Chapter 588 Speculation

The sand beast swept across the sky as if it completely covered it.


Wherever they pass, the crumbling desert regains its appearance.


The violent and intense fire attribute is still present, and it has not disappeared at all because of the appearance of the wild sand beast.


It is not known how long it took for peace to return to the Yanhuangtago desert.


The ruined ancient city was already buried deep within by a layer of yellow sand, and Feng Wushen and the others followed suit, buried deep within the underground cave.


Buried deep, with the halls sealed and all twelve, the cave must have been poorly oxygenated.


Therefore, Feng Wushen opened the passage first to ensure they had enough oxygen before proceeding to the forge.




Somewhere in a mysterious space, in an extremely large and magnificent palace.


In the imposing room, a middle-aged man with a dead body appears out of nowhere, silently.


The middle-aged man was the same one who had previously led Yin Yang Jun away from his dead body in the Yanhuangtago desert.


And this huge, magnificent and imposing palace is none other than the Yin Yang Family Palace.


"It is true that we are still a step behind." In the main seat, a white-haired old man frowned slightly, giving the impression of not being angry.


"Grandmaster, who is responsible for this?" an old man asked with a frown, his old face stained with anger.


The Great Sage shook his head and said: "In the news that Yin Yang Jun conveyed to me, I only know that this son has the Dragon bloodline, as well as ancient power, but I don't know the name, and this person has no nothing to do with the Dragon race, but just acquired the Dragon bloodline by chance, apart from that, there is no other news, and it seems that the situation was very dangerous at that time."


"Have a Dragon bloodline, but have nothing to do with the Dragon race?" In the main seat, the old man frowned slightly again, as if he had never heard of such a strange thing.


“This person was able to kill Yin Yang Jun, so it can be seen that his strength is not weak, perhaps reaching the Extreme Heavenly Realm. From the injuries, it can be seen that this person is extremely high in the field of sword damage, and such a severe sword injury is by no means the work of an ordinary person." A middle-aged man examined Yin Yang Jun's injuries and said nonchalantly.


“The Elder is right, this man is at the peak of his achievement in sword dao, and such a genius cannot be found in the entire Yin Yang Clan.” The man agreed.


"In the middle of the Yanhuang Tago Desert, I also sensed the aura of the Evil Giants, it must be because of the divine weapon, when I went there, there was only Yin Yang Jun's corpse, there was no trace of anyone, I only fear that the divine weapon The Evil Giant has taken her." The Great Sage speculated.


“The Evil Giant clan is grabbing the divine artifact for nothing more than to fight for the position of the patriarch, ShaoShiMing, you will go to the Evil Giant clan later, if they promise to hand over the divine artifact, the Yin Yang family will help them take the position of the patriarch". The High Priest said in a murky voice, as if helping the Evil Giant clan seize the position of clan chief was only a trivial matter.


"Yes! Priest!" The young priest respectfully addressed the order.


“By the way, the person who killed Yin Yang Jun knew the Heavenly Demon Saint Ling Xiaoxiao, who was also in the Yanhuang Tago Desert at the time, and this person was only lying when he said that he had nothing to do with the Clan. Dragon, if not, would you have met the Heavenly Demon Saint?" The Great Sage added.


"Xiaoxiao?" Hearing the Great Sage's words, a surprised voice suddenly came from the center of the great hall.


"Young Master!"


Hearing this shocked voice, in the large hall, apart from the head of the Yin Yang Family and the elders, the High Priest, the Grand Priest, the Young Priest, and the oldest members of the Yin Yang Family all knelt on one knee in sign of respect.




An extremely terrifying murderous aura filled the room, followed by Yin Yang Jun's corpse, which instantly burst into flames and went up in smoke in the blink of an eye.


"Knowing that Xiao Xiao was present and still dared to strike, you deserve to die!" Young lord Yin Yang's extremely cold voice sounded in the main room.


"Don't let me know again which of you dares to hit in front of Xiao Xiao, or else Yin Yang Jun will be his example!" Young Lord Yin Yang's cold voice came once more, an extremely terrifying pressure ripping through the entire room, snatching the heart and soul.


"Yes! Young Master!" The High Priest and the others responded respectfully, all terrified and breaking out in a cold sweat.


"Do not be rude!" In the main seat, the old man spoke nonchalantly.


The old man spoke before the terrifying pressure disappeared.


"Grandmaster, immediately send someone to find out who the person next to Xiao Xiao is." Young Lord Yin Yang's voice came.


"Yes! Young Master!" The Grand Master respectfully led the order.




Cave of an ancient city in ruins.


"Sixth Rank Forge." In the middle of the cave, Feng Wushen's face revealed a smirk.


The Dragon God Sword has been upgraded from a second-order to a sixth-order forge, a complete four-order upgrade, and its power can be said to have increased exponentially.


Furthermore, Ling Xiaoxiao and the others' weapons had all been upgraded to the fifth rank of forging, so although their cultivation levels had not increased, their combat power had definitely multiplied.


Within a few days, Feng Wushen had already upgraded the weapons of Ling Xiaoxiao and the others to the fifth rank of forging.


"It will take time to reach the sixth level of the Heavenly Human Realm." Feng Wushen muttered, looking at the few people of Ling Xiaoxiao, and secretly said: "It's enough."


It would take Huanyang and the others at least two months to break through to the Heavenly Human Realm, even with the help of Feng Wushen's Yuan Shen double.


Two months, with Feng Wushen's talent, was enough to reach the sixth level of the Heavenly Human Realm.


Feng Wushen took out the Heavenly Treasures and executed the Ultimate Dragon God Skill while absorbing raging fire attribute energy. With the double energy provided, Feng Wushen cultivated at an incomparable speed, not inferior to Zhang Junlan and others who had the help of their Yuan Shen doppelgangers to cultivate.


"With the many Heavenly Treasures, breaking through to the sixth level of the Heavenly Human Realm is not a problem." Feng Wushen muttered.




"The Dragon race?" Somewhere in the great hall of the mysterious palace, an old man frowned deeply as a moment of sorrow surfaced on his old face.


The middle-aged man nodded repeatedly and said, “That's right, he has the Dragon bloodline and a cultivation level of the fifth level of the Heavenly Human Realm, yet he was able to defeat Yin Yang Jun of the ninth level of the Human Realm. Heavenly and kill him."


“A fifth level of the Heavenly Human Realm killing a sixth level of the Heavenly Human Realm?” The old face of an old man was instantly covered in surprise as his old eyes looked at the middle-aged man.


The man nodded his head repeatedly, looking shocked: "That's right! I saw it with my own eyes, he also had the ancient power, the divine weapon was in his hand, and the Heavenly Demon Saint was there at that moment." At the moment, she had the Limit of Divine Transformation, there was nothing she could do to her."


"Stupid! Wouldn't just capturing that boy have been enough?" Another old man chided.


At this time, the man awkwardly said: "I... I thought the same thing at the time, but that boy was too cunning, before he could hit, he hid at the edge, and I couldn't do anything."


"It's not that I'm clever, it's that you're too stupid!" Another old man scolded angrily.


"I... I had no idea that boy was so cunning..." The man muttered under his breath, with an aggrieved look.


"Hmph!" In the main seat, an old man snorted angrily and said in a deep voice: “Immediately send someone to investigate this boy and retrieve the divine weapon as soon as possible!”


"Yes, yes, yes! I'm on my way." The man nodded repeatedly, horrified.


"I really shouldn't have sent this crap!" An old man said pouting and angry, his old face was extremely ugly.


“Since when does the Dragon Clan produce such a genius? I have never heard of him before, and the Heavenly Demon Saint Maiden still follows him, could it be…?” The Grand Elder frowned, his old face concentrated.

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