Chapter 587: Holy Spirit VS Blood Demon

Whoo whoo!


On the surface of the six-color lake, a huge blood shadow enveloped Fan Yao's body. The blood shadow had no face, only a pair of floating eyes that were exceptionally long and strangely chilling.


Below the eyes was a sinister black crack that resembled its mouth. When it opened, the surrounding Genesis Qi was immediately absorbed.


A terrifying pressure of Genesis Qi slowly spread from the blood shadow.


As they looked at the strange blood shadow, an intense fear rose even in the many people outside the lake, evidently feeling the terrible power of Fan Yao's Genesis Technique.


The third ranked core disciple of the Holy Palace had finally become angry at Zhou Yuan, and now he had brought out his true mettle.


In fact, even the faces of the two core disciples, Jin Zhang and Tang Xiaoyan, had become extremely serious. Faced with such power, whether or not they could escape unscathed would be a problem.


Under countless fearful gazes, Fan Yao's blood-red pupils locked onto Zhou Yuan. The first one wiped the blood at the corner of his mouth, while a shiver at the extreme voice growled between his teeth.


“Zhou Yuan, when you land in my hands later, I will slowly drain every drop of blood from your body! I will let you enjoy the meaning of true terror before you die!”




A piercing screech exploded from the huge blood demon shadow. His giant blood-red hand suddenly extended out, transforming into a blood-red flash as he struck relentlessly towards Zhou Yuan.


The fabric of space warped violently as the hand advanced, as the air exploded under its power.


Zhou Yuan's figure quickly ethereal as he quickly shoots backwards, barely avoiding the blood hand with all his speed.




However, his figure had barely escaped the range of the blood hand's attack, when blood Qi suddenly filled the area. The blood Qi was viscous and sticky, seemingly forming a swamp made of blood.


In the middle of the blood swamp, Zhou Yuan's speed immediately dropped.




With a furious roar from Fan Yao, a shadow descended from the sky. The sound of wind could be heard from beneath Zhou Yuan's feet, as he found two giant blood hands clapping towards him from above and below, completely cutting off any path of escape.


Countless gasps sounded outside the six-colored lake.


In the distance, Tang Xiaoyan and Jin Zhang's hearts also rose in their chests.




Under the many observation gazes, the blood hands struck each other. Blood Qi churned wildly, rippling the space around him.


Tang Xiaoyan's heart couldn't help but tremble at this scene. Even if Zhou Yuan was able to withstand the attack, he would surely be seriously injured.


On the lake below, a sinister smile emerged from the corners of Fan Yao's mouth.


"You're an annoying fly...let's see if they beat you to death!"




However, a mysterious glow suddenly began to emerge between the two giant blood hands in the sky at this moment. The light became stronger and stronger, as the two blood hands slowly separated.


The smile on Fan Yao's face stiffened.




In the end, the blood demon's hands were pushed away with a tug. Numerous gazes looked over and found Zhou Yuan standing in the sky, with a giant mysterious figure enveloping his body.


A wave of terrifying Genesis Qi undulations emerged from the mysterious glowing figure, no less weak than Fan Yao's blood demon shadow.


"This is…"


Tang Xiaoyan and Fan Yao's pupils tightened slightly at this moment.


“The Holy Genesis Peak Omega Holy Spirit Art?!”


The two of them shouted at the same time, although Tang Xiaoyan's tone was a pleasant surprise, while Fan Yao was a little gloomy. Evidently, they were well aware of this top-level Genesis technique that belonged to the Cangxuan Sect.


"I never expected that I had learned this technique!" Tang Xiaoyan heaved a deep sigh of relief, an exceptional splendor rose in her eyes as she looked towards Zhou Yuan. The Omega Holy Spirit Art was one of the Cangxuan Sect's strongest Genesis techniques. No wonder there was hardly any panic when he saw Fan Yao take out the Great Blood Demon ability earlier.


Zhou Yuan looked down from the sky to meet Fan Yao's gaze, killing intent swirling in both individuals' eyes.




Neither party said a single word, as one suddenly descended from the air, while the other launched into the sky.


The blood demon roared, the avatar of violence and ferocity.


The holy spirit howled, filled with immeasurable and mysterious power.




Giant waves seem to rise into the sky, as the two titans unleashed a terrifying barrage of attacks, the residual energies violently churning the six-colored lake below.


Even Tang Xiaoyan, Jin Zhang, Wang Yuan, and the blood corpse had no choice but to back away lest they be caught in the aftershocks.


The intensity of Zhou Yuan and Fan Yao's fighting had already surpassed everyone else.




The blood demon shadow collided with the holy spirit, as Fan Yao and Zhou Yuan continuously poured Genesis Qi into their techniques from within…


Fan Yao's blood-red pupils glared at Zhou Yuan as he roared, "Watch my blood demon tear your holy spirit to pieces!"


However, Zhou Yuan responded with a mocking smile. The Spirit between his eyebrows began to flicker as the invisible Spirit power spread out once again, brutally attacking Fan Yao.


"Spiritual Shock!"


After advancing to the advanced corporeal stage, Zhou Yuan's Spirit attacks had become more strange and unpredictable. Against someone whose Spirit cultivation was weak enough, all it would take was a single thought from Zhou Yuan to destroy his Spirit.


You could even say that he murders without leaving a trace.


However, although Fan Yao's spirit was not as strong as his opponent's, it was not too weak either and was therefore able to withstand the attacks. But every time Zhou Yuan's spiritual shock spread, an intense tearing pain would begin to shatter Fan Yao's head.


Every time this happened, the giant blood demon surrounding Fan Yao's body would be brutally defeated by the holy spirit.


After several repetitions, Fan Yao's figure had become somewhat irregular, as he was about to explode due to anger.


"Zhou Yuan! You are a despicable person. You are only able to use your Spirit to annoy me!" Fan Yao roared.


However, Zhou Yuan simply chuckled in response to the former's frustration. His spirit was his advantage, and he was naturally not foolish enough to abandon it. After all, it was something he had worked hard to cultivate.


Hit! Hit!


As such, he responded by directing the holy spirit to unleash a vicious attack that forcefully shattered Fan Yao's blood demon shadow hand.


Fan Yao's expression turned pale, while his eyes became eerily stormy.


He knew that it was only a matter of time before the blood demon's shadow would shatter if this continued...


"I can't believe he's so hard to deal with..."


Fan Yao took a deep breath, as a savage and cruel gleam flickered in his eyes.


"It seems that I will have to use my final trump card..."


He cast a sinisterly chilling glance at Zhou Yuan, before suddenly retreating, heading straight to the battlefield between Jin Zhang and the blood corpse.


Jin Zhang hurriedly backed away when he saw this.


However, Fan Yao did not pay attention to the former. His figure moved and appeared next to the blood corpse, before leaping towards it, when a set of eerily white teeth bit into the corpse's neck.




The blood corpse struggled as its body began to wither. All the blood within her flowed out at this moment, and was completely absorbed by Fan Yao.


undulations suddenly began to rise in a crazy manner!


Strange blood runes spread across his body, making him look like a blood demon.


The hairs of the numerous spectators began to stand up when they saw this, while a chill rose from the bottom of their feet.

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