Chapter 577: Probe



A flash of blood-red light erupted from the ground with a piercing hiss, blood-red Genesis Qi swirling frantically around him. With extremely terrifying destructive power, it shot straight towards Zhou Yuan's throat amidst the numerous horrified gazes.


The blood red attack had come too unexpectedly. Therefore, even Jin Zhang and the other Cangxuan Sect disciples could only watch as he passed by, completely helpless to stop him.


Fan Yao was still turning around, however, an extremely sinister angle rose from the corners of his lips.


He had originally planned to destroy the Cangxuan Sect group here, but he had no choice but to change his plans upon seeing the arrival of the Hundred Flower Fairy Palace group.


He clearly understood that the Cangxuan Sect side was not an easy target, and although he was confident in defeating them, his Holy Palace side would undoubtedly have to pay a considerable price to do so.


When that happened, the Hundred Flower Fairy Palace would become the final victor.


Fan Yao knew very well that these seemingly delicate young ladies were not weak at all…


Therefore, he changed his plans at the last moment and instead began secretly preparing an attack with the intention of catching Zhou Yuan off guard in order to kill him or at least seriously injure him.


It may seem like he had wasted time talking to Zhou Yuan before, but everything was carefully calculated to further Fan Yao's true motive.


"Blood Shadow Art..."


A soft murmur sounded from Fan Yao's mouth. If one were to look at these feet, they would discover that a blood-red flash was stealthily pouring into the earth beneath their feet. At the other end, there was the ominous blood-red flash that had broken off from the ground...


It was a Genesis technique that Fan Yao was extremely skilled in, and he was known for his strange and unwary nature. No one knew how many had unknowingly died to its fangs in the past.




The reflection of the sharp blood-red light grew rapidly in Zhou Yuan's pupils, its speed a bit alarming even for someone like him. However, in contrast to the shock and horror experienced by the others, although there was some surprise on Zhou Yuan's face, not a single trace of panic could be seen.


Because an ancient Holy Rune was spinning in the depths of his pupils.


The Holy Rune Decipherer!


Although Fan Yao's attack was extremely unconventional, nothing could hide from the Saint Deciphering Rune.


As the sharp blood-red light arrived, Zhou Yaun's five fingers extended, jade light flowing over his skin, while silver light flashed within.




Amidst the numerous horrified gazes, the almost undetectable flash of blood red was captured by Zhou Yuan's hand.


Golden Genesis Qi surged from his palm as he squeezed tightly.


Ch !


With a faint noise, the blood-red light was crushed. A speck of blood red rose into the sky, making Zhou Yuan's calm face look quite mysterious under its blood red glow.




A series of gasps echoed around him.


The sinister smile hanging from the corners of Fan Yao's mouth stiffened at this moment, clearly feeling that his Blood Shadow Art had been broken.


"How can this be?!"


His eyelids jumped as he turned around abruptly and looked at Zhou Yuan's figure grimly.


Zhou Yuan was opening his hand, as the blood light within it gradually dissipated. His gaze met Fan Yao's, as he smiled weakly and said, "I didn't expect the great chief disciple of the third-ranked Sacred Palace to be so unimpressive."


The corners of Fan Yao's mouth twitched, as anger surged in his eyes. Still, I was mostly alarmed by this turn of events. His technique had caught many off guard in the past. In fact, enemies of a force similar to his had been taken by surprise. Today was the first time that the technique was neutralized so easily.


The one who managed to almost paralyze Ning Mo was indeed quite capable.


The disciples of the Hundred Flower Fairy Palace looked at this scene in amazement, especially Luluo, who had been so scared that her face had turned white as a sheet before. After all, Fan Yao's attack had been too cunning and deadly.


"Luluo, I'm starting to believe that he is the most outstanding person in your generation." Tang Xiaoyan looked towards Luluo and laughed softly.


There was a sliver of gravity in the depths of his eyes. If Fan Yao had used that technique against her, she probably wouldn't have been able to react. However, Zhou Yuan had treated him as if he had already seen Fan Yao's intentions.


Such keen senses and perceptive ability was truly terrifying.


Luluo patted her chest, easing her previous anxiety as she nodded with a wide smile. "Of course! I wasn't kidding when I said that!"


On the one hand, Zhao Ru said indifferently, "There's no need to exaggerate so much, he just managed to deal with a single probing attack from Fan Yao. If you think this proves that Zhou Yuan had the qualifications to fight Fan Yao "I can only say that you are underestimating the third chief disciple of the Holy Palace."


This time, Tang Xiaoyan gave a small nod of agreement. “Junior Sister Zhao Ru is right. “Fan Yao is no ordinary individual, and he will only see Zhou Yuan more seriously after this failure.”


Luluo muttered to herself: "I believe in Zhou Yuan!"


Although she said it, there was some worry in her big, limpid eyes. He looked towards Tang Xiaoyan and said softly, “Senior Sister Xiaoyan, Fan Yao is so powerful and unscrupulous, I feel that allowing the Cangxuan Sect to stay and maintain a balance of power between our three groups will be beneficial to us.”


Tang Xiaoyan gave Luluo a surprised look as she smiled, “Girl, I'm surprised that you can see the situation so clearly.”


"However, your ultimate goal is for us to help Cangxuan Sect, right?"


Luluo murmured: "Compared to Fao Yao, I definitely feel that Zhou Yuan is more trustworthy."


At the side, Zhao Ru crossed his arms in front of his chest and said, “I object. We should remain neutral. It is the Holy Palace’s business if they want to deal with the Cangxuan Sect, while it would be more beneficial for us to sit back and watch them fight.”


He took a look at Luluo. “Luluo, there is no way to know a person's heart. Zhou Yuan may have been your good friend in the past, but who knows if he has changed since then? Don't let your personal feelings involve us all.”


If they had to choose, she would rather side with Fan Yao. Fan Yao was stronger after all, and they could easily crush the Cangxuan Sect's side.


When that happened, there would be one less party to share the loot with.


However, she could tell that Tang Xiaoyan was quite on guard against Fan Yao, and she knew that the latter would not agree even if she suggested it. As such, he settled for the next best option, requesting that the Hundred Flower Fairy Palace remain neutral.


Luluo's face turned a little red after being scolded by Zhao Ru.


As they chatted, Fan Yao's stormy expression gradually returned to normal. Coldness filled his eyes as he said, “That was simply an investigation of your abilities. If you can’t even cope with that, you don’t deserve to stay here and talk to me.”


Zhou Yuan smiled slightly. "So, are you happy with the results of your research?"


Fan Yao's scarlet pupils looked at Zhou Yuan. Moments later, he nodded slowly and said, "Zhou Yuan, you are quite talented, but unfortunately, your Cangxuan Sect will soon lose a talented disciple."


Zhou Yuan chuckled. "They may not be sure, what if another Holy Palace chief disciple dies instead?"


The duo's gazes collided, killing intent spilling over the surroundings.


From the looks of it, if it weren't for this not being an appropriate place and time, both of them would have started fighting for real.


As the two bristled with killing intent, Tang Xiaoyan suddenly stepped forward and looked towards them as he said in a soft voice, "This is neither the time nor the place to fight. If possible, why don't we discuss the matters." things first? After all, the location of the six-color treasure does not seem to be a kind place.”


The moment he said this, the killing intent on Fan Yao and Zhou Yuan's body immediately dissipated at the same time.




The two individuals simultaneously nodded in agreement.


His well-coordinated response made Tang Xiaoyan laugh. Although both Zhou Yuan and Fan Yao couldn't wait to kill the other, it was obvious that neither of them wanted to do it here.


At the end of the day, both of them were worried that the Hundred Flower Fairy Palace would become the fisherman that catches both of them.

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