Chapter 562 - The Black Fire

Invited by Emperor Dan himself.


With a surge of wild joy in his heart, Wang Bu accepted without saying a word.


Wang Bu, his wife, and their children returned to the Dragon God Temple with Feng Wushen and the others, and the people of Feng Ming's city were envious.


Who would have thought that a former king of thieves could receive an invitation from Emperor Dan?


Feng Wushen needed Wang Bu to mark the exact location, and also to not let outsiders know about it, and he could only ask Wang Bundo to travel to the Dragon God Temple.


"Greetings to Emperor Dan! Congratulations to Young Master Zhang!" Mo Qingyun's few people looked at him with respect.


"Hall Master, is that stone really a treasure? It doesn't look like it to me." Seeing how much Feng Wushen cared, Yi Tian Qing asked curiously.


"It's too soon to tell, I hope so, and that the stone is not an ordinary one." Feng Wushen slightly shook his head and said.


"It can't really be a treasure, right?" Some people in Liu Qingyang's heart were also curious.


In the main hall of the Dragon God Temple, Feng Wushen placed the map on the table and opened it. It was a map of the entire continent, very detailed, even the smallest towns were marked.


Looking at the incomparably detailed map of the mainland, Wang Bu with a shocked face; as the King of Thieves, he didn't even have such a detailed map.


The Hegemony is a huge area of the continent, which can be seen at a glance on the map.


"The northern limit of the Hegemony's domain." Wang Bu looked at the map as he searched for the northern border of the Hegemony Domain on the map.


The crowd watched in silence, their eyes following the movement of Wang's fingers on the map.


"Emperor Dan, this is it! The Abyss of the Northern Realm!" A few minutes later, Wang Bu suddenly pointed to the Northern Realm Abyss marked on the map and said with great assurance: “This is where I got that stone, I remember passing through Qing Shui City at that time, looking for medicinal herbs in return. of gold coins in this great mountain range, and inadvertently found the strange stone deep within the mountain range."


"The Northern Realm Abyss is deserted, where would you find herbs?" Zhang Junlan asked with a frown, suspecting that Wang Bu was lying.


"Young Master Zhang, you don't know that the Northern Abyss is really deserted, but there is a miraculous medicinal herb." Wang Bu responded respectfully.


“Seven Sparks Lotus, possessing a powerful fire-attribute aura, the primary medicine for refining the Sixth Grade Earthfire Heart Pellet, possessing the effect of breaking and then standing, extremely precious and suitable for the Realm Heavenly Human." Feng Wushen said nonchalantly.


“Emperor Dan is right, although the Earth of Fire Heart Pellet is powerful, not many alchemists can make it.” Wangbu said.


"The effect of breaking and standing?" Liu Qingyang seemed a bit confused.


“It means that a strong person in the Heavenly Human Realm can break through the realm by taking this pill when they are on their last legs.” Beidou Tianye explained.


"So it is so, this elixir has such powerful effects." Liu Qingyang said in shock.


“The Seven Sparks Lotus is basically impossible to find anymore, too many alchemists have gone in search of this herb and in the end no one has set foot in the Northern Abyss, otherwise he wouldn't have left the Hegemony Domain and come to the Northern Abyss. Infinite Domain for a living." Wang Bu helplessly.


"Thank you for telling me". Feng Wushen thanked, then took out the prepared storage ring and handed it over to Wang Bundo,

"This is a small token of my appreciation, please accept it."


"Emperor Dan, that won't do, the Emperor just saved us, I wouldn't dare accept it." Wang Bu said and waved his hand repeatedly to refuse.


"Take if they tell you, take your wife and child and live a good life, and come to us in the Dragon God Temple if you have any difficulties in the future!" Liu Qingyang forcibly pushed it away for Wang Bu to take.


"Er... Thank you very much Emperor Dan! Thank you Emperor Dan." Wang Bu repeatedly thanked him, not daring to press any further, his heart incomparably grateful.


After seeing off Wang Bu's family, Zhang Junlan asked, "Master, have you seen anything? What exactly is that black stone's treasure?"


"Yes Brother Feng, I see that you care so much about that black stone, there must be something in it." Liu Qingyang nodded, and the crowd's curious gazes turned to Feng Wushen.


Turning his palm, the black stone appeared out of nowhere in his palm, Feng Wushen said solemnly: "This is not an ordinary stone, it is very hard, the meteorite iron is not even as good as it, but it burns at coal ashes, have you ever seen a flame that could burn a stone to coal ashes?"


"Burning black is all I've ever seen, I've never seen burning coal ash." The crowd shook their heads.


“This stone has been burned by the flames for an unknown number of years, this is burned from coal ash and has an aura of fire attribute, the strange aura emanating from the stone is actually from the flames that calcined this stone. , this flame must be very scary." Feng Wushen frowned and said.


"What kind of flame can it be?" asked Ling Xiaoxiao.


Slightly silent, Feng Wushen said, “Most likely, it's the Black Crow Fire from the ancient times! With such a strange and ancient aura, I can't think of other flames than the Black Crow Fire.”


"Black Crow Fire?" The crowd was bewildered and curious, and the Fire of the Black Raven was very unfamiliar to them.


The dark fire is exactly what the ancestor of the Dragon Clan called the Black Crow Fire and it is very domineering.


It was precisely because he guessed that it might be that fire that Feng Wushen took it so seriously.


"The Black Crow Fire is the most terrifying flame in the world, it can devour all flames, and it is very domineering." Feng Wushen smiled, his eyes filled with scorching heat.


"So what are we waiting for? Hurry up and find her!" Liu Qingyang was moved.


"I'm not going with you if you're looking for death." Beidou Tianye bristled.


"Now is not the time, the Domain of Hegemony is the territory of the Leng Shen, going now is not like sending death?" Yi Tianqing looked at Liu Qingyang blankly.


Feng Wushen said nonchalantly, “There's no need to rush, we're the only ones who know now, so we don't have to worry about him taking it away, the Extreme Royal Sect's side must have found the exact location of the treasure soon and You won't be able to make it on time."


“Just close and cultivate during this time and wait for the Extreme Royal Sect to find the exact location of the treasure, this time we have harvested so many treasures, enough for the strength of the Dragon God Temple to grow, its cultivation levels are also high and are properly upgraded, especially Qingyang, he has to break through to the Heavenly Human Realm as soon as possible.” Feng Wushen then said.


Liu Qingyang patted his chest and said confidently, "Don't worry, Brother Feng, it will never be a problem for me to break through to the Heavenly Human Realm!"


"Divide the harvested treasures among the brothers." The Feng Wushen said.


Zhang Junlan and the others took out all the treasures they had collected from the tomb.


Feng Wushen first put away the most precious and rare cool and exotic treasures, immortal weapons as well as immortal art and some of the high grade earth class martial skills.


The other Heavenly Treasures, as well as the Earth Rank Spirit Weapons and Scrolls, were all handed out.


The crowd from the Dragon God Temple became excited to learn that he possessed an Earth rank martial art, and they all shouted loudly, echoing through Emperor Dan Mountain.


The brothers of the Dragon God Temple are all brothers in life and death, and Feng Wushen trusts them very much, and it is extremely important to grow their strength.


The Nine-fold Qiankun God Slayer Formation opened!


The people from the Dragon God Temple have entered Qiankun Tower to cultivate.


Feng Wushen is currently at the seventh level of the pagoda space.


The power of divine punishment that came from devouring, Feng Wushen had to absorb and grow his strength as soon as possible.


The power of quenching gathered in his hands as Feng Wushen muttered to himself, “After absorbing the power of divine punishment, it shouldn't be a problem for your cultivation to reach the fourth level of the Heavenly Human Realm.”

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