Chapter 579: Lake of Six Colors

Whistle! Whistle!


Several hundred figures charged into the misty mountain forest.


Although the members of the three sects were currently gathering in a large group, they still maintained a certain distance between themselves, evidently still unable to fully trust each other.


"Come on!"


With a low shout, the several hundred strong group members increased their speed, quickly flying towards the depths of the forest on their Genesis Qi.


When they entered, the faint fog around them still obstructed their vision. However, his spiritual senses were able to scan some distance ahead.


Zhou Yuan stood at the front of the group, the Spirit between his eyebrows vibrating as the invisible power of the Spirit spread out to scan the surroundings.


“I sense some disturbances in the surrounding Genesis Qi. The Genesis Beast hidden within the forest has probably been alerted to our presences. Be careful everyone.” Zhou Yuan's voice was transmitted to the ears of every Cangxuan Sect disciple with the help of Genesis Qi.


The disciples' expressions trembled when they heard this as Genesis Qi began to rise around their bodies. All kinds of Genesis weapons also appeared in their hands, as they advanced with vigilance.




Zhou Yuan's words were soon verified. The earth began to shake weakly as countless whistles and howls echoed from the depths of the forest.




Countless blood-red eyes appeared in the dark depths of the forest. In the next instant, countless ferocious Genesis Beasts emerged with thunderous roars, and attacked the disciples of the three sects.




The disciples of the three sects did not hesitate. Countless Genesis Qi attacks spread out and ruthlessly crashed into the incoming beast tide.


Shockwaves of enraged Genesis Qi spread outwards, shattering the surrounding land.


The stench of blood instantly filled the area.


Faint screams could be heard from several directions. The other groups that had entered the mountain forest after them had probably encountered similar Genesis Beast attacks.


The disciples of the three sects were elites, and their attacks were naturally exceptionally ferocious and deadly. The charged Genesis beasts were destroyed before they could reach the hundred-foot radius mark around the group.


As the Genesis Beasts were being bombarded to death, strands of Qi with different colors emerged from their bodies. It was surprisingly the essence of mythical Genesis.


The Genesis Beast that lived here seemed to have absorbed some of the Mythical Genesis essence into their bodies.


"Send twenty disciples to collect the Mythical Genesis essence." Zhou Yuan instructed. Although this Mythical Genesis essence was under his attention, it was very attractive to the other disciples.


At his words, several disciples immediately separated from the group, and quickly collected the Mythical Genesis essence derived from the corpses as the main group continued to advance.


In this methodological way, the disciples of the three sects continuously traversed the rising tide of beasts, while constantly approaching the depths of the forest.


But as they ventured deeper, more and stronger Genesis Beasts appeared. As time passed, even the disciples of the three sects began to feel some pressure.


Some of the Genesis Beasts managed to break through the disciples' attacks, charging into the group to engage in battle with the disciples at the front.


When both sides clashed, the disciples of the three sects gradually began to suffer some injuries.


Seeing this, Zhou Yuan also prepared to go to the front, but was stopped almost immediately by Gu Hongyi.


Gu Hongyi said in a low voice, "Don't waste your Genesis Qi here, the real battle will be later and you must stay in top condition. Look at the other two groups, their core disciples clearly have no intention of acting now."


Zhou Yuan's gaze swept towards the other two teams. Sure enough, both Fan Yao and Tang Xiaoyan were commanding the other disciples from the center of the group, and had no intention of participating in the battles.


It was exactly as Gu Hongyi had said. They were doing their best to preserve as much Genesis Qi as possible for the sake of competing for the ultimate reward.


“Since I can't use Genesis Qi, I will help everyone with Genesis Runes.” Zhou Yuan thought for a brief moment as he composed himself. Although he couldn't use Genesis Qi, that didn't mean he couldn't help.


Gu Hongyi said worriedly: "Wasting your spirit is also not good."


"It won't be a problem, my battle tactics are mainly leaning towards using Genesis Qi." Zhou Yuan shook his head. He was different from Jin Zhang after all. Although the latter was also an expert in Genesis Runes, his Genesis Qi cultivation was quite ordinary. As such, Jin Zhang would not dare to casually use his Spirit, while Zhou Yuan shared no such concerns.


These Cangxuan Sect disciples were fighting bravely for his instructions, and were even willing to risk their lives. Although they may feel that there was nothing wrong with this, Zhou Yuan wanted to reassure him.


With a squeeze of his hand, the Heavenly Yuan Brush appeared. The tip of the brush danced in the air as rune after rune quickly began to take shape.


Whistle! Whistle!


The Genesis Runes flew forward and landed on the brave Cangxuan Sect disciples in front. Upon contact, the runes began to spread rapidly, amplifying his defensive abilities like shining armor. A layer of mysterious light also emerged over his Genesis weapons , giving an additional advantage to his attacks.


Zhou Yuan's actions greatly increased the morale of the Cangxuan Sect disciples. With the support of these Genesis Runes, they would suffer less damage.


The Cangxuan Sect disciples cast grateful glances towards Zhou Yuan, before returning to tear through the Genesis beast tide, increasing their pace as they advanced towards the central region of the ancient mountain forest.


The other two teams naturally felt the sudden increase in vigor of the Cangxuan Sect disciples. Their gazes swept towards the latter, immediately seeing the Genesis Runes on the Cangxuan Sect disciples, before turning towards Zhou Yuan, who was located in the center of the group.


Envy flowed into the eyes of the Holy Palace and the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace disciples. Having someone supporting them with Genesis Runes at that time would definitely increase their fighting power.


Unfortunately, although there were some individuals who were also proficient in the Genesis Runes, they were far from being as skilled as Zhou Yuan.


Furthermore, they also understood that their core disciples were preserving their strength, and would not easily use any Genesis Qi. Although Zhou Yuan was using Genesis Runes, it would still tire his spirit a little.


"Humph, trying to put on an act!" A mocking smile flitted across Fan Yao's eyes when he saw this. “Are you trying to buy people's hearts even at that time? Unfortunately, you will realize how ridiculous your actions are when you lose later.”


On the side of the Hundred Flower Fairy Palace, Tang Xiaoyan's eyes flickered faintly as he said, "Zhou Yuan is quite smart."


Zhao Ru frowned slightly. “He can't even recognize what's important. Every bit of energy you use now is less energy available when we race for the six-color lake later. If you fail later, everyone will blame you even more.”


Tang Xiaoyan said, "What if he doesn't mind using some power here because he has absolute confidence in himself?"


Zhao Ru was taken aback, but soon laughed as disdain flitted across his eyes.


"You think too highly of him."




The sound of battle filled every corner of the sprawling mountain forest, an endless stream of Genesis Beasts pouring out to stop the invaders. Several powerful Genesis Beasts also began to appear, but fortunately for the three sects, the factions continued to enter from behind, attracting the attention of the Genesis Beasts.


The disciples of the three sects took advantage of this opportunity to advance further. After another fight incense, Zhou Yuan, Fan Yao, and Tang Xiaoyan suddenly raised their heads at the same time.


Their gazes looked towards a certain excitement point, where six-colored light was flowing in the depths of the forest, as the surrounding Genesis Qi suddenly became clearer and purer.




The faint sound of traveling water was heard, removing the fatigue of the struggling disciples.


The three teams increased their pace and crossed the forest. A split second larger, the view before their eyes abruptly widened, as they found themselves standing on the high ground. In front was a giant hole that looked like it had been opened by a meteorite.


The giant hole formed a huge lake that emitted a six-color glow. The sunlight reflected in its waters, emitting a dazzling and mysterious glow.


Everyone's eyes were filled with burning desire as they looked at the six-colored lake. In fact, they even felt as if the surrounding temperature began to rise.


The location of the six-colored treasure was now right before his eyes!

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