Chapter 583 - Too weak

The sound of the Dragon's roar shook the world.


Yin Yang Jun was only at the ninth level of the Heavenly Human Realm, and even an Extreme Heavenly Realm powerhouse couldn't resist the sound of the Dragon's roar, let alone him!


“A high-grade Earth rank martial skill? This brat really has such overwhelming power!”


Yin Yang Jun quickly recovered, but the pain in his eardrums and head was still there, and the sharp and intense pain from the punch to the chest spread throughout his body.


It was lucky that Yin Yang Jun had a strong cultivation level, otherwise he would not have been able to withstand the terrifying power of this blow.


Yin Yang Jun's face was fierce, his fists were clenched, and his slightly narrowed eyes were filled with a fierce murderous aura as he stared at Feng Wushen like a poisonous snake.


Yin Yang Jun's injuries were heavy, to say the least, and his aura, which was originally at the ninth level of the Heavenly Human Realm, was now at the peak of the eighth level of the Heavenly Human Realm.


"Boy, you've missed your best chance to kill me! Your time to die has come." Yin Yang Jun roared horribly and furiously as his furious aura spread wildly.






At the moment when Yin Yang Jun roared in rage, Feng Wushen's figure flashed like a ghost, smashing his fist into Yin Yang Jun's abdomen with a thunderous explosion, sending him flying once more.


"This is instant movement!" Yin Yang Jun's heart trembled once more, and his face became more and more frighteningly gloomy.


As a descendant of the Yin Yang family, Yin Yang Jun has long seen and learned about the divine abilities of Dragons.


"You talk too much nonsense!" Feng Wushen said morosely.


Feng Wushen's punch, with his inordinate force, undoubtedly aggravated Yin Yang Jun's injury.


"How outrageous!" Yin Yang Jun gritted his teeth as the flesh on his face twitched violently.


Yin Yang Jun had forgotten that Feng Wushen was a member of the Dragon Clan, and he knew very well how powerful the Dragon Clan was, since he knew it well, he should know a lot about instant movement, or at least he wouldn't be able to catch up. defense like this.




Just when Yin Yang Jun had stabilized, Feng Wushen's figure had already reappeared in an instant, magical and strange.


A fist containing overwhelming power smashed into Yin Yang Jun fiercely, causing a strong whirlwind.


"Dumbass!" Sensing the intense danger, Yin Yang Jun gritted his teeth and cursed angrily.






Although Yin Yang Jun was aware of it, his reaction was still much slower, so much so that he was unable to avoid Feng Wushen's attack. With an explosive sound, overwhelming and terrifying power swept through Yin Yang Jun's entire body, causing him to spit out blood and his body to shoot out in a black line.


"How can this brat be so strong in battle!" Yin Yang Jun was angry and shocked in his heart.


With a cultivation level higher than Feng Wushen, it was reasonable to say that Feng Wushen's attack could not have done much damage to him, but Yin Yang Jun did not know that Feng Wushen 's physical body strength was not at all comparable to that of ordinary men of the Dragon clan.


Yin Yang Jun and Duan Mo Ming's strength was evenly matched. If Feng Wushen could hurt Duan Mo Ming, he could also hurt Yin Yang Jun.


Both Yin Yang Jun and Duan Mo Ming were above Feng Wushen in terms of power, but it was because of the mastery and power of the Dragon's roar that made them pale in comparison to Feng Wushen.


It was unbelievable that a cultivation of the ninth level of the Heavenly Human Realm would be inferior to the fifth level of the Heavenly Human Realm, such a huge difference.


It's not that I'm weak.


Rather, the Feng Wushen is too strong and the Dragon Roar Divine Skill is too domineering.


This blow could be said to have severely injured Yin Yang Jun, and his face had paled a few shades.


Definitely, Feng Wushen's power does not taste good, not only domineering but strong.


“The strength of the Yin-Yang Clan is only a little, just because you still want to take the divine weapon? You have been using the illusion of Yin-Yang to hide in the shadows, in fact you have long since detected the Evil Giant Clan, otherwise I'm also afraid you would have made your move long ago." Feng Wushen laughed weakly and coldly.


"Brat, how dare you insult the Yin Yang Clan, don't think that because you are a Dragon Clan you are something!" Yin Yang Jun clenched his teeth and flew into a rage, his face burst with a single nerve, the anger in his eyes almost burst.


However, what was irritating Yin Yang Jun was actually Feng Wushen's contempt; Feng Wushen clearly despised him.




With a roar of rage, Yin Yang Jun stamped his feet into the void and madly rushed towards Feng Wushen, with his furious aura.


"The Dragon race?" Zhang Junlan's few faces changed drastically, and they all froze.


Chao Shen looked at Feng Wushen with wide eyes and said in a trembling voice, “The Dragon race you speak of is not… not Miss Xiao Xiao, but the Temple Master.”


"The master of the temple is a Dragon! This... How is it possible..." Huanyang and the others were shocked and incredulous.


"Brother Feng has just acquired the Dragon bloodline and possesses the aura of the Dragon race, which is why Yin Yang Jun mistakenly thought that Brother Feng was a member of the Dragon race." Ling Xiaoxiao explained.


"So it is so." Zhang Junlan and the others nodded, but their faces were still incomparably surprised.


"Boom boom boom!"


The furious ruler of the Yin Yang and Feng Wushen engaged in a bloodbath, a series of explosions spread out, and the void shook and crashed violently.


Although Yin Yang Jun was badly injured, his power was still terrifying.


In a state of rage, Yin Yang Jun is completely offensive, with a hard and fierce attack that can separate him from Feng Wushen even if he is badly injured.


"Your power is much weaker, tell me how are you going to take my divine weapon." The battle was fierce, and Feng Wushen's face was calm and carefree.


"If I hadn't been surprised by your Dragon's roar and let you take advantage of the situation, would you have been my opponent?" Yin Yang Jun gritted his teeth and roared under his breath.


"This is an excuse made up by weaklings!" Feng Wushen made a face.


"You!" Yin Yang Jun was so angry that his lungs were about to burst, his heart was incomparably frantic, and his anger could not be vented, so Yin Yang Jun roared and snarled in mad fury.


"Boom boom boom!"


The furious Yin Yang Jun's attack grew more and more ferocious, completely losing his mind, his bloodshot eyes holding nothing but endless killing energy.


"Broken!" Feng Wushen was filled with contempt.




Feng Wushen punched the right side of Yin Yang Jun's face with a fist and coldly shouted: "Too slow!"




Avoiding Yin Yang Jun's attack, Feng Wushen slammed another fist into the right side of Yin Yang Jun's face and coldly yelled, “Too slow! Is this the speed of the ninth level of the Heavenly Human Realm?”


"For you!" Yin Yang Jun roared in a frenzy, completely overcome with rage and unreasonable.




Feng Wushen's fists and feet smashed into Yin Yang Jun one after another as he said coldly, “A cloak of the same posture, too weak!”


"What did you say? You say that I am too weak? How dare you say that I am too weak?" Yin Yang Jun was irritated once more and his heart was about to burst.


However, the response to Yin Yang Jun was a fierce attack from Feng Wushen.


"Bang bang bang!"


The raging Yin Yang Jun was riddled with flaws and Feng Wushen took this opportunity to launch a ferocious attack that rendered Yin Yang Jun defenseless.


Zhang Junlan's group gasped, a strong man at the ninth level of the Heavenly Human Realm, or the Yin Yang family, but in front of Feng Wushen, he was so unbearable.




Yin Yang Jun roared with extreme madness, his face was horrific and extremely terrifying, and at that moment, the aura of the raging Yin Yang Jun changed, and terrifying power erupted from his body like a volcanic eruption, and a small crack exploded in the empty.


"Yin Yang bloodline!" Sensing this terrifying aura filled with bloodlust, Feng Wushen's face immediately split open.

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