Chapter 569 - Dragon God Temple

Duan Mo Ming, in a state of rage, explodes with more force than usual.


Do not underestimate the power of anger.


The eighth level of the Heavenly Human Realm is already the limit of Feng Wushen.


Duan Mo Ming's power was comparable to the ninth level of the Heavenly Human Realm, and Feng Wushen was unable to resist him.


Furthermore, this was without taking out a spirit weapon, if Duan Mo Ming had taken out a spirit weapon, his combat power would have definitely surpassed the ninth level of the Heavenly Human Realm.




"Bang bang bang!"


The terrifying force shook Feng Wushen, and Duan Mo Ming fiercely stamped his feet into the void, shooting out with a loud roar and savagely attacking Feng Wushen, using his fists and feet in a continuous stream of explosions.


"Aren't you great? Where is the power you had just now?" Duan Mo Ming yelled angrily as he charged furiously.








The fierce and furious attack ended with a sweeping kick from Duan Mo Ming, causing Feng Wushen to spit out blood and his body to explode in a black line towards the mountains below, smashing through a towering peak in the distance and causing the ground to tremble.


"Brother Feng!"


"Temple Master!"


Miao Qingqing and the crowd from the Dragon God Temple, seeing Feng Wushen being beaten by Duan Mo Ming, their faces were covered with worry and anxiety.


"Feng Wushen! Suffer death."


Duan Mo Ming roared in rage and savagely struck Feng Wushen with dozens of palms, sending him flying into the distance.


"Shoo shoo shoo!"




Tens of terrifying palm prints shot out one after another, trailing a loud sonic boom that shook the void violently and surged forth.


"Boom boom boom!"


The terrifying footprints of the palm trees bombarded wildly, crumbling and smashing the towering mountains, kicking up dust from the sky, opening an arm-sized crack in the earth, and shaking the mountains within a radius of a few hundred meters.


The destructive power was extremely terrifying, such a crazy barrage, not to say that the mountain range couldn't withstand it, even if Feng Wushen possessed a powerful physical body.


Seeing such a terrifying force, the crowd of the Dragon God Temple was so anxious that their hearts were about to burst, and all their eyes turned to the bombardment area.


“Duan Mo Ming is too powerful, the Temple Master is no match for him!” Chi Huang said with an anxious heart, his palms pinched with sweat.


"If this goes on like this it's not the way to go, the Temple Master only fears dying by his hand." Qiushuishan frowned, his old face concentrated.


"Hasn't Zhang Junlan returned yet? Didn't you say you'd come back and explain to Yanran? It's taking a long time." Miao Qingqing said anxiously.


"Master Dan Han Kun, stop it quickly!" Leng Mucheng said anxiously.


“With my cultivation at the seventh level of the Heavenly Human Realm, I am no match for him. Although I am still a sixth grade alchemist, I am still not able to shock the Sacred Sun Sect unless we join forces, but there is no chance of winning, not to mention that the Temple Master hasn't lost yet." Han Kun shook his head helplessly.


"Brother Feng doesn't fall down that easily." Ling Xiaoxiao said with forced concern.


High in the sky, Duan Mo Ming stopped his attack, apparently thinking that Feng Wushen had been badly injured.


The space calmed down, but the terrible aftershocks continue to spread.


"Shoo shoo shoo!"


At that moment, high in the distance, there was a huge sound of breaking air, a fierce surge of energy, and a murderous aura.


"The visitor is not good!" Han Kun frowned.


“Why have so many powerful people come here? Dozens of Heavenly Human Realm, and Extreme Heavenly Realm!” Beidou Tianye's face was filled with surprise as her expression hardened.


"Something big is not good!" Yi Tianqing said with a serious expression.


The large number of people, almost a thousand!


Thousands of powerful people, including dozens of the Heavenly Human Realm, and even strong people from the Extreme Heavenly Realm, what kind of terrifying lineup is this?


Thousands of powerful people were furious and murderous, clearly coming for the Dragon God Temple.


All the people of the Dragon God Temple felt an unprecedented sense of crisis at this moment, in addition to the fact that Feng Wushen had been tragically suppressed and frantically bombarded by Duan Mo Ming, and now his fate was unknown, the hearts of the entire people from the Dragon God Temple began to panic.


Soon after, amid the panicked gazes of the Dragon God Temple crowd, a black mass of figures flew into the sky at the speed of fire.


Thousands of powerful auras filled the air, enveloping the entire Dragon God Temple, and the terrifying pressure of the aura shook the hearts of the people of the Dragon God Temple, and they all turned pale.


Even though the Dragon God Temple's generals had perfected themselves through life and death, they still couldn't control the fear in their hearts in the face of absolute power.


Only Ling Xiaoxiao's face was frozen to the core.


Thousands of powerful people appeared in the sky above the Dragon God Temple, led by three powerful people from the Extreme Heaven Realm.


“They are powerful people from the major powers of the Illusory Sea Realm!” Han Kun frowned, among the thousands of powerful, Han Kun also knew quite a few.


"That's right! Quite a few of them were there during the Alchemy Conference." Miao Qingqing's willow brows stiffened, completely certain that those powerful people came from the Illusory Sea Realm.


Frost blossomed on Ling Xiaoxiao's pretty face, and her beautiful eyes flashed with an ice-killing aura as she said coldly, “They have come to seek death!”


“On Chairman Lin's 70th birthday, I heard that many patriarchs and elders of great power were killed, including our Prosperous Sect and the high command of the great powers of the Illusory Sea Realm, all because of Feng Wushen.” The leader of the group, a strong man from the Extreme Heavenly Realm, said sadly.


"Han Kun, your prestige in the Infinite Domain is known to all of us, but you can't stop us from taking revenge today! I hope Master Dan Han Kun won't interfere! If not, don't blame us for mercilessly beating him!" Another Heavenly Extreme Realm powerhouse said morosely.


Hearing this, Han Kun said nonchalantly, “I have been in the Endless Domain for many years, and you are still the first person who dares to speak to me like this.”


"So what? I know you're a sixth grade alchemist and you know a lot of powerful people, you could have called them here! I'm not even afraid of Feng Wushen, so I'll still be afraid of you?" Duan Mo Ming said in a morose tone.


"I think you're looking for death!" Ling Xiaoxiao coldly yelled, her bloodline power urging, and she wanted to summon strong people to come.


"Even if we have to die, we must kill Feng Wushen today, destroy the Dragon God Temple, and avenge the Patriarch and the Elders!" The leader of the group, a strong man from the Extreme Heavenly Realm, said forcefully.


But at that moment, far below the mountain range, the voice of Feng Wushen came.


"So they are the main forces of the Illusory Sea Realm, or led by the Sacred Sun Sect." Beneath the distant mountains, the cold and piercing voice of Feng Wushen rang out.


"Brother Feng!"


"Temple Master!"


Ling Xiaoxiao, as well as the crowd from the Dragon God Temple, were instantly cheered.


Chi Huang said excitedly: "The Temple Master is still alive! Still alive."


" Feng Wushen, I know that you are still alive!" Duan Mo Ming said in a morose tone and his fierce gaze was directed at the source of the voice.


"Feng Wushen!" Hearing Feng Wushen's voice, the faces of thousands of powerful people simultaneously grew cold as their gazes shifted, their murderous aura becoming even more terrifying.


In the distant mountains, as the terrifying energy and dust that filled the sky gradually dissipated, a radiant blood light burst out, as if a supreme treasure called for it, and a very terrifying energy was permeated.


As Feng Wushen's words fell, the radiant blood light began to levitate upwards.


"Great! Brother Feng's aura hasn't weakened much!" Ling Xiaoxiao exclaimed, her ice-cold pretty face finally revealing a smile.


“It seems that apart from the Zhuge Family, all the great powers of the Illusory Sea Realm have come!” Feng Wushen's icy voice sounded again...

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