Chapter 574 Finding Lu Luo

"Is this the six-color treasure place you talked about?"


On a certain mountain peak, Gu Hongyi covered his eyes with his hands as he gazed at the continuous range of ancient mountains in front of him. Fog enveloped the mountain range, faint but beautiful colors shining from within.


Numerous whistles and roars constantly sounded from the mountain range, accompanied by violent eruptions of Genesis Qi.


Gu Hongyi's bright eyes looked towards Zhou Yuan in inquiry. After saving Jin Zhang and his team, Zhou Yuan led them east and they finally ended up here.


According to Zhou Yuan, this was the location of the six-colored treasure.


"This place is very dangerous." Beside, Jin Zhang had a slightly grave expression as he looked at the misty mountain range. Due to his skill in Genesis Runes, his spirit was quite strong, giving him superior senses. Therefore, he could faintly detect several dangerous Genesis Qi undulations from the mountain range.


"How can a place that houses a six-color treasure be common?" Zhou Yuan was not surprised by this observation. He looked at the mist as he frowned and said, "However, this mist is quite strange, to think that it can obstruct the Spirit's senses..."


This was really a troublesome matter. With one's senses obstructed, entering recklessly would turn one into a person blind inside. This would be extremely unfavorable for them.


Jin Zhang also focused on the magnificently bright mist. A long time later, he suddenly said: "It seems that the fog is thinning."


Zhou Yuan nodded his head slightly, evidently also making the same observation.


He said: "We will continue to observe for a while, before making any further plans."


He did not choose to charge recklessly. After all, he was not currently alone. Since he had brought two teams here, he naturally needed to be responsible for their safety.


Furthermore, the ancient mountain range gave Zhou Yuan a somewhat dangerous feeling.


Gu Hongyi nodded in acknowledgment, before passing the instructions to the rest.


With two Cangxuan Sect teams currently gathered, their total numbers increased by more than a hundred. Therefore, the mountaintop became quite busy for a while as they dispersed and spread out.


Zhou Yuan and Jin Zhang were stationed at the highest point as they carefully observed the small changes of the fog.


This lasted a whole day.


After a day of observation, Zhou Yuan and Jin Zhang were finally able to determine that the colored mist was becoming more and more dispersed. As it diminished, one's spiritual senses would gradually become effective again.


Zhou Yuan breathed a sigh of relief and said, "It seems that we only have to wait a few more days for the best time to come."


Jin Zhang nodded, however, he hesitated a little for a moment, before saying, "But if we wait, the other factions will soon become aware of our presence..."


"We can't hide it anyway." Zhou Yuan was a little more open-minded. He looked into the dark depths of the mountain forest and said, "Besides, if others enter, it will take some pressure off of us."


There were several dangerous auras within the ancient mountain range, and Zhou Yuan honestly didn't mind attracting others to divide his attention.


Hearing this, Jin Zhang nodded with a smile.


As the duo chatted, Zhou Yuan's expression suddenly changed as he turned and looked at a certain point in the sky. "Someone is coming, and there are quite a few of them!"


Jin Zhang's expression also changed, the Spirit between his eyebrows shuddered as an invisible ripple spread out.


The Cangxuan Sect disciples nearby hurriedly gathered upon receiving the Spirit's message, and solemnly prepared.


Gu Hongyi, Zhou Tai, and Lu Yan quickly came to Zhou Yuan's side and asked, "Is it the group from the Holy Palace?"


Zhou Yuan’s expression turned icy as he said, “Very possible. Judging from the scale of the group and the two extremely powerful Genesis Qi undulations between them, they are certainly not from an ordinary faction. “I am afraid that only the Holy Palace can possess such an alignment in this area.”


The hearts of Gu Hongyi and the others trembled and they did not ask for more. If a team from the Holy Palace appeared here, a terrible battle would surely ensue.


More than a hundred Cangxuan Sect figures looked at a certain point in the distance, Genesis Qi surging around them in preparation to act at any moment.


Under their cautious gazes, a certain place in space began to ripple as a large swath of Genesis Qi clouds descended from the sky with numerous figures above them.


However, they also felt Genesis Qi undulations gathering nearby as they approached, and a scream immediately sounded, “Who?!”


The voice was clear and melodious, as if it came from a lark.


Zhou Yuan and the others were stunned for a moment, before he waved his hand to stop the numerous disciples at the ready.


The clouds of Genesis Qi began to dissipate at this moment, revealing a hundred figures on top of a mountain in the distance. When these figures appeared, the eyes of the numerous Cangxuan Sect disciples widened.


Each member of the group was a stunning beauty.


The Cangxuan Sect side was mainly made up of male disciples. As such, suddenly seeing so many pretty girls appear before them after two depressing weeks in this dangerous land naturally made them cry in surprise.


"It's the Hundred Flower Fairy Palace." Jin Zhang was somewhat stunned as he looked at these figures. The Hundred Flower Fairy Palace was the most unique in the Shengzhou continent, and it would also cause quite a commotion wherever they went. But if someone underestimated them because they were women, they would probably pay an extremely painful price.


The Hundred Flower Fairy Palace had not relied on good looks to become one of the six overlord sects.


"It seems that the location of the six-color treasure is not an amazing secret." Zhou Yuan sighed. The Hundred Flower Fairy Palace group must have also obtained information about the location of the six-color treasure.


Meanwhile, numerous glances were also cast from the side of the Hundred Flower Fairy Palace.


At the front of the group from the Hundred Flower Fairy Palace, a tall and beautiful figure glanced coldly and snorted coldly: “I was wondering who it was, and it turns out to be the Cangxuan Sect… were they planning to attack us before?”


This pretty person was tall and slim, but she also had a very exquisite figure. There were faint traces of pride on his oval face.


"That was a misunderstanding." Zhou Yuan waved his hands. The young woman before him was very beautiful, but his face remained calm due to his lack of interest in her. He also wasn't too friendly because of his appearance.


The lady could also sense Zhou Yuan's attitude, making her frown a little as she said sadly, “I am a chief disciple of the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace, Zhao Ru. Are there no core disciples of your Cangxuan Sect present? What is the meaning of sending a seventh-layer disciple to talk to me? ”


Her tone indicated that she was quite unhappy, clearly feeling that Cangxuan Sect was looking down on her too much by sending a seventh layer disciple to talk to her.


Seeing the woman making things difficult for Zhou Yuan, Gu Hongyi's eyebrows almost turned vertical with anger, while Jin Zhang hurriedly spoke from the side, "So it's Junior Sister Zhao Ru. Hehe, I'm head disciple Jin." Zhang of Rune Spirit Peak. This person is called Zhou Yuan and he is not an ordinary disciple either, he is the head disciple of Saint Genesis Peak of our Cangxuan Sect.”


Zhao Ru was shocked after hearing this, but instead of acknowledging his mistake, he said, “The weakest peak is Saint Genesis Peak? It is very strange that your Cangxuan Sect would allow a seventh layer practitioner to become a core disciple. Is a core disciple really that useless in your eyes?”


These words made even Jin Zhang frown.


But before he could respond, a girl in blue suddenly pulled Zhao Ru aside. She was another beauty with a goose egg-shaped face, and she gave off a gentle demeanor. He threw Zhou Yuan an apologetic smile and said, “I am also a core disciple of the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace, Tang Xiaoyan. I hope the senior brothers of the Cangxuan Sect will be a little more lenient if Junior Sister Zhao Ru has offended you before.”


Zhou Yuan and Jin Zhang exchanged a glance, before clasping their fists, expressing that it was okay.


However, they no longer had any intention to continue chatting due to Zhao Ru's attitude earlier, which caused the atmosphere to become somewhat awkward for a while.


Just as Zhou Yuan was planning to hand the situation over to Jin Zhang, a fair and pretty little face suddenly appeared on the side of the Hundred Flower Fairy Palace. Her long green hair made her look full of liveliness, her large jet-black eyes staring in Zhou Yuan's direction, as surprise and happiness welled up within her.


"Zhou Yuan! Zhou Yuan! Is that you?!"


An ice blue bird jumped on his little head and screeched excitedly.


Zhou Yuan was momentarily stunned, before quickly looking over. When he saw that familiar little face, a joyful expression also appeared in his eyes.



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