stone itself, a normal flame, at most, can burn black, never coal ash, and this stone is strange, it is not an ordinary stone."


Thinking of this, Feng Wushen turned to face Wang Bundo and asked, “When you found this stone, where was it?”


“It was six years ago, when I was still in the Hegemony Domain, it was in…” Thinking carefully, Wang didn't draw and was about to speak, but was interrupted by Feng Wushen.


" I'll tell you something, I have the map, you follow me to the Dragon God Temple, this stone may be important to me." Feng Wushen snapped, as if he had made a discovery.




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