Chapter 576 - The Hidden Power


"And you will never live!"


The moment he realized that he had been tricked, Zhou Xuan Tong violently mobilized his entire body and launched a fierce attack at the moment Feng Wushen opened the spell formation.


"Get your ass back in there!"


Ling Xiaoxiao coldly yelled, and the cyan color boundary came out instantly.


"Stinky girl! What do you still want to stop this teacher with?" Zhou Xuan Tong roared in sadness and rage as he slammed his palm against the green boundary.






At the moment of the collision, Zhou Xuan Tong's face changed drastically, followed by a mouthful of fresh blood gushing out, and his body was thrown backwards in a black line.


"What? How is it possible?" Zhou Xuan Tong's heart was horrified, he was simply unable to believe that with his cultivation at the fourth level of the Extreme Heavenly Realm, he couldn't break through the limit of a child.


The terrifying force that rebounded from the ferocious attack directly hit Zhou Xuan Tong hard.


"Patriarch!" The core members of the Extreme Royal Sect were instantly scared.


"Boom boom boom!"




The force of the boundary rebounded and simultaneously shook the higher-ups who tried to get out of the cave, spitting out blood and sustaining heavy injuries.


The terrifying cyan boundary instilled fear in them.


It was fortunate that the three old men did not rush out in time, otherwise they would surely have been seriously injured.


"Enjoy the power of the spell formation!" Feng Wushen playfully sneered as Ling Xiaoxiao and the others were already taking the opportunity to retreat to the passage.


The Great Wheel of Netherworld God Formation then covered the entire cave, trapping all of the senior members of the Extreme Royal Sect in the spell formation.




However, less than a few seconds after the spell formation had come together, it suddenly broke apart with a crackling sound that was extremely strange.


"The formation is broken!" Zhang Junlan was shocked.


"It can't have irritated the ancient spell formation, right?" Huanyang said horrified, his eyes wide.


"How is it possible?! The spell formation set up by the Temple Master was broken in an instant." Dao Hun and the others gasped.


Feng Wushen's face was serious, and his heart said: "No, it is him."


"Temple Master, um... what's going on here?" Chao Shen asked in shock.


In the middle of the cave, the spell formation was suddenly broken, and the most senior members of the Extreme Royal Sect were equally stunned, not knowing what had happened.


Feng Wushen's gaze swept across everyone in the Extreme Royal Sect, secretly saying: “Just who broke the spell formation?”


His ice-cold gaze swept across all the strongmen of the Extreme Royal Sect, and Feng Wushen wanted to discover the person who had broken through the formation, but this person was too hidden, and Feng Wushen was unable to discover him for a while.


Feng Wushen was not referring to him, but to the mysterious person he sensed.


Since he wasn't that mysterious person, there were only people from the Extreme Royal Sect, and among these people, there was a terrifying power hidden.


To be able to break through the formation without Feng Wushen noticing, it is evident that this person's cultivation is extremely high.


"Brother Feng, who broke the formation?" Ling Xiaoxiao asked with a frown, there were no ancient spell formation energy fluctuations in the cave, and the spell formation placed by Feng Wushen was definitely not that rubbish.


Therefore, it was not difficult for Ling Xiaoxiao to guess that someone had secretly broken through the formation.


"I don't know, I can't know either, but it's among them, this person has extremely high cultivation and hides very deep, I'm afraid Zhou Xuan Tong and the others don't even know, everyone be careful." Feng Wushen frowned and snapped.


Even Feng Wushen couldn't see it, so it's clear how deep this person is hiding, no wonder no one in the Extreme Royal Sect noticed.


"Break formation without making a sound?" Zhang Junlan's brows tightened, and his gaze began to measure the people from the Extreme Royal Sect one by one.


"Are there strong people hiding?" Several people in Huanyang were very agitated.


"The wounded can be ruled out, only three are unharmed, it must be one of them." Feng Wushen said with great assurance, his gaze fixed on those three old men.


Leng Mucheng looked a little scared and asked in a low voice: "Hallmaster, there are really strong people hiding, what should we do? With our strength, how can we catch the treasure?"


"Lets wait and see what happens". Feng Wushen snapped.


"Why are you still standing there? Kill them quick!" Zhou Xuan Tong, who was seriously injured, suddenly roared in anger.


When the spell formation was suddenly broken, Zhou Xuan Tong and the others had no idea what was going on, but they had no time to think about it at the moment.


However, Zhou Xuan Tong's furious roar was to no avail, as none of the three Elders dared to make a move, obviously very fearful of Ling Xiaoxiao's limit.


"Patriarch, that power is too terrifying, we can't break it!" The Grand Elder shook his head, his old face grim to the core.


" How dare you?!" Zhou Xuan Tong's pale face was fierce to the extreme, his fierce gaze was directed at Ling Xiaoxiao, wanting to cut Ling Xiaoxiao to mush!


"Brat, we can't kill you and there's nothing you can do to us. If you want the treasure, how about we put our grudges aside for now? We'll split the treasure equally." At that moment, the Second Elder suddenly spoke.


"Agree". Feng Wushen shrugged.


Before he could discover this mysterious center of power, Feng Wushen did not want to spend his energy for nothing.


“Could that guy have sensed that there were strong people hiding in the Extreme Royal Sect? If not, wouldn't he have let the people of the Extreme Royal Sect into the cave?” Feng Wushen secretly speculated in his heart.


"Boy, you know spell formations, we have great power, how about we join forces to break through this formation?" asked the Grand Elder.


"Yes!" Feng Wushen nodded.


"What does young Zhang want to do?" That old man looked at Zhang Junlan and asked.


"I do not have any problem with that". Zhang Junlan shrugged and added: "You'd better not play tricks, I have already sent the news to the Zhang family, I can summon the strongest of the Zhang family at any time, killing you is as easy as a snap!"


"Young Master Zhang is too worried." Zhou Xuan Tong strained, forcibly restraining the monstrous killing intent from his heart, before taking the healing pill to heal his injuries.


In fact, Zhang Junlan had not done anything, he was merely scaring the people of the Extreme Royal Sect, and at the same time, he was also alerting the mysterious strong man lurking in the shadows.


But Zhang Junlan's threat, in turn, made the killing intent in Zhou Xuan Tong's heart even stronger, and he had already secretly made up his mind to kill him after seizing the treasure.


In a world where the weak are strong, Zhou Xuan Tong understands very well the consequences of letting the tiger back into the mountain.


Zhang Junlan has a terrifying record, and if he were to be let go, the Extreme Royal Sect would only be able to see the sun of the next day.


What Zhou Xuan Tong did not expect was that the Extreme Royal Sect would hide a terrifyingly strong person, and even if they had the strength to kill Feng Wushen's group, they would not necessarily be able to take the treasure away.


A treasure has been requested and has attracted two mysterious and powerful men.


A mysterious man recognizes Ling Xiaoxiao, indicating that the power behind him has reached a stage equal to that of Ling Xiaoxiao.


Another mysterious power, which was able to break through the formation without Feng Wushen noticing, and which was hidden so deep that Feng Wushen couldn't even see it, was also enough to show how terrifying this person's strength was.


With the presence of two mysterious and powerful people, it would be as difficult as heaven for Feng Wushen to seize the treasure.


"You guys know about formations, we don't know about formations, we still need you to break formations, but you better not do tricks!" Zhou Xuan Tong looked at Feng Wushen and said.


"Once the spell formation is broken, we will be in danger." Feng Wushen frowned, the formation was neither broken nor intact.

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