Chapter 565 - You don't have to pay

Star World Auctions.


"Emperor has an invitation."


The auction manager was the first to respectfully greet Feng Wushen's arrival.


"Emperor Dan, please follow me, I will go to report to the president and the elders." The butler said with a respectful smile.


"You don't have to bother them, I'll buy some things and go, you mind your business, don't listen to me." Feng Wushen said kindly, very calmly and unpretentious.


"Yes!" The butler respectfully withdrew.


A lady-in-waiting came over to entertain and bowed respectfully: "Emperor Dan."


"Go and prepare more forge crystals for me, the higher the harvest the better, forge crystals that are not lower than the sixth rank of forge, and other auxiliary materials needed for forging, find a smith to prepare them for me." . Feng Wushen said nonchalantly.


"Bring me some of the herbs from this as well." Feng Wushen handed the maid a list with quite a few medicinal herbs.


"Okay, please wait a moment, Emperor Dan." The maid of honor respectfully withdrew.


The entire Star World Auction knew Feng Wushen's identity, and they also knew that Second Elder Nie Fengyun was Feng Wushen's disciple, and no one dared to disrespect him.


As Feng Wushen waited, the auction hall suddenly became noisy.


A fat man enters the auction, a "big man" weighing several hundred kilos, whose flesh rolls violently when he takes a step and whose eyes bulge when he smiles.


Seeing such an obese person, Feng Wushen couldn't help but take a second look.


In his entire life, Feng Wushen had never seen such an obese person.


The obese man entered the room, and a gang of men followed him, nodding and bowing, respectfully addressing Young Master Jin.


"Young Master Jin, you haven't been here for a while, you've missed me ad nauseam."


"Young Master Jin has come to the auction this time, I wonder what treasures he wants to buy?"


"Buy any treasure this young master likes, buy it all, buy it all."


"Young Master Jin, you have lost weight!"


"Oh? Is that so? Ha ha! It's good to be thin."


The obese man had an expression of enjoyment on his face, with the gaze of a prince on high.


The obese man was called Jin Bu Xie and he was wearing a magnificent robe. Don't look at the fat man's cultivation level, he was only at the fourth level of the Heavenly Yuan Realm, but his origin was not small, he was the young master of the Jin family, a business family in the Star World!


The Jin family is not strong, but it is very rich, and it is undoubtedly the richest in the Star World.


Although it is not strong, it has been peaceful for many years, because the Jin family is engaged in business and is involved with many great powers, but all the powers that do business are related to the Jin family, including the auction.


With such a wealthy family, who wouldn't want to move up?


If he is happy, with one word he will turn from an ugly duckling to a swan, a rich man who is the envy of all, and he will be able to reach the top of his life, marry a rich woman and live his whole life without worries.


As a result, a large number of people who were good-eaters and lazy were created, waiting at the auction entrance every day, but every time they saw a gold notch, it meant their chance to rise to the top of the auction. life had come.


"Young Master Jin, watch out for the threshold! Watch out for the threshold!" Someone said respectfully, helpfully.


"Please sit down, Young Master Jin! Anything you want to drink, just ask for it." Someone patted the seating area, as respectfully as they could.


When Jin Buhui arrived, all the cultivators in the room gathered around, and there were even many pretty women.


Who wouldn't want to marry into the Jin family at a young age?


Looking at Feng Wushen, he shook his head and just looked at him curiously.


Jin Bu Xie had just sat down comfortably when he saw Feng Wushen in another seat in the room.


The entire room had gathered around, but Feng Wushen was the only one acting as if he didn't see anything, which made Jin Buhui feel surprised.


When Jin Buxiang came to the auction, he had never seen anyone who did not go out of their way to fawn over him, even the young masters of some of the great families had to speak to him politely.


Because of the Jin family's business giants.


Money makes the difference.


"Is this boy stupid? Doesn't he know that one word from me, Jin Bu Xie, will allow him to enjoy glory and wealth for the rest of his life?" With a slight frown on his thick brows, Jin Bu Xie muttered.


"That boy is probably a fool, Young Master Jin, pay no attention to him." Someone spat without even looking, just to please Jin Bu Xie.


"Yes yes, Young Master Jin doesn't need to pay attention to it." The crowd was like a chain reaction.


Jin Buxie was curious as to who had such determination. He was not moved by money, could it be that he had a lot of power?


At that moment, a servant girl came up to Feng Wushen's side and respectfully handed him the storage ring, saying, “Emperor Dan, the materials and herbs you want are in the storage ring.”


"Thanks". Feng Wushen nodded and then took out some forging crystals and materials, Feng Wushen needed to confirm the harvest of some of the materials.


Jin Buhui beckoned to a maid and asked, "Who is that boy?"


Hearing this, the maiden respectfully replied, “Young Master Jin, you better stay out of it.”


Hearing this from the maid, Jin Buhui also heard part of the meaning and, surprised, asked, "Is he very rich? Or is he of great power? How come I haven't seen him before?"


"Um..." The maid did not know how to speak, and it was not good to reveal the identity of Feng Wushen.


Seeing that the maid didn't say anything, Jin Buhui got a little annoyed and simply walked over to ask.


The servant girl's words obviously irritated Jin Bu Xie, who wanted to see what kind of person she was.


Jin Buxie walked over and saw several pieces of forging material arranged on Feng Wushen's table, and a cold scornful smile broke out on his fat face.


"Boy, just buying these forge crystals isn't enough to make you fail, is it? If you fail, the gold coins will have been wasted." Jin Bu Xie's big pig hand gently hit Feng Wushen's shoulder and sneered.


Hearing this, Feng Wushen turned his head to look, and was hardly surprised by Jin Buxie's fat face.


Stroking Feng Wushen's shoulder, Jin Bu Xie's fat face smiled: "Call me Young Master Jin and I'll buy you a hundred forging crystals! How so? Young Master Jin, I only have more gold coins."


"No need, I still have a lot here." Feng Wushen released all the forging crystals from his storage ring.


"Boy, these are hundreds of forging crystals, can you afford to buy them? It's just a word for this young master to buy." Jin Bu Xie had a scornful face.


"A Forging Crystal of the 6th Forging Rank!" Someone couldn't help but exclaim.


"Sixth Order Forge Crystals?" Hearing these words, Jin Buhui's fat face instantly stiffened.


"Just one will cost ten billion gold coins!" Another person couldn't help but exclaim, as a pair of shocked eyes looked towards the hundreds of forge crystals.


"Ten billion gold coins!" Jin Buhui couldn't help but feel surprised as well.


"Are you going to buy everything from me?" Feng Wushen asked with a smile as he looked at Jin Bu Xie.


"How much in total...? How many gold coins?" Jin Bu Xie looked at the maid and asked with a trembling voice.


"Thirty million million gold coins." The maid's response scared Jin Buhui so much that his heart overflowed, his fat face turned pale, and he couldn't even speak.


Feng Wushen smiled weakly, ignored him, picked up the materials, and left.


"He... doesn't pay?" The crowd was baffled.


The waitress laughed, "You don't have to pay."


The maid's response left Jin Buhui stunned.




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