Chapter 562: Lei Qinghai

In the middle of the mountain forest.


There were currently numerous figures within the forest, powerful Genesis Qi undulations pulsating from their bodies showing that they were not weak. From time to time they raised their heads to look at the top of the nearby mountain, where a concentrated tricolor light could be seen.


Seeing the tricolor light, greed appeared in the eyes of these individuals.


However, they would reluctantly withdraw their gazes and turn towards the center of the forest, where dozens of figures could be seen surrounding a particular figure like stars around the moon.


It was a smiling young man in silver robes who gave off an extraordinary presence, as thunder rumbled faintly from his body.


Low-pitched voices conversed in the middle of the mountain forest: “That is Lie Qinghai, one of the three thunder generals of the Little Thunder Gate. He is extremely strong, and I heard that he recently advanced to the 9th layer Alpha-Origin stage, making him no weaker than any of the top disciples of the six upper lord sects. With him here, we will definitely be able to compete with the Cangxuan Sect.”


The other figures nodded silently. The three Thunder Generals of Little Thunder Gate were the most outstanding trio among their numerous disciples, and only those who had overcome repeated challenges could take this title. As one of the thunder generals, Lei Qinghai was certainly a very capable individual.




The young man in a silver robe looked at this moment, a faint rumble accompanying his voice as it sounded next to everyone's ears.


“We have already investigated the Cangxuan Sect disciples on the mountain, and found that the one leading them is the Cangxuan Sect Saint Genesis Peak’s head disciple, Zhou Yuan.”


“Holy Genesis Peak?” Shock appeared in the eyes of several individuals.


“Isn't the Saint Genesis Peak the weakest peak of the Cangxuan Sect? “I can’t believe they managed to produce a core disciple.” It was clear that the people here had some knowledge about the current situation in the Cangxuan Sect.


"Zhou Yuan is likely a newly promoted chief disciple, and although we currently don't know how strong he is, as someone who managed to become a chief disciple of the Cangxuan Sect, he should be quite capable."


“Hehe, no matter how capable the core disciple of Saint Genesis Peak is, how can he compare to Brother Lei? Given Brother Lei's strength, he is likely to be one of the strongest even when he is among the seven core disciples of the Cangxuan Sect. That Saint Genesis Peak chief disciple, on the other hand, should be the weakest of the group.”


The others agreed one after another. After hearing that the core disciple leading the group at the top of the mountain was from the weaker Saint Genesis Peak, everyone clearly breathed a sigh of relief.


They had been afraid of meeting the most famous core disciples, such as the one from Cangxuan Peak or Sword Peak, because that would be very troublesome.


Lei Qinghai chuckled as he waved his hand. Two silver balls could be seen slowly rotating in his hand, as they flickered with lightning. "Although Saint Genesis Peak is the weakest, we should not underestimate them too much."


Even though he said it, a sliver of disagreement flashed in his eyes. He was more familiar than most regarding the Cangxuan Sect's core disciples and Chosen, but he had never heard of a core disciple named Zhou Yuan. Obviously, the latter was a newcomer, and Lei Qinghai felt that he had nothing to fear from that individual.


“Since everyone has put their face on the Small Thunder Gate, I will represent everyone to meet with Chief Disciple Zhou Yuan later. If you agree to step back and allow us to harvest the Mythical Genesis essence in the mountain, we will naturally not be too domineering.” Lei Qinghai said with a smile.


"What if Chief Disciple Zhou Yuan disagrees?" He asked someone in a rather fierce tone.


Lei Qinghai laughed softly. “That chief disciple will be too naive if he thinks that the name of the Cangxuan Sect will be able to scare everyone. If that happens, we will have no choice but to educate him properly."


As he spoke, an alarming pressure of Genesis Qi slowly spread from his body, causing the hearts of the many people present to tremble. This thunder general from the Little Thunder Gate was indeed a very powerful practitioner.


Of course, they knew that Lei Qinghai was flexing their muscles.


For a time, the crowd expressed their approval, showing that they would regard Lei Qinghai as their leader.


Li Qinghai smiled in a relaxed manner when he saw this. “You will wait here for my signal. If words don't work, we will have no choice but to use force. “I hope the chief disciple of Saint Genesis Peak is not a fool.”


After finishing, his figure rose into the sky like lightning, appearing in front of the mountain as he clasped his fists and said loudly, “Lei Qinghai of the Little Thunder Gate requests to meet the chief disciple Zhou Yuan.”


His voice was similar to thunder as it echoed through the area.


At the top of the mountain, Zhou Yuan was harvesting the Mythical Genesis essence. His slightly closed eyes opened and looked towards the figure shining with lightning in the sky. "Little Thunder Gate, huh?"


Naturally, he had heard of this rather famous sect from the Shengzhou Continent.


Gu Hongyi said, "Many factions have gathered at the foot of the mountain, and Lei Qinghai has already managed to unite them, making them a substantial threat."


"It seems our visitors are not friendly." Zhou Yuan laughed softly. Shortly after, his voice rang: "Let him come and see what he wants."


The Cangxuan Sect disciples who were blocking the way retreated when they heard this. Lightning flashed in the sky, as a figure appeared in front of Zhou Yuan. The former's arrogant attitude showed that he was fearless even under the tiger-like gazes of the many Cangxuan Sect disciples.


“Is this distinguished man the chief disciple of Holy Genesis Peak?” Lei Qinghan's gaze immediately focused on Zhou Yuan, but he soon began to frown. From what the former could sense, Zhou Yuan seemed to be only at the seventh layer.


Was the core disciple of Saint Genesis Peak really that weak?


Zhou Yuan did not pay attention to Lei Qinghai's gaze and said, "How can we help you?"


Lei Qinghai withdrew his gaze and looked towards the broken trunk that shed tricolor light behind Zhou Yuan, as greed flashed across his eyes.


In fact, there was a tremendous amount of tricolor mythical Genesis essence here!


"What do you think you're looking for?" He scolded Gu Hongyi.


Lei Qinghai withdrew his gaze again, looking back at Zhou Yuan as he said unhurriedly, “Chief disciple Zhou Yuan is quite lucky. To think that you manage to find such a nice place that contains the essence of three-color Mythical Genesis.”


Zhou Yuan responded with a smile.


Lei Qinghai also chuckled, before saying sincerely, “However, your current situation does not look very good, Chief Disciple Zhou Yuan.”




“Many factions have gathered at the foot of the mountain and they are all eyeing this location. Although Cangxuan Sect is strong, you only have a single team here. Furthermore, you are guided by a chief disciple of Holy Genesis Peak.”


"Such strength is probably not enough to scare away those greedy guys."


"And if a fight breaks out, your side probably won't have much of an advantage." Lei Qinghai said with a smile.


Hearing how the former seemed to shake off Zhou Yuan, the tips of Gu Hongyi's eyebrows arched upwards slightly as he sneered, "Why don't you try us and see?"


Zhou Yuan simply continued to look at Lei Qinghai and said, “What are Brother Lei's intentions? Why does it seem to me that you are on the same side as them?”


Lei Qinghai smiled as he waved his hand. “They are just a bunch of little chips hoping to rely on their numbers. How can they compare to the many amazing disciples of the Cangxuan Sect?”


He looked at Zhou Yuan with an appearance of absolute sincerity and said, “However, the disturbance here is quite large and will continue to attract people. As time goes by, the situation will become more and more problematic.”


“I would like to propose a solution. Little Thunder Gate hopes to join forces with Brother Zhou Yuan to exterminate those greedy guys below, and when news of this spreads, naturally there will no longer be anyone who dares to challenge us.”


Zhou Yuan looked at Lei Qinghai with interest. What a cruel person, to think that he intended to join forces to exterminate others.


"What does Brother Lei want in return?" Zhou Yuan smiled slightly.


Lei Qinghai pointed to the Mythical Genesis Essence behind Zhou Yuan as he smiled widely. “I won't ask for most of it. “Fifty percent, we’ll split it fifty-fifty.”


Gu Hongyi's eyes became a little icy. "Fifty percent, you call that not asking for a big cut?"


Zhou Yuan's eyes narrowed slightly as he looked at Lei Qinghai.


Lei Qinghai met the former's gaze with an aggressive and defiant one, and said, “Besides this, there is another thing I want. I have heard that you Cangxuan Sect disciples have a map containing information on locations of previously discovered Mythic Genesis essences. If Brother Zhou Yuan can share it, Little Thunder Gate will become your friend, you can go ahead and find us for any matter in the Mythical Utopia.”


Gu Hongyi was so angry that her face turned red. This guy really knew how to ask!


"What if I don't agree?" Zhou Yuan said indifferently. He could already tell that Lei Qinghai had taken him as a copycat.


Lei Qinghai sighed, the two silver beads in his hand slowly spinning as he said slowly and deliberately, "If Brother Zhou refuses to cooperate, I will have no choice but to notify the companions below. If a battle breaks out, I will I fear that you will end up paying a very high price."


He looked at Zhou Yuan oppressively, leaning forward slightly as he said, "Brother Zhou, I wouldn't have done this if it were Cangxuan Peak or any other chief disciple, but there are times when you have to accept your fate when the other party is stronger".


He waved his hand as he continued, “I will wait for half an incense, and Brother Zhou can inform me once he has made his decision. Of course, I hope it doesn't take too long, because the colleagues below seem to be getting more and more impatient.”


After finishing, he stood up and turned to leave.


Zhou Yuan couldn't help but laugh as he looked at the former's figure and said, "No need to wait... I already have an answer."


Zhou Yuan said fervently: “Friend of the Little Thunder Gate, if you do not wish to be buried in the Mythical Utopia, I advise you to forget about the essence of the Mythical Genesis here and run as far as you can… this is my last advice.” What do I have for you?


Lei Qinghai's footsteps paused, tilting his head back to look at Zhou Yuan as a mocking smile emerged from the corners of his lips.


However, before he could say anything, Zhou Yuan had already started speaking again: “Don't enter enemy territory alone in the future… I have no interest in playing such childish games with you.”


He extended his hand and pointed at the numerous Cangxuan Sect disciples who were already waiting.


"Get rid of him."

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