Chapter 566: Six Color Treasure Location

The Heavenly Yuan Brush floated in the sky, its white hairs hanging down to bind Lei Qinghai's limbs. Some of the hairs even penetrated into his flesh, preventing any of his Genesis Qi from circulating.


Lei Qinghai was basically similar to a pig waiting to be slaughtered at this current moment.


Therefore, Lei Qinghai hurriedly nodded his head the moment he saw Zhou Yuan's killing fist, ignoring the pain arching across his face as he said, "It really is a six-color treasure!"


A trace of surprise fluttered across Zhou Yuan's eyes.


This so-called treasure location was a unique place within the mythical utopia where a tremendous amount of extremely pure mythical Genesis essence could be found. Due to certain special reasons, the Mythical Genesis essence would automatically coalesce, and would eventually culminate into a naturally formed Divine Establishment Treasure!


If one managed to obtain it, it would save a great deal of time and effort in harvesting the Mythic Genesis essence.


Although there was a large deposit of Mythical Genesis essence on the top of the mountain that Zhou Yuan had currently occupied, after dividing it with so many other individuals, the majority of it he obtained was still not enough to create a three-color Divine Establishment Treasure. .


As its name suggests, the six-color treasure location mentioned by Lei Qinghai could possibly contain a six-level divine treasure!


An item that was basically even rarer and more valuable than the six-color Mythical Genesis essence!


Anyone who obtained it could establish a six-heaven Divine Dwelling by advancing to the Divine Dwelling stage. From this, one could see how valuable it was.


One must know that even in their Cangxuan Sect, only the ten great Chosen Ones had any chance of establishing a six-heaven Divine Dwelling.


Therefore, even Chosen-level individuals would be tempted in front of such a treasure. Although their ambitions may not be limited to the Six Heavens Divine Dwelling, obtaining a Six-Colored Divine Establishment Treasure would still be very beneficial to them.


After a brief moment of shock, Zhou Yuan was still a little unable to believe this news. He stared at Lei Qinghai and asked once again, “Are you saying that there is a six-color treasure in this region? Where did you get this information?"


A six-color treasure location should only appear in the deepest regions of the mythical utopia, but they were currently in the outer regions, so how could one appear?


Lei Qinghai gritted his teeth and said, "You have to promise to release me first!"


Zhou Yuan's eyes narrowed slightly. He looked at Lei Qinghai for a few more seconds, before saying, "I will let you go if you tell the truth."


Lei Qinghai quickly said, “One of my older brothers entered the wrong area during the previous return of the mythical utopia. However, there was an extremely powerful repulsive force that only someone with a four-color Divine Treasure could resist.”


"The location has been marked on this jade strip, you also have your own map so you can verify that it is real!" He immediately threw out a jade slip, fearing that Zhou Yuan would kill him because of impatience.


Zhou Yuan made a grasping motion, sucking on the jade slip in his hand. However, he did not check it immediately, but first scanned it very carefully with his spiritual power. After seeing that there was nothing abnormal, he placed the jade against his forehead.


The jade vibrated as information flowed into Zhou Yuan's head. In fact, it was a map, which he discovered was not much different from his own after a quick cursory glance. However, there were only a few scattered points of light on the map that were simply two colors.


However, Zhou Yuan's attention soon turned to the northwest part of the map, where an extremely bright spot could be seen. There were six colors within the dot, and it was stronger than all the other dots.


Evidently, this was the location of the six-color treasure mentioned by Lei Qinghai.


As Zhou Yuan looked at the bright spot, even someone like him couldn't help but feel his heart beating faster at this moment. His main goal for entering the Mythical Utopia was to obtain a seven-color Divine Establishment Treasure that would allow him to establish at least a seven-heaven Divine Dwelling when he advanced to the Divine Dwelling stage.


If he could obtain that six-colored divine treasure, he would be halfway to his goal, which would undoubtedly save him a lot of time and effort.


In fact, he may even have hopes for an Eight Heavens Divine Dwelling!


Although such thoughts churned in his head, Zhou Yuan's expression remained completely unchanged. He opened his eyes and held the jade slip, before looking at Lei Qinghai. "I hope your information is true."


He was already sure inside that the location of the six-colored treasure was probably real.


Lei Qinghai forced a smile. “I definitely wouldn't dare lie to you. Can you let me go now?”


Zhou Yuan seemed to smile. "I'll let you go, huh?"


Lei Qinghai's expression changed. “Zhou Yuan, are you going back on your word? I said I would trade this information for my life!”


"Relax, I'll let you go."


Zhou Yuans glanced at Lei Qinghai, before suddenly grabbing him and throwing him towards the ancient forests in the distance. The moment Lei Qinghai left his hand, Zhou Yuan sent a thought to the Heavenly Yuan Brush, causing numerous snow-white hairs to shoot out and bury themselves into Lei Qinghai's body.


When Lei Qinghai fell from the sky, he attempted to circulate his Genesis Qi, only for his expression to change abruptly. To his horror, the Genesis Qi in his body seemed to have been sealed by something, making it impossible for him to use even a single drop.




A scream left his mouth as his body crossed the sky and crashed into the ancient forest.


Zhou Yuan dusted off his hands in the sky, as his cold eyes looked towards the ancient forest. "The Genesis Qi in your body will be sealed for three days, if you manage to survive inside for three days, it will naturally be your own luck."


However, there were numerous ferocious Genesis Beasts within the ancient forests that even Zhou Yuan's team had avoided while rushing here. If Lei Qinghai managed to survive inside without the use of Genesis Qi, that would mean that he was not destined to die.


Zhou Yuan did not kill Lei Qinghai, because it was meaningless. Since the latter knew the location of the six-colored treasure, the other Little Thunder Gate disciples who managed to escape surely knew it as well.


Furthermore, Zhou Yuan knew that the appearance of a six-color treasure location would surely cause a great disturbance, making its concealment impossible. Since he now knew in advance, he could make some preparations to give himself an advantage.


It wasn't easy to get a little advance notice about such things, and asking for too much would be unrealistic.


Zhou Yuan cast one last glance at the forest, before rising into the air on his Genesis Qi and landing on the top of the mountain.


Seeing their return, Gu Hongyi, Zhou Tai, Lu Yan and the others rushed over.


“Where is that guy? Did you let him go?” Gu Hongyi pursed his lips as he looked behind Zhou Yuan. It seemed like she didn't like Lei Qinghai.


Zhou Yuan chuckled and briefly explained Lei Qinghai's current circumstances.


Gu Hongyi and the others looked at each other, as they trembled involuntarily. They really couldn't imagine how a person whose Genesis Qi had been sealed could survive in that forest.


Furthermore, Lei Qinghai would definitely be terrified inside.


Simply imagining such a scene was enough to appease her anger towards him.


“He only has himself to blame. I still can’t believe he dared to bully us!” Gu Hongyi snorted coldly, showing no pity for Lei Qinghai's situation.


Zhou Yuan smiled and asked, “We shouldn't have suffered any losses, right?”


“Yes, everyone is basically fine. Only a few disciples suffered minor injuries.”


Gu Hongyi nodded slightly. Soon after, he looked towards Zhou Yuan as a charming smile appeared on his handsome face. “You have made a name for yourself with this battle. It won't be long before you are famous in this district. When that happens, there will be fewer people who would be as foolish as Lei Qinghai.”


The surrounding disciples looked towards Zhou Yuan with respect and admiration. The strength he displayed had greatly increased his sense of security. Regardless of the conflicts between the various peaks, having a powerful leader was undoubtedly the best in a dangerous place like the mythical utopia.


Zhou Yuan didn't care much about fame. If someone tried something stupid, he didn't mind turning them into the second Lei Qinghai.


"Let's prepare to continue harvesting the essence of the Mythical Genesis, and aim to finish in two days, before heading to our next objective..."


Zhou Yuan raised his head and looked into the distance, as the fire of desire surged in his eyes.


It seems like he would have to collect as much Mythic Genesis essence as he could. Once he formed a four-color divine treasure, he would immediately rush towards the location of the six-color treasure…

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