Chapter 567 - Ye Tianwei's Disastrous Defeat

A monstrous energy permeates the sky above the Dragon God Temple, and the void visible to the naked eye wobbles, stretching out for tens of thousands of meters, like a transparent sea suspended above the Dragon God Temple.


This is Ye Tianwei's most terrifying martial art, a killing technique!


It was with this martial art that Ye Tianwei became famous in the Western Region in a single battle, defeating countless geniuses before gaining the status of being up to the Young Patriarch of the Divine Martial Sect and becoming one of the main celestial prides of the Western Region.


The previous harsh shock was completely unable to suppress Feng Wushen, and even if he used his martial arts skills, he would not be able to harm him.


So instead of wasting any real energy, it's better to be a little more direct.


With no power to suppress Feng Wushen, it was undoubtedly wise for Ye Tianwei to choose to perform his strongest martial art in his peak stance.


If it were to be performed again after being injured, its power would be greatly reduced.


"What kind of martial art is this? It has terrifying power."


"This guy is really amazing! With his fighting power, he is enough to fight against the eighth level of the Heavenly Human Realm!"


"I have never seen such a unique martial art, and it was performed in conjunction with his little blade, truly magical!"


The crowd from the Dragon God Temple was incomparably shocked and couldn't help but gasp in astonishment, all with a tinge of horror in their eyes.


Even Ling Xiaoxiao, who had seen so much, had never seen such a unique martial art.


"There is something different about your spirit weapon, the blade that just condensed seems to be a division of the spirit weapon, apparently condensed with energy, but it is not." Feng Wushen frowned and said in a gloomy tone, in the face of such murderous weapons as Ye Tianwei, Feng Wushen dared not underestimate.


“Emperor Dan, this is my most powerful martial art! Among the opponents I have encountered, no one has been able to block my Ten Thousand Leaf Art!” With her eyes looking at Feng Wushen, Ye Tian Wei spoke.


“It is surprising that you possess such a unique martial skill, and its power is comparable to that of a high-grade earth rank martial skill!” Feng Wushen said nonchalantly, reaching out and grabbing through the air, the Dragon God Sword shot out of the air.


Once the Dragon God Sword was out, Feng Wushen's aura shot up.


“Emperor Dan, take the move!” Ye Tianwei coldly called out, then waved his hand violently.


"Shoo shoo shoo!"


Tens of thousands of black blades burst through the air, the number was so huge and dazzling that it was like a black meteor shower. The sound of the extremely loud sonic boom shook the crowd from the Dragon God Temple and caused them to cover their ears.


There were tens of thousands of blades, and each contained terrifying power.


If they were to attack the Dragon God Temple, hundreds of people from the Dragon God Temple would die in a matter of seconds.


Seeing the dense black blades, the crowd in the Dragon God Temple trembled in fear, as Ye Tianwei's combat power was too terrible.


Feng Wushen thrust his power into the Dragon God Sword with all his might, blood light rushed into the sky, the overbearing sword's intent spread wildly, even without the power of quenching, Feng Wushen's power was equally terrifying.


"Soul Extinguishing Sword Skill! Destroy the soul and cry for the gods."


Feng Wushen's brow was tightly locked as he let out a ferocious bellow, his domineering aura rising wildly as if without end, then he swept out his hands grabbing the Dragon God Sword in one swift and clean motion.




A blood-red radiance shot out from the tip of the sword, instantly transforming into a 30-meter-long blood-red sword aura, surging powerfully and dazzling, as if the void was enveloped by blood light.


“A high-grade Earth rank martial skill? It really does have a regal aura.” Ye Tianwei's heart trembled greatly, his heart racing as he looked at the blood-red sword mane with extreme alarm.


"Ding ding ding!"


Tens of thousands of terrifying black blades frantically smashed into the sword mane, but they were unable to shake it at all, and where the sword mane passed, the tens of thousands of black blades could not be stopped and were all thrown out.


“Er… How is it possible…” Ye Tianwei was horrified to the core, unable to believe that his proud martial skills were so unbearable in the face of Feng Wushen's sword skill.


The Ten Thousand Leaves Art was comparable to an Earth rank High Grade Martial Skill, and its power was absolutely terrifying!


“Dan Emperor's sword skill, it can't be…” The terrified Ye Tianwei seemed to have guessed something, and the shock on his face increased a few more points.


The overwhelming aura of the blood-red sword, with devastating force, forcefully shook Ye Tianwei's 10,000 dao blade.


"Impossible! Never." Ye Tianwei shook his head helplessly.


"Ye Tianwei, don't sneak around!" Seeing Ye Tianwei in a daze, Yi Tianqing rushed over to shout.


"He's been shaken by the Temple Master's Immortal Art!" Beidou Tianye frowned.


Ye Tianwei is also a high-level heavenly pride in the Western Region, if anything, and he has been away for many years to hone his skills, so his mental ability is not too bad.


No, after a moment of daze, Ye Tianwei woke up with a start.


"True essence protects the body!"


"A high-grade Xuan martial skill! Five Elements Xuan Shield!"


Ye Tianwei frantically pushed his true essence away, condensing an energy shield and defensive transport armor.






The terrifying blood-red sword aura arrived in an instant. Facing the blood-red sword aura, Ye Tianwei was like an ant, followed by a thunderous explosion, the energy shield as well as the defensive shield armor instantly shattered, Ye Tianwei spat out a mouth full of blood into the place and was directly engulfed by the energy of the explosion.


"Emperor Dan's strength is so terrifying!" Ye Tianwei was shocked in his heart, although he was unwilling to do so, he was defeated.


As the Western Region's highest pride, Ye Tianwei had defeated countless geniuses without a single defeat, but only at the hands of Feng Wushen, and it was a crushing defeat!


A huge web of cracks erupted from the center of the explosion, and extremely terrifying energy ripples spread wildly in all directions, shaking space violently.


The vast and imposing palace of the Dragon God Temple shook with equal violence and everyone was shaken.


It was fortunate that it was far from the height, otherwise the Dragon God Temple would not have been able to withstand such a terrifying force.


Within moments, Ye Tianwei was blown away from the blast energy, extremely badly injured, and his body was falling downwards.


It could be said that the power of the sword mane almost killed Ye Tianwei.


“Chi Huang, give him the Great Blood Return Pill!” Feng Wushen said hurriedly.


"Yes!" Chi Huang ran out and came back in an instant.


“As expected of a Temple Master, his strength is truly terrifying, just now Ye Tianwei's martial art was broken with a single sword maneuver!”


"In the place of being, one simply cannot block Ye Tianwei's martial arts skills!"


The Dragon God Temple crowd was excited and shocked, excited that Feng Wushen had defeated Ye Tianwei, and shocked by Ye Tianwei's terrifying martial arts skills.


"There is a murderous aura!" Feng Wushen was about to go down and descend when he suddenly felt a strong killing aura and shook his head to look up into the distance.


"Everyone be careful, there is a strong enemy!" Ling Xiaoxiao shouted.


“Eighth level of the Heavenly Human Realm!” Yi Tianqing frowned deeply.


"Duan Mo Ming!" High in the distance, a figure shot out like lightning, and Feng Wushen looked into the distance and saw a familiar figure.


The visitor was none other than Duan Mo Ming of the Illusory Sea Realm's Sacred Sun Sect, the first genius of the Illusory Sea Realm!


"Feng Wushen! Give me your life!" High in the sky, before the man arrived, Duan Mo Ming's furious roar still had a murderous aura.




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