Chapter 574 - The Mysterious Man

"Brother Feng, what's wrong?" Seeing Feng Wushen suddenly stop, Ling Xiaoxiao frowned and asked.


"It's nothing, I'm just catching up, let's go." Feng Wushen slightly shook his head.


"Master should have sensed something." Zhang Junlan frowned and guessed, exchanging a look with Huanyang and the others.


Although they did not know what was happening, Huanyang caught some people on alert.


"Hallmaster, this passage seems too scary, doesn't it? The stones are all burnt red." Kuangzhan took a cold breath and said, looking down, that the passage was really pale red, as if the stone walls of the passage had been red-burned.


"The fire-attribute energy in the passage is even more terrifying! We're not going to die down there, right?" Chao Shen swallowed, his heart a little terrified.


Only after Feng Wushen's group entered the ancient city passage, did a figure appear out of thin air, silent.


“What kind of person is this guy? Even the Extreme Heavenly Realm couldn't detect my presence, he can really detect my presence, this person is extremely hidden, ordinary people can't even see the depth of his cultivation, it really isn't simple. , interesting". The mysterious man was slightly surprised, the corners of his mouth turned up with a hint of malice.


The mysterious man was a handsome young man dressed in magnificent brocade, clearly a man of status and position.


The mysterious man couldn't see the depth of his cultivation, but he was able to hide so deeply that even the Extreme Royal Sect Patriarch and Elders were unaware of it, so it was evident that this person's cultivation was deep. and unpredictable.


"Ling Xiaoxiao." The mysterious man muttered, and then he swung into the old passage of the city.


The mysterious man actually recognized Ling Xiaoxiao!


Ling Xiaoxiao's identity was originally a mystery, no one on the mainland knew, but the mysterious man knew, so it was clear that the mysterious man had extremely terrifying origins.


In the ancient city passage, when Feng Wushen's group entered, he was noticed by one of the strongest members of the Extreme Royal Sect who was searching for treasures under the ancient city.


"It's that boy, he really knows that the Extreme Royal Sect has found the location of the treasure." One of the strong men frowned, but did not move.


The restaurant, the Extreme Royal Sect Patriarch and the elders as well as the higher ups were all unaware of it.


Entering the ancient city hall, Feng Wushen urged to inject a strand of quenching power into the stone wall of the hall, not pausing in his footsteps.


The entrance to the treasury passage was very clear and it was under the floor of the ancient city, someone was leading the way ahead of them, and Feng Wushen's party just had to follow.


If there were any dangers or traps, those who entered first would have already helped to enjoy them, and Feng Wushen and the others would not have to worry about stepping on them at all.


"Hall Master, this ancient aura extends from deep underground, the treasure must be at the bottom." Chi Huang said cautiously.


Zhang Junlan snapped: "This passage is well guarded, no one else has come except the people of the Extreme Royal Sect."


"Although the aura of the Sword is very strong, I can't feel the aura of the divine weapon, Brother Feng, can you feel it?" Ling Xiaoxiao asked, after entering the passage, Ling Xiaoxiao couldn't feel any other aura at all apart from the aura of the Sword.


The treasure map registered the divine weapon, and if the passage really possessed a divine weapon below, they should have been able to perceive it with its terrifying aura.


"Divine weapons possess soul and have their own consciousness, in order not to perceive the aura of a divine weapon either it is sealed or the divine weapon has hidden its aura by itself, also it is normal not to perceive it since this place is completely covered by the flow of heat". Feng Weshen said .


"It really has entered!" As the words fell, Feng Wushen said in a low voice, having sensed that someone had entered the hall.


"Ancient Power!" In the middle of the passage, the mysterious man slightly frowned as he passed the quenching power that Feng Wushen had injected into the stone wall.


"Is this guy looking at me? I can't imagine that he possesses ancient power! This aura is only in the top five!" The corner of the mysterious man's mouth curved into an evil smile, and his dark eyes were even a glint of greed.


"It really is quite a job going through the iron shoes and finding it!" The mysterious man laughed weakly and coldly.


The reason for the appearance of the mysterious man in the ancient desert city was naturally the treasure.


“The Dragon ancestor was indeed right, I am only afraid that quite a few of the Ancient Powers as well as the Ancient Weapons have fallen into their hands, and it seems that they have information on quite a few of the Ancient Powers as well as the Ancient Treasures, it seems that it is not so easy as I thought to get the Ancient Powers." Feng Wushen secretly speculated.


The passage is divided into several levels, and the further down one goes, the stronger the aura of the ancient world becomes.


In addition, the heat of the desert is even more unbearable, and even underground the temperature is terrifying.


Feng Wushen's group of people had beads of sweat rolling down their faces, and their bodies were drenched.


Only Ling Xiaoxiao did not have a drop of sweat, and pushed her ice attribute true essence to resist the heat, the sovereign was unaffected by the desert heat.


"Why don't I have the true essence ice attribute." Nie Zhong looked enviously at Ling Xiaoxiao.


"We should be almost there, hold on a little longer." Chi Huang's voice also slightly deflated, being at the first level of the Heavenly Human Realm he felt like he could barely hold on, not to mention Dao Hun who was only at the eighth or ninth level of the Heavenly Yuan Realm.


“Brother Feng, the aura of the Heavenly Extreme Realm is felt!” Ling Xiaoxiao suddenly said.


Feng Wushen nodded and said sharply: "They are down there, but the whole road seems to be too smooth, the place where the artifacts are hidden, if the artifacts really existed, wouldn't it be so smooth? Everyone must be careful."


Feng Wushen had wondered at first how the Extreme Royal Sect could open the entrance to the treasury, and after entering and following behind the strongest of the Extreme Royal Sect all the way, he did not find that the Extreme Royal Sect had encountered any danger. .


Is it as simple as playing hide-and-seek with l or Ancient?


At the bottom of the passage, the Extreme Royal Sect Patriarch and other high officials had reached the lowest level of the cave.


The lowest cave, more than one hundred square meters, is a man-made cave, and the cave is very simple, as far as the eye can see.


"Sovereign, someone is coming." The Grand Elder gaped, looking at the corridor behind him, not having had time to look at it before he sensed someone approaching.


"What man? Get out!" The Zhou Patriarch Xuan Tong asked with a cold cry, his old face frozen.


"Patriarch Zhou, don't you remember me?" Feng Wushen's faint laughter broke out, then he was the first to appear in front of Zhou Xuan Tong and the others, followed by Ling Xiaoxiao and the Chi Huang.


"It's you!" The moment he saw Feng Wushen, Zhou Xuan Tong first froze, and then his face gloomily sank.


"What have you done with the people outside?" One of the elders asked fiercely, his fierce gaze glaring at Feng Wushen's group with a man-eater's gaze.


"What are you saying?" Zhang Junlan said morosely, taking a step forward.


Hearing this voice, Zhou Xuan Tong and the other senior members of the Extreme Royal Sect changed dramatically, their gazes turning to Zhang Jun Lan at the same time, their guts breaking under this gaze.


"Zhang... Young Master Zhang!" Zhou Xuan Tong and the others trembled in fear.


"Patriarch Zhou, you are the one who broke his word, you can't blame me for that, it's not so easy for you to take the treasure for yourself." Feng Wushen made a face.

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