Chapter 581: Blocking the Python

Zhou Yuan and Jin Zhang began their work at the edge of the six-color lake. Countless Genesis Runes appeared from his brushes, and they quickly merged into the air and water.


Yaoyao's Disorienting Heaven Boundary was extremely complex, and although Zhou Yuan was already quite familiar with it, he could not reach the same level of mastery as her. Fortunately, this time he did not need to trap nearly ten thousand Sword Peak disciples, but instead temporarily separated the Three-Headed Spirit Ghost Python and his ghost python shadows.


Even so, it took more than half a day to set the limit...


In the distance, the disciples of the three sects were watching closely.


Fan Yao stood in the air with his arms crossed over his chest, icy light swirling in the depths of his eyes as he looked at the two working figures.


In contrast, Tang Xiaoyan was watching with great interest. “Honestly, I never imagined that this core disciple of the Cangxuan Sect would be so skilled in the art of the Genesis Runes.”


Although he was not proficient in this area, he could still feel that Zhou Yuan's limit was quite amazing.


"Who knows if it will work." Zhao Ru was still full of doubts.


“We can only pray that this is the case. Otherwise we would have made a wasted trip.” Tang Xiaoyan said. If they failed to split the Three-Headed Ghostly Python and its shadows, the three parties would have no choice but to surrender.


Zhao Ru was silent. Even she couldn't help but admit that they currently needed to trust Zhou Yuan.


As the sun began to gradually set and cast its final rays on the six-colored lake, Zhou Yuan finally breathed a huge sigh of relief, before rising into the air with Jin Zhang.


"The preparations are made."


“Will your limit work? I hope it doesn't end up failing, and result in us being stuck in place.” Fan Yao measured the limit while sneering.


"Maybe you should go in and give it a try?" Zhou Yuan smiled slightly.


Fan Yao snorted coldly. Naturally, I wasn't stupid enough to go in and try it, because I could feel that there was something different about the lake.


"Let's do it." Zhou Yuan looked towards Tang Xiaoyan, with no intention of wasting any more saliva on Fan Yao.


Tang Xiaoyan nodded slightly in response. Soon after, the six core disciples flew forward once again and slowly entered the huge six-colored lake. The vigorous Genesis Qi converged towards his palms, before being thrown into the lake.




The water stirred, and a giant shadow soon rose from the surface once again. The vertical line of the Ghostly Python like pupils locked on the six individuals with boundless anger surging within them. He was obviously angry at her repeated disturbances.




The Python hissed into the sky, as a cold black torrent of Genesis Qi shot out from its giant mouth, threatening to engulf the six figures.


The six of them did not dare to delay, and quickly moved to avoid the explosion. Meanwhile, more Genesis Qi attacks were prepared and blasts were sent towards the snake from all directions, mercilessly bombarding its huge body.


Burst! Burst!


Genesis Qi exploded into the Three-Headed Ghostly Python's body, shattering several of its night black scales. Although the attacks did not cause much damage, they managed to anger the snake even more.


The Python's body shot out, ash black Genesis Qi propelling it into the air. Its tail pierced the air with a 'ch' sound, like an ash-black lightning bolt as it glided towards the six small figures.


The two python shadows next to the main body also began to spew out torrents of Genesis Qi like fire-breathing Dragons.


The sight of these terrifying attacks made the scalps of the watching disciples turn numb. They would probably be sent flying right now if they had been part of the battle.


The six figures in the air also did not dare to be hit. The core disciples pushed their speeds to the limit as they hurriedly weaved and crouched, slowly retreating towards the area where the limit was.


Boom! Boom!


An earth-shaking battle erupted in the six-colored lake, causing giant waves to rise and crash in all directions. Even the entire ancient mountain forest seemed to tremble at this moment.


Although Zhou Yuan and the other five continued to avoid the attacks as they retreated, they still seemed to be in quite a difficult spot.


They did not dare to use their full power before separating the two python shadows from the Ghostly Python's main body. If the Ghostly Python felt that it was being pressured, it would surely fuse and make the situation become even more impossible.


Fortunately, the six retreating figures finally approached the location of the boundary.


However, the Ghostly Python suddenly began to slow down at this moment, as if it had sensed something.


"Not good, the beast is too perceptive!" Fan Yao immediately frowned when he saw this.




A burst of golden Genesis Qi suddenly erupted from behind Fan Yao, and brutally slammed into one of the Ghostly Python's glowing lantern eyes.


The powerful blow elicited a piercing hiss from the Ghostly Python, its angry and wild eyes immediately glaring towards Fan Yao.


Fan Yao's heart shook in alarm under the creature's gaze. His head turned, only to find an ethereal figure quickly disappearing behind him, causing him to curse in anger, "Zhou Yuan, you dare to harass me!"




The words had barely left his lips when a terrible force descended from the sky. The Python was completely convinced that Fan Yao had attacked it and had immediately unleashed a barrage of crazy attacks at the latter.


Fan Yao's wretched figure quickly retreated, constantly ducking and avoiding.


But when the Ghostly Python chased after him, he finally entered the range of the limit.


"Zhou Yuan, why are you still not activating the limit?" Fan Yao howl. He was currently being targeted by the Ghostly Python, and most of its attacks were aimed directly at him. In fact, there were already some cases where he had almost been hit.


Zhou Yuan smiled playfully when he saw this, but did not allow the situation to drag on any further. He clearly understood that it was more important to kill the Ghostly Python first.


His hands formed a seal, and his Spirit began to vibrate, sending out waves of Spirit power.


As the power of the Spirit spread, countless Genesis Runes began to emerge and shine from the air and water. Countless chains of light shot out and quickly joined together, as a huge boundary slowly appeared amidst the countless stunned gazes.


When the boundary of the Genesis Runes appeared, the space within began to distort as if it were torn and separated.


The Ghostly Python also stopped at this moment, as bewilderment arose in its vertical pupils. It was as if he had been transported to a different place, while the two python shadows that had always accompanied him had separated a split second before.


Hss !


The Ghostly Python felt an uneasy feeling as it rose while whistling. Its giant tail brutally lashed out at the surrounding space with terrifying power, violently shaking the wall of light created from numerous intertwined Genesis Runes.


The space before it rippled, as six figures slowly appeared.


Besides Zhou Yuan, the others looked at this scene in shock. The limit seemed to be working...


Tang Xiaoyan's eyes sparkled as she looked towards Zhou Yuan with a sweet smile: "Senior disciple Zhou Yuan's mastery of Genesis Runes has truly reached the peak of perfection."


Zhao Ru's mouth was tight, he no longer made sarcastic comments. The first time, there was some astonishment in his eyes when he looked towards Zhou Yuan.


Zhou Yuan chuckled and looked towards Fan Yao. "Chief disciple Fan Yao, my forty percent share is worth it after all, right?"


The corners of Fan Yao's mouth twitched for a moment, before he forced himself to smile.


Zhou Yuan did not say anything else to Fan Yao, as his gaze turned towards the rampant Python at the boundary. “Be prepared to do everything possible. This limit won't be able to trap you for long, and if we don't finish it in half an incense, prepare to retreat..."


No one argued this time, the five people nodded in recognition.




In the next instant, six powerful Genesis Qi undulations erupted at the boundary.


Six figures appeared around the Ghostly Python...


Their hostile gazes looked at the Ghostly Python. It was finally time to return all the accumulated frustration from being chased before.


Without the threat of the two python shadows, the six individuals were no longer afraid of the main body of the Python.

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