Chapter 564 - Ye Tianwei Surprised

At the top of the Tower, a vast aura spread like a gale.


The out of this world aura is exhilarating.


The crowd from the Dragon God Temple was abuzz with excitement, as Feng Wushen's cultivation level had increased a lot, which meant that the Dragon God Temple would be even stronger.


A moment later, a monstrous aura spread wildly, and the Nine-Fold Qiankun Tower burst into golden light.


"What an overbearing aura, is this the fifth level of the Heavenly Human Realm?" Beidou Tianye said in shock, his eyes widening to the extreme.


"There is no mistake! It is the fifth level of the Heavenly Human Realm." Yi Tianqing exclaimed, his face full of disbelief.


“The Temple Master has reached the fifth level of the Heavenly Human Realm! It's too fast, isn't it? It's only been three months since we counted it, and we've already broken through the third level.” Chi Huang was very surprised, and his expression hardened.


The faces of the excited crowd in the Dragon God Temple were instantly replaced with shock.


“With the power of divine punishment being so terrifying, it is not uncommon for Brother Feng to reach the fifth level of the Heavenly Human Realm in three months.” Ling Xiaoxiao laughed happily.


Feng Wushen's figure appeared out of nowhere atop the Nine-Fold Qiankun Tower, like a god of war in the nine heavens, majestic.


“Congratulations to the Temple Master on breaking through to the fifth level of the Heavenly Human Realm!”


After the commotion, the crowd from the Dragon God Temple roared with excitement, their voices shaking the heavens, their loud voices echoing through Emperor Dan Mountain once more.


Feng Wushen had reached the fifth level of the Heavenly Human Realm, and his cultivation had increased so rapidly that it was beyond Feng Wushen's original expectations.


This was also thanks to the terrifying power of divine punishment, otherwise it would have been impossible for Feng Wushen to increase his cultivation level three times in three months.


With his cultivation reaching the fifth level of the Heavenly Human Realm, Feng Wushen could be described as exuberant to the extreme, and the smile on his face was undisguised.


The body fell slightly, the golden light emanating from the body faded and the aura faded as well.


“Temple Master, has the power of divine punishment been fully absorbed?” Nangong Zhan was the first to ask, still slightly incredulous that Feng Wushen was already at the fifth level of the Heavenly Human Realm.


Feng Wushen nodded and smiled: "Well, it's even more powerful than I imagined, a triple cultivation level increase!"


"The power of divine punishment is terrifying!" Yi Tianqing was still in shock.


"It's not just because of the power of divine punishment, if it were any other, I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to refine it, but the most important reason is the strength of the Temple Master." Master Dan Han Kun smiled respectfully.


"Master, what is the divine power of this divine punishment power?" Lan Yue asked curiously, although the ancient power must have its unique characteristics.


This question from Lan Yue could be said to have aroused everyone's curiosity, and a pair of curious eyes looked towards Feng Wushen.


"Well..." Feng Wushen was slightly silent, then spread his hands and said: "I don't know."


"......" Feng Wushen replied, almost not letting the crowd fall.


From devouring the power of divine punishment to absorbing it, Feng Wushen had no time to comprehend what the power of divine punishment was capable of.


“ Chi Huang, has something happened in the Dragon God Temple recently?” With his eyes looking towards Chi Huang, Feng Wushen asked.


“I just got out of seclusion for a few days, but Master Dan Han Kun said that the Dragon God Temple has been safe and sound.” The Chi Huang responded respectfully.


Han Kun then said: "It's not really a big deal, during the Alchemy Conference, the Hall Master had told those alchemists that they could come to the Dragon God Temple if they had any difficulties, and over the past month, quite a few alchemists They had come, but I had already solved their problems."


"Since that's the case, then get ready and let's go to the Western Region." With a slight nod, Feng Wushen smiled slightly and said.


"Has the Extreme Royal Sect found the location of the treasure?" Beidou Tianye asked.


Feng Wushen laughed: "I found out the exact location a few days ago, now they have entered, and through my extinguishing power, I sensed an ancient aura."


"Big Brother Feng, Big Brother Liu hasn't come out of the gate yet." Miao Qingqing hastened to say.


“There is no need to wait for him, let him cultivate well and break through to the Heavenly Human Realm, if he breaks through to the Heavenly Human Realm, he might be able to sense the mysterious power within him, give him some time.” Feng Wushen shook his head.


After a pause, Feng Wushen added, “The location of the treasure is in the desert, and the desert contains extremely strong fire attribute energy, so this trip to the desert will be extremely beneficial to fire attribute cultivators.”


"Temple Master, I am an attribute of fire, I am going! I must break through to the Heavenly Human Realm on this journey!" Huanyang was the first to speak, full of confidence.


"Me too!" Nie Zhong then yelled.


"Not to mention me." Zhang Junlan stretched out his hand.


"Hall Master, even if we don't have the fire attribute, the desert will allow us to temper our flesh!" Huo Ming said enthusiastically.


The fact that Feng Wushen returned with a large amount of treasure on his first treasure hunt piqued the curiosity of the crowd, who responded en masse, shouting to go even though they were not of the fire attribute.


However, they couldn't take too many people with them, and Feng Wushen chose just over ten people.


Ling Xiaoxiao, Zhang Junlan, Huanyang, Kuangzhan, Chao Shen, Leng Mucheng, Nangong Zhan, Huo Ming, Xuefeng, Duantian Feng, Dao Hun, and Nie Zhong were the twelve.


Yi Tianqing and Beidou Tianye and Lan Yue stayed in the Dragon God Temple to cultivate.


"I'll give you half an hour to get ready, I'll go to the auction and buy some forge crystals." Feng Wushen said nonchalantly, and as he spoke, his figure was already flying high in the sky, disappearing in the blink of an eye.


The Supreme Dragon God Sword is only a second rank forging nowadays, and if Feng Wushen wants to increase his combat power, he has to increase the forging grade of the Dragon God Sword.


Shortly after Feng Wushen left, the Dragon God Temple received a guest.


"Ye Tianwei?" Beidou Tianye looked at the sky in surprise.


The visitor was none other than Ye Tianwei, the Great Disciple of the Divine Martial Sect.


"Sixth level of the Heavenly Human Realm! The guy has broken through." Yi Tianqing frowned, her heart secretly shocked.


Ling Xiaoxiao said softly in approval: "Worthy to be the first genius of the Western Region."


"Is Emperor Dan here?" Ye Tianwei asked.


"The Hall Master just went to the auction, I wonder what they are looking for the Hall Master for?" Chi Huang asked.


Chi Huang crowd did not know him and it was the first time they had seen him.


"Challenge". Ye Tianwei spoke nonchalantly, his body slowly descended to the Dragon God Temple plaza.


"Then you will have to wait a while, the Hall Master has not returned so soon, please." Huanyang said, but he also kindly invited Ye Tianwei into the main hall.


"Ye Tianwei, you have been too late." Miao Qingqing slightly shook her head.


"I can wait". Ye Tianwei said.


Miao Qingqing shook her head again: "That's not what I mean, what I mean is that Brother Feng's cultivation level has broken through, and you have no chance of winning if you come now."


At these words, Ye Tianwei frowned slightly as he looked at Miao Qingqing and asked, “What is Dan Emperor's cultivation level currently?”


“Fifth level of the Heavenly Human Realm!” Miao Qingqing spat out word for word, as if she wanted to scare Ye Tianwei away.


So it was.


Hearing Miao Qingqing's words, Ye Tianwei instantly stood up in shock, his eyes rolling back in shock and disbelief.


“What? The fifth level of the Heavenly Human Realm? This can't be! Emperor Dan was only at the second level of the Heavenly Human Realm before, in less than two months, there's no way he'd even reached the fifth level! Heavenly Human Realm level!” Ye Tianwei said with a face full of astonishment, simply unable to imagine the terrifying cultivation speed of increasing his cultivation level by three levels in just over a month.



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