Chapter 582: Treasure Tree



Crazy Genesis Qi spread out like a storm within the boundary, wreaking frantic havoc on the surroundings. Some of the ripples leaked out, causing gigantic torrential waves to rise on the surface of the six-colored lake.


One could barely make out the enormous body of the Python within the storm of Genesis Qi. Six glowing figures flickered around him, as fierce Genesis Qi attacks shot towards his weak points one after another.


It had been quite some time since the battle had started.


As Zhou Yuan and the others unleashed all their battle power, the Python slowly began to descend to an unfavorable position. Dark black blood dripped from its body, while more than half of its scales had already been shattered.


The Ghostly Python was slightly stronger than Zhou Yuan, Fan Yao and the rest, and it was very likely that none of the six of them would have been able to pressure it in a one-on-one battle.


Unfortunately for the beast, it was gradually suppressed by the joint efforts of the six core disciples.


Zhou Yuan's disorienting sky limit in particular had been lethally effective. After separating the main body of its two python shadows, the fate of the Ghostly Python was already basically decided.




An explosion of black night Genesis Qi spewed out, accompanied by a terrible stench and corrosive poison. Zhou Yuan pushed his hand forward, as an ancient and cryptic Genesis Runes emerged in his palm.


“Golden Crystal Wall Divine Rune!”


The Genesis Runes grew rapidly as it absorbed the surrounding Genesis Qi. Within a few breaths, it had already transformed into a gigantic thousand-foot-wide golden crystal wall.


This defensive Genesis Runes had been learned after Zhou Yuan's Spirit advanced to the advanced body stage, and it possessed an astonishing defensive power that was enough to block an attack from a ninth layer expert.


Csh csh!


The Ghostly Python's Genesis Qi breath poured onto the crystal wall, causing an eruption of sizzling noises.


Zhou Yuan's figure abruptly ethereal, and he appeared in front of the Ghostly Python's titanic body like a ghost. His hands tightened around the Heavenly Yuan Brush, as black climbed up its snow-white tip.


"Break Genesis!"


The shadow of a paintbrush passed with a low cry. Black blood immediately gushed out from a sinister wound that had opened on the Ghostly Python's body.




The Ghostly Python thrashed madly as it let out a piercing hiss.


Zhou Yuan's expression changed slightly the instant the whistle sounded. He could feel that the two python shadows trapped in the boundary begin to rapidly approach this location at this moment.


The Ghostly Python was calling out to its python shadows.


Zhou Yuan yelled sternly: “The python shadows are being summoned by him, and I can't stop them. Quickly, kill him!”


The expressions of Fan Yao, Tang Xiaoyan, and the rest changed at these words. If the python shadows managed to reach this place and fuse with the Ghostly Python, their power would increase to match a Chosen One. When that happened, they would be the ones who would be suppressed.


As such, they unanimously strengthened their attacks, sending wave after wave of Genesis techniques to bombard the Ghostly Python.


The Ghostly Python could guess its intentions naturally, and immediately curled its giant body as light began to flow over its black scales, making it look like a mountain of black metal.


His defensive powers had been greatly enhanced.


He was obviously planning to buy time. He only had to wait for the two python shadows to rush over, before reversing this situation.


Tang Xiaoyna, Fan Yao and the rest gritted their teeth, not uttering a single word as they continued to unleash a frantic barrage of attacks.


In the distance, the disciples of the three sects did not even dare to breathe too hard. They knew that their strategy would have basically failed once the two python shadows returned to the main body. When that happened, let alone think about splitting the Six-Colored Lake, even escaping the Ghostly Python's fury unscathed would be a problem.


Boom! Boom!


Torrents of Genesis Qi rained down on the Ghostly Python's enormous body. The python continuously flowed black blood, but although it seemed to have suffered serious injuries, it was still very much alive, which made the hearts of Fan Yao, Tang Xiaoyan, and the rest sink.


The Ghostly Python's tenacity had far exceeded his expectations.




At this moment, they suddenly felt the space behind them begin to distort. In the next instant, two hissing black python night shadows emerged, immediately charging towards the Ghostly Python.


Jin Zhang hurriedly shouted: "Stop!"


The rest attacked, but the two python shadows turned transparent as the deadly Genesis Qi attacks flew past, Genesis Qi passing by instead of doing anything… as if they were ghosts.


It was impossible to stop them.


In that brief moment, the two python shadows had already approached the Ghostly Python. The creature raised its head at this moment, with extreme savage infused into its eyes, as it locked onto Fan Yao and the others. Under his emotionless gaze, the core disciples' hearts trembled a little.


Wang Yuan clenched his jaw and reluctantly said, "We're done!"


Fan Yao was expressionless as his eyes flickered rapidly in thought. He was already prepared to retreat, because he knew that the situation would change once the Ghostly Python managed to fuse.


Only danger awaited them if they continued there.


Obviously he wasn't the only one with such thoughts. The others' attacks began to slow down at this moment, evidently intending to conserve energy to escape.


Under numerous anxious gazes, the two python shadows approached even closer to the Ghostly Python, now only a few seconds away from rushing into its body.


"Come on!" Fan Yao had already shouted, as he began to back away without the slightest hesitation.


Wang Yuan immediately followed him.


Fan Xiaoyan gritted his teeth slightly. Although she was unwilling, she could only turn towards Zhao Ru. "Withdraw!"


Zhao Ru furiously stomped his foot in the air, but had no choice but to comply.


Jin Zhang frowned deeply as he urgently said, “Zhou Yuan, we should retreat too!”


However, Zhou Yuan did not follow the first one, but instead looked at the injured and bloodied Ghostly Python body. He could feel her venomous gaze staring at him with playful cruelty.


It was also clear that the situation would soon turn in their favor. When that happened, he would destroy every single one of these disgusting flies.


Zhou Yuan looked straight into his vertical pupils, and slowly said, "Did you really think you would be able to change things?"


He extended a head towards the curled up Ghostly Python, a sharp light flashed across his eyes as he suddenly shouted, “Erosion!”




As its cry sounded, countless radiances suddenly rushed into the Ghostly Python's huge body. Within these glows were countless thin hairs.


They belonged to the Heavenly Yuan Brush, and had been constantly sent into the python's flesh every time its body had been torn apart before.




Intense pain instantly exploded through the Ghostly Python's body as it hissed in pain. It was as if a billion ants were biting into his body, gnawing frantically towards his heart.


The Ghostly Python let out a piercing hiss, while the reflection of the two python shadows quickly grew in its eyes… once it merged with the shadows, it would be able to suppress the hairs that had invaded its body.




However, a low voice was heard from Zhou Yuan's mouth at this moment.




A muffled boom echoed within the Ghostly Python's body.


The huge body instantly became rigid, as the savagery within its vertical pupils quickly faded away. The life force in his body had been completely exterminated at this moment.


The two python shadows finally rushed into the Ghostly Python's body, but they quickly flew back seconds later and floated outside in a daze.




The Ghostly Python's body slowly fell from the air, creating torrential waves as it plunged into the six-colored lake.


Zhou Yuan stood in the air, giant waves rising under his feet, as he calmly looked at the giant snake corpse. The Heavenly Yuan Brush pointed downwards at an angle, the hairs on its tip still flickering faintly.


The originally retreating figures of Fan Yao, Tang Xiaoyan and the others stopped abruptly as they turned towards the figure above the giant waves with a trace of astonishment.


Clearly, they had not expected that Zhou Yuan would take the Ghostly Python's life at the final moment, causing their fusion attempt to end in failure...


“He…” Zhao Ru’s expression fluctuated rapidly, a sliver of fear fluttering in his eyes as he looked at Zhou Yuan’s figure.


Tang Xiaoyan also pursed her red lips, as her eyes flickered in thought.


Fan Yao's eyes narrowed slightly, a dark look flashed in his eyes as he looked at the Heavenly Yuan Brush in Zhou Yuan's hand. The latter's Heaven Genesis Weapon was quite strange.




In the distance, the Cangxuan Sect disciples burst into excited cheers when they saw Zhou Yuan kill the Ghostly Python at the last moment.


A shock also swept over the disciples of the other two sects, clearly stunned by Zhou Yuan's last-minute death.


Zhou Yuan heaved a long sigh, before raising his head to look at Fan Yao, Tang Xiaoyan and the rest, as he said playfully, “Weren't you all leaving?”


Tang Xiaoyan showed a rather embarrassed look as she laughed softly.


Fan Yao snorted coldly. He had no way to retort against Zhou Yuan's mockery.




However, just as Zhou Yuan was about to say something, his expression suddenly changed as he turned to focus on the center of the six-colored lake.


Tang Xiaoyan, Fan Yao and the rest also felt something and immediately cast their gazes.




The water of the lake began to churn, as a giant whirlpool formed, while a dazzling and dazzling ancient tree slowly rose from within.


"This is…?"


When the magnificent ancient tree appeared in everyone's sight, gasps resounded one after another.


Look after look she was practically glued to the ancient tree that seemed to grow out of the lake, unable to move away.

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