Chapter 570 - Dragon God Who Protects the Body

As the words fell, the figure of Feng Wushen began to imprint itself on everyone's eyes.


However, what shocked everyone was that at that moment, the surface of Feng Wushen's body was shrouded in a huge blood-red creature formed by the power of a dozen feet.


The creature is extremely unique, resembling snake more than serpent, lion more than lion, and possessing sharp claws.


The huge head rises and the swinging tail sways, dragging the Feng Wushen up.




A Dragon roar, a world-shaking divine majesty, an aura of exclusivity, and a dignified and regal aura spread out.


The sound of the Dragon's roar spread, intimidating the crowd, and everyone felt scared.


When the crowd reached the full body of the creature, everyone was terrified and no one knew what it was.


After all, it was only a blood-red coalescence of energy, and he hadn't seen the creature's true face.


"That... what kind of monster is that?"


“Did the true essence emerge from her? She truly has a regal and terrifying aura.”


"This Feng Wushen can't really be a monster, right?"


Thousands of powerful people stood up in awe, shock and horror.


Even the crowd from the Dragon God Temple was shocked and dumbfounded, no one knew what kind of monster it was.


"This... what is this?" Yi Tianqing and the others were surprised and curious.


"Dragon God Body Protection!" Ling Xiaoxiao exclaimed in his heart: "So it's like that, Brother Feng used Dragon God Body Protection to block Duan Mo Ming's attack!"


With the previous wild explosion of Duan Mo Ming, Ling Xiao Xiao was very worried about the safety of Feng Wushen, but she did not expect that Feng Wushen would be able to gather the protection of the Dragon God body and gather the true body of the Dragon race.


Of course, out of everyone present, only Ling Xiaoxiao knew what Feng Wushen had cohered together.


"He's actually only slightly injured, how is that possible?!" Duan Mo Ming frowned deeply, remembering the fierce attack from earlier, Feng Wushen should be unable to resist, with Duan Mo Ming's power, Feng Wushen would be crippled even if he didn't die.


But now Feng Wushen was only slightly injured, which Duan Mo Ming couldn't believe and could barely accept.


His icy gaze turned towards Duan Mo Ming, Feng Wushen smiled faintly and coldly, “That was really a good attack just now, it made me feel the pain.”


Duan Mo Ming's face sank, his eyes narrowing slightly as he said coldly, “Feng Wushen, stop bluffing, I know your strength very well, even if you dodged my attack just now, you don't stand the slightest chance! of win!"


"Oh? Are you sure you know my strength well?" Feng Wushen asked with a cold smile, a hint of amusement appearing on his face.


"Feng Wushen! Many great powers in the Illusory Sea Realm have died because of you, today you will not be able to fly and destroy your Dragon God Temple!" A powerhouse from the Extreme Heavenly Realm coldly yelled.


Hearing these words, his icy gaze turned to that strongman of the first level of the Extreme Heavenly Realm, and Feng Wushen said lazily, “Just because you guys still want to destroy the Dragon God Temple? Hmph! Don't overestimate your own force".


"Cut the crap! I'll kill Feng Wushen, you guys destroy the Dragon God Temple! Make your move." Duan Mo Ming coldly yelled, not bothering to waste his words.


Thousands of strong people stirred their true essence at almost the same time, a terrifying energy swept through one after another, the great height of the Dragon God Temple trembled from a distance, and even some strong people from the eighth level of the Heavenly Human Realm shook the void and they opened a small crack.


“Nine-fold Qiankun God Slayer Formation! Open up.”


Feng Wushen boosted the power of quenching and his hands flew up to form seals before finally shouting.


As Feng Wushen's voice fell, the Dragon God Temple shook to no avail as brilliant white light erupted, and an immense layer of energy swirled around the entire Dragon God Temple, forming a shield.


The huge blood-colored creature disappeared and Feng Wushen's form slowly landed on top of the spell formation.


"Training? Hmph! Can a simple spell formation stop us?” A strongman from the Heavenly Extreme Realm was filled with contempt.


"Is that so? Then you can try." Feng Wushen playfully sneered.


As Feng Wushen's cultivation level soars and he injects the power of quenching to open the spell formation, the spell formation will become even more powerful.


"Han Kun, control the spell formation!" Feng Wushen yelled.


"Yes!" Han Kun nodded respectfully.


"Beidou Tianye, Yi Tian Qing, Lan Yue, Nangong Zhan, Qing Qing, don't reserve your forces!" Feng Wushen then ordered, a murderous aura flickering in his eyes.


"Yes!" Several of Yi Tianqing's men respectfully led the order.


"Chi Huang, Kuangzhan, Xuefeng, Nie Zhong, Leng Mucheng, Huo Ming, Duantian Feng, Dao Hun, all eight help Han Kun support spell formation!" Feng Wushen ordered once more.


"Yes! Temple Master." The eight men respectfully led the order.


"Chao Shen and Huanyang, lead the men and kill them all" Feng Wushen gave the last order.


"Yes!" Hundreds of brothers roared, their auras held high, their iron-blooded killing spirit bursting out.


After giving the order, Feng Wushen grabbed into the air and the Dragon God Sword surged out of the air, and Feng Wushen's aura shot up again, already surpassing that of his peak afterwards.


"Whoever takes a dim view of the Dragon God Temple's spell formation can taste it." Feng Wushen grimaced, and as he spoke, his black feathered wings struggled, and Feng Wushen charged towards Duan Mo Ming fiercely with the Dragon God Sword in hand.


"There is no self-esteem!" Duan Mo Ming said with fierce fury, unintentionally bursting out, his body completely transformed into a white light.


"Humph! I'll see how powerful this spell formation of yours is!" A strong man at the first level of the Extreme Heavenly Realm blinked, his face filled with contempt, as he spewed out terrifying power, and then launched a blast with his palm.


"Humph! Seek death." Han Kun coldly yelled.




The palm of a strong man of the first level of the Extreme Heavenly Realm fell down with a thunderous explosion, and the huge spell formation hummed and stirred. He had expected her to collapse at any moment, and her face revealed a cold, smug smile, but the next second she regretted it.


"What? This can't be." The mighty one from the Extreme Heavenly Realm dropped his palm, and instead of the spell formation collapsing, an extremely terrifying force bounced back, scaring him to the point that his face turned pale.






The terrifying energy rebounded with a thunderous explosion, shaking the mighty First Tier of the Extreme Heavenly Realm on the spot, as he spat out blood from his mouth and hurled his body into the air.




Seeing this scene, the great powers of the Illusory Sea Realm, high up in the sky, gasped in shock as they breathed in cold air and their faces looked horrified.


"The spell formation is really so terrifyingly powerful!" The other two Heavenly Extreme Realm powerhouses were shocked.


"Can't he even break through the Heavenly Extreme Realm?" Duan Mo Ming was secretly shocked in his heart, his expression somewhat incredulous.


A spell formation that not even a Heavenly Extreme Realm powerhouse could break through, just how terrifying is this?


"Who else wants to come try?" Kun the Cold asked slowly, his old face hooked into a feral, feral smile.


"Let's join forces to break the formation! Even though the spell formation is strong, it can't stop the power of so many of us!" He ordered a strong man of the first level of the Extreme Heavenly Realm to shout angrily.


"Then go ahead and try it!" Feng Wushen gloated.


While still a few dozen meters away from Duan Mo Ming, Feng Wushen poured all his strength into the Dragon God Sword, and a monstrous sword intent shot into the sky, his body erupting with a dazzling dark red glow.


"I have already learned your sword skills!" Duan Mo Ming coldly yelled.


"Is that so? It tastes good, right? If you were helpless, what do you think would happen?" Feng Wushen asked with a cold smile as his eyes flickered with a cold light…

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