Chapter 572 - Opening the Treasure

How terrifying is the position of the Zhang family in the Infinite Domain?


This was evident from the fact that with a single roar Zhang Junlan scared away his powerful enemy and fled desperately.


Before Zhang Junlan arrived, more than two hundred strong people from the Illusory Sea Realm were already fleeing far away.


The Dragon God Temple did not stop him, nor did he have the strength to.




Soon after, Zhang Junlan rushed there, and at this time the enemy had already disappeared without a trace.


With such a powerful roar, no one in the Endless Domain would dare to mess with him.


The crowd from the Dragon God Temple was shocked!


"As expected of Young Master Zhang! A single roar has scared them all away."


"It was as if they had seen a ghost, they were so murderous now, they became grandchildren in an instant!"


"Unbelievable! Run faster than a rabbit."


Only the seriously injured Duan Mo Ming remained in the room, and with Feng Wushen staring at him, it was impossible for him to run away.


Duan Mo Ming was looking at Zhang Jun Lan in horror.


“Zhang… Zhang young master…” Duan Mo Ming's mouth spat out a few words in horror.


Although Duan Mo Ming was the first genius of the Illusory Sea Realm, his status was far below Zhang Jun Lan's, and the Zhang family was so terrifying that the Sacred Sun Sect couldn't afford to mess with it.


Zhang Junlan's face was incomparably gloomy, he had only recently returned, and the Dragon God Temple had already suffered such a calamity.


"Dammit! You think you can run?" Zhang Junlan said with fierce fury, and wiry hair sprouted out like a small green snake.


A furious Zhang Junlan then wanted to send a message to the Zhang family.


"Xiao Zhang, there is no time to chase them now." Feng Wushen suddenly spoke to stop them.


"Master, set them free like this?" Zhang Junlan asked reluctantly.


Hearing this, Feng Wushen said coldly: "Let's write this down first, right now we have more important things to do, we don't have time to pay attention to them, when we're done with them, they'll know our methods!"


"Duan Mo Ming, you are too daring, does your father know about today's incident?" Zhang Junlan asked morosely, with a cold look.


“Young Master Zhang, this is my own business and has nothing to do with the Sacred Sun Sect. Feng Wushen injured my beloved and killed the top brass of the major powers sitting in the Sacred Sun Sect, if I don't matter, what kind of man would he be?" Duan Mo Ming frowned and shouted.


Duan Mo Ming did not expect Zhang Jun Lan to show up, let alone Zhang Jun Lan to be related to the Dragon God Temple.


A cold gaze turned towards Duan Mo Ming, Feng Wushen said: "Duan Mo Ming, our battle is not over yet, I did not want to kill you, but you came to send yourself to death, even if your father came today, he would not be able to save your life. !"


Feng Wushen's words woke up the terrified Duan Mo Ming, and his face instantly clouded over.


"Feng Wushen, for the sake of Young Master Zhang, I will not kill you today!" Duan Mo Ming said sadly, although Duan Mo Ming was sure that he could kill Feng Wushen, he did not dare to do it in front of Zhang Jun Lan.


Once Duan Mo Ming made his move in front of Zhang Jun Lan, it wouldn't be as simple as his death then, it would only involve the entire Sacred Sun Sect.


What's more, Duan Mo Ming has now offended Zhang Jun Lan, and he wouldn't dare offend him again to the death.


"You can only go if my Master tells you to go! You can't go anywhere without letting go." Zhang Junlan said morosely.


"Teacher?" Duan Mo Ming's heart trembled tremendously, his eyes widened to the extreme.


Feng Wushen is actually Zhang Junlan's master!


At this moment, Duan Mo Ming's heart couldn't help but a hint of panic surging, he never thought that Feng Wushen had such a terrifying identity.


Feng Wushen said with an expressionless face: "You can't leave!"


"Can you stop me? Feng Wushen, I must say that you are very strong, but you are not my opponent yet!" Duan Mo Ming coldly shouted, very confident in his own strength and still going strong even though he was heavily injured.


"Oh? Is that so?" Feng Wushen laughed coldly in surprise.


"You can try!" Duan Mo Ming said ominously, and with that he flew away with amazing speed, disappearing in the blink of an eye.




With an instant change, Feng Wushen appeared without the slightest fluctuation in airflow, appearing in front of Duan Mo Ming out of nowhere and intercepting him.


"What?" The sudden figure startled Duan Mo Ming.


"You can't escape me!" Feng Wushen said with an expressionless face.


Duan Mo Ming's face grimaced as he gritted his teeth and said angrily, “If it wasn't for giving Zhang Jun Lan his face, do you think he would have forgiven you?”


"Will not interfere!" Feng Wushen raised his Dragon God Sword and aimed it at Duan Mo Ming from afar, a bitter killing aura permeating the air.


“As I said, absolutely…” Feng Wushen smiled coldly, but before he could finish his words, Feng Wushen's face suddenly changed and he frowned: “An ancient aura! The treasure has been opened The Extreme Royal Sect can really open the treasure!”


Feng Wushen did not expect the Extreme Royal Sect to open the treasury so quickly. It took them a long time to find the exact location of the treasure, but opening it was pretty quick.


Feng Wushen asked himself, not to open it before, not after, but at a time when he was about to kill Duan Mo Ming.


"I guessed that they wouldn't tell me when they found the treasure, since they didn't keep their word, they can't blame me for that." Feng Wushen winced in his heart, his eyes flashing with an intimidating cold aura.


Thinking of this, Feng Wushen said morosely, “Duan Mo Ming, consider yourself lucky today, I will go to the Sacred Sun Sect to find you!”


With these words, Feng Wushen released an instant change and disappeared.


Duan Mo Ming was stunned, unable to understand what was going on.


"What kind of body technique did Feng Wushen perform? He was able to reach me! Even without me noticing." Duan Mo Ming frowned, his heart shocked.


With clenched fists, Duan Mo Ming gritted his teeth and said angrily: "Feng Wushen, if it weren't for Zhang Jun Lan's appearance, I would have killed you today!"


When he reappeared, Feng Wushen had already returned to the Dragon God Temple.


The crowd from the Dragon God Temple was stunned when Feng Wushen returned not even a minute after leaving.


Is it so easy to kill Duan Mo Ming?


"Temple Master, is Duan Mo Ming dead?" Huanyang asked in dismay.


"Let him live for a while, the treasure has been opened, follow me to the West immediately! Hurry up." Feng Wushen said solemnly.


Duan Mo Ming could be killed at any time, but the treasure was not to fall into the hands of the Extreme Royal Sect, and Feng Wushen valued the treasure more than anything else.


"The treasure is open?" Zhang Junlan asked in dismay.


Zhang Julan frowned: "This is not the right time."


Feng Wushen nodded and said seriously: "There is no time to waste, we have to head to the desert immediately."


"Great! This time, the Heavenly Human Realm is expected to be broken!" The crowd rose with incomparable excitement.


"The Yanhuang Tago desert?" Zhang Junlan frowned deeply, looking at Feng Wushen, and said sharply: "Master, it is said that the Yanhuang Tago desert is often filled with wild sand beasts, which are very dangerous, and no one who encounters them will survive."


"A wild sand beast? A ferocious beast?" Beidou Tianye asked.


Zhang Junlan shook his head and said: "It is a desert natural disaster, it is very scary, I have never seen it either, I have only heard of it, in short it is made of very terrifying fire attribute energy that is fused with rolling stone sand, those who meet him, fly in ashes."

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