Chapter 566 - Fight Ye Tianwei



When he returned to the Dragon God Temple and learned that Ye Tianwei had come to challenge him, Feng Wushen was stunned.


In the main hall, Ling Xiaoxiao's crowd came out, and one of them was Ye Tianwei.


"Emperor Dan." Ye Tianwei bowed respectfully.


"Ye Tianwei, you are a little late." Looking at Ye Tianwei, Feng Wushen smiled and said.


At a glance, he was able to see Ye Tianwei's cultivation level, and Feng Wushen guessed that Ye Tianwei was secluded during this period of time, otherwise he would not have reached the sixth level of the Heavenly Human Realm.


“Since I said that I would challenge the Dan Emperor, and the Dan Emperor has already agreed to do so, I won't back down no matter if I win or lose.” Ye Tianwei said firmly, apparently very confident in his own strength as well.


"In that case, then please attack, but don't forget our bet, if you lose you will have to submit to me." Feng Wushen nodded slightly, admiring Ye Tianwei's boldness.


"If the Dan Emperor really has this ability, what if I submit to the Dan Emperor?" Ye Tianwei replied.


Ye Tianwei did not hesitate to activate his true essence and exploded with full force, the terrifying power of the sixth level of the Heavenly Human Realm filled the square wildly, the square trembled violently, and his aura surged.


Ye Tianwei's terrifying power horrified the crowd of the Dragon God Temple.


With such combat power, it is clear that Ye Tianwei is not an ordinary person.


Is the best talent in the western region a generalist?


"Ye Tianwei's aura has surpassed the seventh level of the Heavenly Human realm, the strength of this guy is truly terrifying." Yi Tianqing gaped, a trace of contempt shining in his eyes.


"Only a little older than us in age, but with such terrifying combat power!" Nangong Zhan said in horror.


"Apart from the Temple Master, there really is no one who can beat him." Chi Huang said.


Feng Wushen's figure slowly rose into the sky, his aura changed violently, his body's true essence rushed out, his entire body exploded with golden light, his overbearing aura had reached the level of the fifth level of the Heavenly Man realm.


“It is true that you have reached the fifth level of the Heavenly Human Realm! It is amazing! I have never seen a genius whose cultivation has risen so rapidly, the Dan Emperor is a monster!” Ye Tianwei frowned, personally sensing Feng Wushen's aura, only then was he completely certain that Feng Wushen had reached the fifth level of the Heavenly Human Realm.


But even so, Ye Tianwei was still in disbelief, it had only been a month or so, there was no way he had reached a third level of cultivation.


Not to mention the Heavenly Human Realm, even in the Heavenly Yuan Realm it is impossible to do.


The high-grade spirit weapon gloves were taken out, and Feng Wushen's aura shot up once more, approaching the sixth level of the Heavenly Human Realm.


"Qilin Battle Armor!"


Feng Wushen let out a low cry and took out his battle armor again, his aura shot wildly again, instantly breaking through to the sixth level of the Heavenly Human Realm, and the entire Dan Emperor Mountain shuddered violently.


Finally, the power of the second stage of the Supreme Body then activated, and the original radiant golden light was instantly replaced by a blood light, very strange, as Feng Wushen's aura reached the level of the seventh level of the Heavenly Human Realm! !


Although the aura is overbearing, it is half a step weaker than Ye Tianwei's.


"The strength of the Temple Master is more and more terrifying!" Han Kun was amazed in his heart.


“The high-grade spiritual weapon has greatly enhanced the combat power, the feathered wings behind it must also be a high-grade spiritual weapon, and this furious power that the Dan Emperor has urged, it is no wonder that it has such a powerful power. of combat so powerful". Ye Tianwei frowned, his face grim.


Although Feng Wushen's aura was half a tile weaker than his own, Ye Tianwei did not dare to underestimate Feng Wushen and treated him as a strong opponent.


"Isn't the Hall Master going to activate the quenching power?" Leng Mu Cheng frowned.


Ye Tianwei dodged the air, and with a wave of his hand, a black blade loomed over his palm.


The black blade was a high-quality spirit weapon, and Ye Tianwei's aura shot up again, already approaching the peak of the seventh level of the Heavenly Human Realm, his aura was far above Feng Wushen's.




Ye Tianwei's eyes flashed fiercely, his feet stepped on the void, and with a swirling boom, he rushed towards Feng Wushen as fast as lightning, his aura was majestic, and wherever he passed, the void trembled.


Ye Tianwei was so fast that he could have arrived in the blink of an eye.


A fist overflowing with black light, holding a black blade, lashed out at Feng Wushen with a raging fist wind and a fierce and hard attack.


Faced with Ye Tianwei's fierce attack, Feng Wushen was fearless and launched a similar strike.




The two fists collided forcefully, and a rumble erupted that shook the heavens and the earth with an extremely terrifying force that swept through the void like a raging wave.


With a heavy punch, Ye Tianwei slightly frowned, with his strength, he was unable to push Feng Wushen back half a step.


"Emperor Dan's meat body is extremely powerful, even if my strength is above his, with his powerful meat body, he can still resist my strength!" Ye Tianwei frowned, with a single strong punch, Ye Tianwei could see that Feng Wushen's fleshly body was powerful, worthy of being the Western Region's top heavenly pack.


"Boom boom boom!"


As the result of a punch could not be seen, Ye Tianwei then launched a ferocious attack, all of his terrifying power clumping together in his hands and feet, a series of explosions rang out in the void, and the terrifying power spread out in wave after wave. other.


A high intensity battle, the two were on equal terms.


But what shocked Ye Tianwei's heart was that his attack had absolutely no effect, and Feng Wushen was still in a semi-attack and defense position.


Ye Tianwei was unable to suppress Feng Wushen even when he had the upper hand.


The strength of Feng Wushen's physical body was beyond Ye Tianwei's imagination.


“High Grade Xuan Martial Art! Battle Heaven Fist!"


Unbridled power instantly agglutinated as Ye Tianwei let out a ferocious bellow and launched a ferocious punch.


The power of this blow is enough to destroy a high mountain!


“Heavenly Fury Triple Palm!”


Feng Wushen was unwilling to show any weakness, and with an explosive shout, he faced him with a palm.




Fist and palm collide with violent energy, and a loud sound echoed through Emperor Dan Mountain, as waves of destructive energy coursed through the mountain range, shaking the surrounding mountains as both men were shaken by their respective forces.


"Emperor Dan's physical body is too powerful to harm him at all, and he seems to have seen right through my movements!" Ye Tianwei frowned and resolutely gave up physical combat.


"Art of Ten Thousand Sheets!"


Ye Tianwei let out a ferocious scream and with a wave of his hand, black leaves flew out, replicating dozens of black leaves in an instant, each imbued with extremely terrifying power.


"Shoo shoo shoo!"


Ye Tianwei waved his hand again, and dozens of black blades burst out at the same time, with an extremely piercing sonic sound, like black lightning.


"Ye Tianwei can manipulate them!" Beidou Tianye frowned.


"What a mighty force!" Beidou Tianye said in shock.


"Ding ding ding!"


's two fists struck out in rapid succession, one crackling sound after another, even though they were able to block, causing a stinging pain to shoot out from both of Feng Wushen's fists.


"It's so terrifyingly powerful!" Feng Wushen secretly marveled.


However, the dozens of black blades were only a small test.


At this time, around Ye Tianwei, tens of thousands of black swords had already gathered together, the monstrous power was extremely terrifying, the power that permeated the tens of thousands of swords was simply comparable to a high-grade martial art of the rank! Land!


The crowd from the Dragon God Temple was shocked!


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