Chapter 585 – The death of Yin Yang Jun

With his furious posture, Yin Yang Jun's aura was undoubtedly at its peak as he attacked to defend himself, slightly surpassing Feng Wushen by half.


The Yin Yang Family's Earth Grade Martial Skills are extremely powerful.


The Energy Finger released by Yin Yang Jun was so powerful that it was even more powerful than the Nine Heavens Illusory released by Feng Wushen.


The power of a single finger penetrates heaven and earth.


With such power, it is not a problem to kill Feng Wushen.


Yin Yang Jun also has that confidence.


"Have you ever seen an art of immortals?" Feng Wushen asked in a morose tone, his cold gaze fixed on Yin Yang Jun.


When the question was asked, an even more terrifying sword intent imbued the Dragon God Sword.


"Art of Immortals?" Hearing Feng Wushen's words, the furious Yin Yang Jun, whose face was originally fierce, instantly froze, and looked at Feng Wushen with a somewhat dazed expression.


Yin Yang Jun, whose expression had hardened, felt the terrifying intent of the sword permeating Feng Wushen's body, and his expression changed drastically again.


"This is... Art of Immortals!" Yin Yang Jun's eyes instantly widened as he stared at Feng Wushen in horror.


The terrifying power of quenching was injected into the Dragon God Sword, and an extremely destructive and terrifying sword energy was permeated, causing the void to ripple violently, and the void within a 3,000-meter radius was engulfed in brilliant radiance. dark red, as if a blood-red space was formed with Feng Wushen at its center.


However, the most terrifying thing was not the destructive energy of the sword mane, but the monstrous aura that was so powerful that it was like a king descending into the world, causing people to bow down and bow down.


At this terrifying aura, Yin Yang Jun's heart burst with fear.


"It's actually...... It's really an art of immortals!" Yin Yang Jun flinched completely.


"Soul Extinguishing Sword Skill! Destroy the soul and cry for the gods."


Feng Wushen let out a ferocious stern cry, his cold and fierce gaze fixed on the white pillar of light that erupted, then he tightly gripped the Dragon God Sword with both hands, and the sword slashed the white pillar of light from top to bottom. bottom.






At the moment when the Dragon God Sword, which contained a destructive sword aura, slammed into the white pillar of light, Yin Yang Jun spat out a mouthful of blood and his body trembled violently, even though it was a medium-grade martial skill of the earth rank, he was still powerless to resist the power of the Immortal Art.


"Forcing Brother Feng to release an immortal art, you really don't know how to live!" Ling Xiaoxiao laughed triumphantly, a stunning smile appearing on her pretty face.


"Great! Yin Yang Jun will lose this time!" Zhang Junlan's face was raised in excitement.


"Temple Master! Kill him!" Chi Huang and the others shouted excitedly, all their previous worries and tensions dissipated.


The white pillar of light was unable to resist, and was actually cut end to end by the Dragon God Sword, crushing the power of Yin Yang Jun.


Terrifying waves of energy fell and spread out one after another, destroying the void.




Destroying the white pillar of light, the domineering and terrifying dark red sword aura continued to carry a destructive aura as it rushed towards Yin Yang Jun who was frightened.


"This is not possible... This cannot be." Yin Yang Jun shook his head again in horror and stupefaction, as if he could no longer walk.


Yin Yang Jun couldn't believe that Feng Wushen, a fifth level of the Heavenly Human Realm, possessed such a powerful fight that it would terrify him, a genius from the Yin Yang family.


“Who the hell is he? How could the Dragon Clan pass down the Immortal Arts to random clansmen?” Yin Yang Jun's heart became more and more scared.






In a blink of an eye, the terrifying sword mane rushed at Yin Yang Jun, just like a high mountain hitting a small ant, the explosion shocked heaven and earth, only to see Yin Yang Jun spit out. a mouth full of blood and being swallowed by the terrifying energy in the next second.


Yin Yang Jun's life and death were unknown.


Ripples of terrifying explosive energy spread out, and Feng Wushen himself was shaken off his feet.


The power of the sword aura is too terrifying.


This sword is enough to defeat Yin Yang Jun!


The blow was hard, and Feng Wushen was unscathed as he crushed Yin Yang Jun with overwhelming force.


The terrifying ripples of energy lingered in a vacuum for five minutes before gradually dissipating.


As the space became calm again and the yellow sand that filled the sky began to disperse, the first thing the eyes of the crowd did was look at the distant Yin Yang Jun.


Yin Yang Jun was still alive, but his original terrifying aura is now woefully weak.


Yin Yang Jun was panting heavily, his face was pale and covered in blood, his injuries were extremely serious, and his body, suspended high in the sky, was swaying.


In the battle with Feng Wushen, Yin Yang Jun could be considered a miserable defeat.


“Thinking of… I can't believe that… You really possess a powerful… Immortal Art!” With half-open eyes glaring menacingly at Feng Wushen, Yin Yang Jun strained, his voice so small it was almost inaudible.


Saying that, Yin Yang Jun couldn't hold himself up after all, his eyes turned black and his body fell.


"Temple Master, kill him!" Kuangzhan yelled.


"That's it! Kill him!" Dao Hun and the others shouted.


"Master, we can't kill him!" Zhang Junlan hurried to speak: "He is a member of the Yin Yang Family, and the Yin Yang Family is terrifyingly powerful, far above the Divine King Divine Hall, we have already provoked the Divine King Divine Hall, if we provoke to the Yin Yang Family again, we'll just be in dire straits then!"


Zhang Junlan's words made Chi Huang and the others instantly silent, and their faces were horrified.


What Zhang Junlan said was certainly reasonable, a Divine King Divine Hall was enough to scare them, not to mention that the Yin-Yang Family was even more powerful than the Divine King Divine Hall.


Even if Feng Wushen were to sit in the Immortal Weapons Pavilion, he was still far from being a match for the Yin Yang Family.


Feng Wushen was silent for a moment, then said coldly: "If we don't kill him, the news of the divine artifact will definitely leak out, and then he will still attract the strongest members of the Yin Yang Family, and if we kill him, he will definitely we won't be able to hide it from the Yin Yang Family, so whether we kill it or not, we will attract the Yin Yang Family, so if that's the case, why do we need to keep it alive? If it's an enemy, it must die."


"Master..." Zhang Junlan was speechless.


"I respect Brother Feng's decision, and whatever happens, I will stand by Brother Feng's side." Ling Xiaoxiao said, her beautiful eyes brimming with determination.


Feng Wushen descended and arrived at Yin Yang Jun's side, saying nonchalantly: "What are your last words?"


“It is very hard to die with you injured, but I have already sent the news to the Yin Yang Clan, even if you are a member of the Dragon Clan, this dispute will be resolved.” Yin Yang Jun said weakly.


“I forgot to tell you that I am not from the Dragon Clan, so what do I care if the Yin Yang Family wants to settle scores with the Dragon Clan? Also, can the Yin Yang Family fight against the Dragon Clan?” Feng Wushen said dismissively.


“So you are not from the Dragon Clan, then you will be waiting for the strongest of the Yin Yang family to hunt you down, and everyone related to you, no one will live…”




Before Yin Yang Jun could finish his words, the Dragon God Sword in Feng Wushen's hand had already mercilessly pierced through Yin Yang Jun's heart, and a large amount of blood spurted out.


"I hate when people threaten me." Feng Wushen said coldly, and then slowly took out the Dragon God Sword.


"......" Eyes unintentionally looking at Feng Wushen, Yin Yang Jun struggled to raise his hand before letting go again.


Death to Yin Yang Jun!


"I, Feng Wushen, never need to look at others when I perform." Feng Wushen said proudly.


What kind of person is Feng Wushen? He was a demon genius with the memories and experience of the Heretic Dragon God, which with the Yin Yang family, Feng Wushen had never been afraid of.


"Ruthless and cold-blooded, boy, you are wild!" Once Yin Yang Jun died, a cold voice rose from the void.

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