Chapter 587 - Cultivation

Wherever the terrifying sand beast passed, the desert, which had been destroyed beyond recognition, returned to its desert form in the blink of an eye as the sand swept over it.


Even cliffs and nether crevasses can fill up in an instant.


An extremely destructive sand beast, it is made for destruction.


When the Wild Sand Beast appeared, the entire Yanhuang Tago Desert boiled, and the fire attribute energy became incomparably frenzied.


An extremely terrifying natural disaster, the energy was so strong that Ling Xiaoxiao did not even dare to say that the Limit of Divine Transformation could resist it.


"Instant move!"


Feng Wushen's group exerted all their strength and made instant movements one after another.


"Shoo shoo shoo!"


A dozen figures blinked incessantly, desperately pushing their true essence with astonishing speed, leaving a great blur of residual shadows.


"Fast!" Feng Wushen shouted anxiously .


Right now, nine lives are at stake.


The wild sand beast was getting closer and closer, and Feng Wushen and the others could feel the extremely terrifying fire attribute energy. If they didn't hurry, it wouldn't be a problem to be roasted over black coals, let alone cooked.


It was extremely uncomfortable as the heat was spreading and it was as if my body was on fire.


"Temple Master, it's too late!" Nie Zhong said in horror.


"It's too fast! We just can't make it on time." Kuangzhan shouted with eager hearts, they weren't in the Heavenly Human Realm after all, they were definitely not faster than the Heavenly Human Realm in terms of speed.


Seeing the incomparably terrifying Wild Sand Beast approaching, Kuangzhan and the others fell into despair.


"Qilin Battle Armor! Shadow of the Dragon God." Feng Wushen yelled, offering up his battle armor and launching his body technique.


"Grab the hand!" Feng Wushen yelled, even when faced with life and death, as brothers in life and death, Feng Wushen would not leave them behind.


In each flash, he would grab a person's hand, so fast that he would do it in a single second, reaching Feng Wushen's top speed.


"Shoo shoo shoo!"


Feng Wushen's speed instantly increased by several times, launching an instant move under the terrifying speed, causing Xuefeng and the others to pounce at full speed.


If Feng Wushen and the others failed to get under the ancient city before the Wild Sand Beast arrived, the consequences would only be ashes!


"Xiaoxiao! Xiao Zhang! Hurry up." Feng Wushen yelled immediately after.


The terrifying wild sand beast is far more terrifying than the Evil Giant of the Divine Transformation Realm.


"Shoo shoo shoo!"


Seeing that the violent Wild Sand Beast Ancient City was less than tens of meters away, Feng Wushen and Ling Xiaoxiao's group pounced with all their might, transforming into black lightning and impacting downwards.


Here is the passage through which they originally broke through the rock and finally entered it with unerring precision.


Just half a second after Feng Wushen's group rushed into the passage, the ancient city was instantly swallowed by the wild sand beast. The speed of the huge sand tornado was amazing, if they had been half a second slower, they would have been smashed to dust by the wild sand.


In the middle of the passage, a huge strip of yellow sand spilled out, apparently to bury Feng Wushen and the others alive.


The entire ancient ruined city was shaking violently, and the cave at the bottom had begun to collapse.


"Enter the cave! Block the yellow sand!" Feng Wushen yelled, as long as they entered the cave and formed a boundary against it before it completely collapsed, they would be safe.


It all happened in a flash and a million emotions.


It was fortunate that Feng Wushen intervened regardless, or else Xuefeng and the others would have been engulfed by the wild sand beast.


Upon entering the cave, Feng Wushen immediately urged the Power of Extinction to condense powerful energy to support the collapsing cave, while also blocking the entrance to the passage to prevent a massive influx of yellow sand.


"Ugh! Saved! Saved." Kuangzhan panicked and kept pounding on his chest.


"It was this close to over! It's horrible." Chao Shen said in horror, his face pale as paper.


Xuefeng swallowed in horror, and said afterwards: “Luckily, the Temple Master made a move, otherwise we would have died.”


"The Wild Sand Beast is terrifying! The power of the Heavenly Tribulation is so terrifying!" Leng Mucheng was scared, and his entire body was covered in cold sweat.


Even Feng Wushen was completely relieved.


It was a race to the death.


Taking a deep breath, Feng Wushen activated his true essence and formed a seal with both hands, before shouting under his breath, “The Yuan Splitting Art!”


Yuan Shen's twelve doubles came out.


"The Art of Division!" Seeing Yuan Shen's twelve divisions, Huanyang and the others immediately rejoiced.


"Take advantage of the energy of the desert fire attribute to cultivate, you don't have much time, hurry up, and also, bring your weapons, I will forge them for you." Feng Wushen spoke.


"Forge! Great." Zhang Junlan was the first to get emotional.


One by one, the immortal artifacts as well as the spiritual artifacts were taken out and all placed in front of Feng Wushen, after which they all sat down to cultivate, using their Yuan Shen doppelgangers to refine raging fire attribute power.


With the help of his Yuan Shen doubles, Huanyang's cultivation speed would increase by several times, and it was expected that they would reach the level of the Heavenly Human Realm in the shortest possible time.


With time running out, Feng Wushen first collected all the remaining Spirit Weapons and Immortal Weapons in the cave, as well as many refining materials, and then immediately began forging.


It's a pity that he didn't bring the Nine-fold Qiankun Tower with him, otherwise he would have saved a lot of time.


Forging is definitely a piece of cake for Feng Wushen.


Therefore, Feng Wushen intends to complete the forge first, and then cultivate.


Before coming here, Feng Wushen had already bought a large amount of forging materials at the auction, and the forging did not take him long.


Feng Wushen's Dragon God Sword, as well as his gloves, need to be upgraded to the forging grade, the higher the forging state, the more powerful they are.




Meanwhile, after Feng Wushen and his group had excitedly avoided the wild sand beast, the huge and terrifying sand tornado quickly approached the Yin Yang Jun who was dead in the desert.




A figure appeared out of nowhere, right next to Yin Yang Jun.


The visitor was a middle-aged man; it was impossible to see the depth of his cultivation, but he must be a very formidable presence.


Not far away was the terrifying sand beast, but the middle-aged man did not change his face in the slightest, as if the sand beast did not exist, and seemed to think that it could not do it any harm.


The man crouched down and examined the sword wound on Yin Yang Jun's chest, frowning slightly. "A high-quality spirit weapon flying sword, this sword is extraordinary, it possesses the aura of the Dragon race, and the person who uses the sword has the highest achievement in sword dao, dying under this person's sword will not It is unfair."


"It really is an art of immortals! This person is not simple."


"There is also the aura of the evil giants, who are indeed also looking for divine weapons."


Rising up slowly, his gaze fixed on the wild sand beast, and his face still unchanged, the man said curiously: “What kind of genius possesses such severe swordsmanship? This person's sword intent It has an aura of looking out of the world."


“However, regardless of whether you are a member of the Dragon Clan or not, if you dare to kill a descendant of my Yin Yang Clan, you will have to pay the price in blood!” The man's eyes, which had suddenly turned fierce, flashed with an extremely terrifying murderous aura.


Then, with a wave of his hand, Yin Yang Jun's body disappeared from thin air, and the man's figure vanished with him, as if he had never appeared.

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