Chapter 572 Helpers

As the Holy Palace team left, the various distant factions shook their heads in disappointment. They had originally been waiting for a fight between the two overlord sects, because it would give them a chance to wade into the chaos and take advantage.


The essence of the Mythical Genesis on both sides was surely very abundant after all.


Unfortunately for them, both sides had remained rational.


As such, since there were no opportunities here anymore, the various factions could only start coming out one after another.


In the short span of a few minutes, the originally noisy mountain range had once again fallen silent.


After all the factions had left, the sounds of wind could suddenly be heard. Jin Zhang and the others turned to find several dozen figures descending from the sky.


It was Gu Hongyi, Zhou Tai, Lu Yan and the rest, but all they saw when they arrived was the mess left after the battle.


"Chief disciple Jin Zhang, are you okay?" The first thing they did was look towards Jin Zhang and the other Cangxuan Sect disciples.


Gu Hongyi's gaze swept across the area, as she asked somewhat bewildered, "Zhou Yuan, where are the Holy Palace disciples?"


Jin Zhang couldn't help but laugh. “You are late. The Holy Palace team has already been expelled by Zhou Yuan. "One of the leading disciples on their side has been seriously injured, and it is unclear whether he will survive."


Gu Hongyi and the others looked at each other. Was it already over?


"Head disciple Zhou Yuan was too powerful." Behind Jin Zhang, the saved Cangxuan Sect disciples looked towards Zhou Yuan, their eyes and voices filled with respect.


The scene of Zhou Yuan quickly crushing Ning Mo earlier had left a very deep impression on them.


In fact, there was even some envy in their eyes as they looked towards Gu Hongyi and the others. After all, with such a powerful leader, Mythic Genesis's essence collection rate would undoubtedly increase greatly.


Regarding these gazes, the Cangxuan Sect disciples of Zhou Yuan's team felt very honored.


Jin Zhang also turned his gaze towards Zhou Yuan and clasped his fists, “Chief disciple Zhou Yuan, this time it is because of you.”


If it weren't for Zhou Yuan's timely arrival, it would certainly have been a disaster.


Zhou Yuan waved his hand and said, "It's okay for us to help each other."


Within the mythical utopia, the entire Cangxuan Sect was basically one entity, and the disciples were no longer divided by their peaks. If their strength fell, it would only become even more difficult when they finally faced the Holy Palace.


Therefore, it was highly unlikely that Zhou Yuan would sit back and watch as a team led by a core disciple was wiped out by the Holy Palace.


A complicated expression emerged in Jin Zhang's eyes. After all, he had been one of the key figures at the boundary when Rune Spirit Peak had tried to test Yaoyao, and he definitely caused some trouble for the duo.


Therefore, he was truly touched because Zhou Yuan had rushed over immediately after receiving the urgent call for help.


However, Jin Zhang soon composed himself and took a quick look at his team members. “Head disciple Zhou Yuan, let us first withdraw from this area. The Holy Palace has already made this district a kind of temporary base.”


His expression was quite serious. If Wang Yuan's previous words had been true, there would be three Holy Palace core disciples in this district alone, a very powerful formation.


Although he was also quite puzzled as to why three core disciples of the Holy Palace would gather in one place.


Anyway, the forces that the Holy Palace had in this area were too powerful, and it would be very disadvantageous for the Cangxuan Sect group to continue staying here. What they should do now was to change their objective to another district and search for the Mythical Genesis essence there.


However, Jin Zhang was soon surprised, because Zhou Yuan had shaken his head in response. "I'm afraid I have no intention of retiring from this district."


He had rushed here with his team not only to save Jin Zhang and the others, but more importantly, because the location of the six-colored treasure was somewhere here.


After searching and harvesting Mythical Genesis essence for a while, Zhou Yuan clearly understood how difficult it was to condense a six-color Divine Treasure. As such, he knew how amazing it would be to obtain one, and since he had information about it, there was no reason to give up.


Jin Zhang was clearly a little stunned by this response, and hurriedly said, “Don't be reckless Zhou Yuan. You also heard before that the Holy Blood Hall's head disciple, Fan Yao, is somewhere in this area. If we don’t hurry up and retreat, they are likely to make us pay a terrible price when they return.”


"Fan Yan is very strong!"


Jin Zhang said in a low voice, “If we ranked all the top disciples of the various factions of the Shengzhou Continent, Fan Yao would definitely be in the top ten.”


"Fan Yao huh..."


Zhou Yuan’s eyes rippled for a moment as he fell silent, before saying, “There is a treasure location in this district, and if I’m not mistaken, it is the reason why so many core disciples of the Sacred Palace have left. rushed here."


"A treasure location?" Jin Zhang was surprised. Only now did he understand why Zhou Yuan insisted on staying here. After all, a treasure location was akin to a giant opportunity in the mythical utopia.


However, even if there was a treasure location here, many Sacred Palace experts were already gathered here, and there was even the powerful Fan Yao supervising them. It would not be easy to compete for the treasure with such formidable enemies.


“Chief disciple Jin Zhang, why not bring the others and retreat while I try to explore the situation?” Suggested Zhou Yuan. He could clearly tell that Jin Zhang was extremely cautious of Fan Yao and thus did not plan to force the former to come.


Although Zhou Yuan preferred to have his company, after the three major Holy Palace disciples here, a formidable formation that exceeded his expectations even with Ning Mo basically crippled by him.


Without a doubt, it would be much better and safer if Jin Zhang could come.


Jin Zhang was silent for a moment, before gritting his teeth and saying, “You ran all the way here to save us, so how can we leave you in response? *Sigh*, since you have your eyes set on the treasure places, we will go and give you our strength.”


If he allowed Zhou Yuan to leave without them, he would surely be in a more vulnerable position against the Holy Palace side. In Jin Zhang's opinion, that would be quite ungrateful of him.


Zhou Yuan was a little stunned, evidently somewhat surprised by Jin Zhang's response.


Jin Zhang slowly said, "Ning Mo was seriously injured by you, and even if they manage to save him, he will likely be unable to fight. As such, the Holy Palace side will be left with two core disciples, Fan Yao and Wang Yuan, making that our forces are quite equal in general".


Since he couldn't persuade Zhou Yuan of this, Jin Zhang would have to follow him.


Jin Zhang looked at the other disciples behind him and asked, "What about you guys?"


The disciples looked at each other, before finally gritting their teeth. “If core disciple Zhou Yuan is confident, we will naturally not be afraid to take this risk. Furthermore, they have already killed many of our fellow disciples, so how can we let this matter fall so easily?”


In the end, no one was afraid of the Holy Palace. After all, they had their pride as Cangxuan Sect disciples.


Jin Zhang was quite satisfied with his answer. He looked towards Zhou Yuan and said, “If Senior Disciple Zhou Yuan does not consider us to be a burden, we will follow you and help you take that treasure location.”


"After all, I'd be lying if I said we weren't interested too."


Zhou Yuan chuckled. This was the good thing about being part of a cult. Although there were many conflicts within the sect, at least they were able to work together against outsiders in times of need.


"Since that is the case, let's work together once again." He extended a hand towards Jin Zhang.


Jin Zhang also laughed and equally reached out to grab Zhou Yuan's hand.


"I hope we can recover face after fleeing in the previous defeat..."

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