Chapter 589 – Earth Saint Rune Showing Its Power

Buzz! Buzz!


When Fan Yao's eyes filled with killing intent locked on Zhou Yuan, he suddenly felt a slight vibration from the earth. Initially he thought it was an illusion, but soon, the vibrations became stronger and stronger...


The earth trembled as if it were the surface of a lake, and there were hidden ripples that undulated.


The center of that wave was where Zhou Yuan was.


He felt that there seemed to be something beneath the earth, like a tidal wave coming from all directions and an invisible oppression emanating from it and even Fan Yao who was in his current state felt a little afraid under that oppression.


It's like I'm standing in front of a majestic mountain...


Fan Yao's eyes stared at Zhou Yuan in disbelief, he couldn't believe that this level of power was caused by the latter, what was this kind of Genesis Qi?


"What are you doing pretending to be something else?!"


Fan Yao's face was cold and his pace suddenly quickened, directly transforming into a blood light that shot violently towards Zhou Yuan.


"Do you think you can scare me by pulling on these blinders? Naive guy!"


"Let's see how I shatter all these media of yours in one fell swoop!"




Blood red Genesis Qi rose into the sky, half of the sky seemed to have turned red at that moment, the shockwaves of tyrannical Genesis Qi were swept away from Fan Yao's body, the surrounding ancient trees were directly shattered at that moment.


"The Great Blood Demon Technique!"


Between the roars, the diffuse blood light gathered and formed a huge blood demon light shadow, which became even more terrifying than what Fan Yao had shown before!


The whole world was full of blood.


The terrifying pressure of Genesis Qi spread, and the ground beneath was crumbling.




Fan Yao's face was hideous, his figure rose into the sky then stagnated in the air for a few moments and plummeted downwards, while the enormous light and shadow of the Blood Demon merged with him, the Fan Yao in that moment was so fierce it was scary.


"Give me your death!"


He roared downwards with a punch, his fist and the Blood Demon Giant Hand converging together, the Blood Genesis Qi converging like a blood meteor that sliced through the sky, carrying the power of destruction and descending directly on Zhou Yuan below. .


Before that blow had landed, the ground below was already beginning to crumble and the forest around it was constantly collapsing.


At this moment Fan Yao was like a blood demon wreaking havoc on the earth.


However, although Fan Yao's momentum was amazing, Zhou Yuan who was below still only pressed his hands lightly on the ground without even raising his head, but the pressure of the wind also shook his robe.


"No matter what means you have, this time, you will die!"


By the time the last word fell, Fan Yao was already spinning like a meteor.


Zhou Yuan finally slowly raised his head at this point, his pair of pupils becoming as pale as they could be, thick and ancient and mysterious.


The pupils of his pale yellow eyes reflected Fan Yao coming down from the sky and mingling with the Blood Demon with an astonishing force that pressed his palm against the ground to hit him.




At that instant, the earth for hundreds of kilometers shook violently at that moment.


Zhou Yuan raised a palm, and pale yellow Genesis Qi condensed between his palms, as if forming a vortex.


He was going to receive this terrifying blow from Fan Yao in a harsher way.


"Zhou Yuan, you are looking for death!" Fan Yao laughed angrily and in the next instant blood light descended from the sky, directly in a destructive manner and mercilessly met Zhou Yuan's palm colliding with each other.




The visible shock wave spread at this moment, and less than 10,000 feet away countless giant trees were broken at the waist.


The ground where Zhou Yuan was standing directly collapsed, forming a giant pit.


Fan Yao laughed horribly, as if he had already seen the end of Zhou Yuan's corpse that had been blown to pieces by his harsh blow.


"I'll see how you will live this time!"


But his laughter, as the smoke and dust gradually dissipated, was a sudden chill, and Fan Yao looked down with a stiff face, only to see that in the gigantic pit over there, Zhou Yuan remained on one knee, touching the floor with one hand and standing up with the other.


Between his raised palms, pale yellow Genesis Qi formed mysterious whirlpools, and that terrifying strike from Fan Yao earlier had failed to destroy the seemingly weak pale yellow vortex.


On Zhou Yuan's body, not even the corners of his clothes had been torn in the slightest.


His young face was as calm as a deep pond, and a pair of eyes indifferently staring at Fan Yao who was in the previous position.


"How... Maybe..." Fan Yao looked at the scene in stupor, he couldn't believe that the blow that had poured out all his strength had not hurt Zhou Yuan in the slightest.


"It just can't be..."


"It is an illusion..."


However, below, Zhou Yuan's five fingers slowly clenched, and his eyes stared at Fan Yao with deep eyes as he said, "Now is the time to attack, right?"




The moment his voice fell, Fan Yao's figure shot up violently, his speed was pushed to the extreme trying to flee directly from here, his eyes' fear was evident and it was clear that the previous scene had made him feel bad.


He was determined, and didn't care about others, escaping first.


He had a feeling that if he didn't leave, he would fall here today...


Zhou Yuan faintly watched Fan Yao's violent shot and retreat without paying attention, he pressed the ground with one hand, at this moment under the earth there was a majestic pale yellow! Genesis Qi flooded into his body like a torrent.


The Holy Rune of Earth!


It is capable of extracting the Genesis Qi power contained in the earth.


That kind of power, pure and heavy, could only be condensed and tempered from the depths of the earth.


On Zhou Yuan's right arm a thin layer of crystals gradually appeared, the crystals had a pale yellow color faintly revealing the ancient lines! Those lines give a feeling of heaven and earth, as if they were born from heaven and earth.


He could feel a burst of power gathering in his right arm.


That kind of power was so strong that it directly caused the skin on his right arm to crumble and create some blood marks, clearly a little too much for his flesh to bear.




Zhou Yuan took a deep breath, his eyes flickering with cold, he looked at the quickly fleeing Fan Yao, his five fingers clenched, and in the next moment… The right fist opened.




The moment his right fist exploded, the entire world seemed to erupt with a loud sound, and all that could be seen was an incomparably large pillar of pale yellow Genesis Qi light. It was violently shot out from Zhou Yuan's fist.


The pale yellow Genesis Qi fell, hidden as if it had transformed into a galloping Dragon, spanning the space and in a flash appeared at Fan Yao's butt.


The terrifying fluctuations coming from behind also caused Fan Yao's dead soul to rise, and he whistled madly, the huge Blood Demon light above his body. Immediately operating his full power, he ruthlessly attacked the Dragon as a torrent of pale yellow Genesis Qi.




The two collided in the next instant.


Then something terrifying happened, the blood demon light that had gathered all its power was actually in that pale yellow Genesis Qi that flooded in for several breaths of time! Before time could stop him, a loud explosion sounded.


"I concede! I surrender! Mercy!"


Fan Yao whistled sharply, his face filled with fear.


"If you kill me, our Chosen Zhan Taiqing of the Temple of Blood will not let you go!"




However, Zhou Yuan was indifferent, as the light of pale yellow Genesis Qi hit Fan Yao.




The ancient mountains and forests below were torn away into a huge 10,000-foot path, and a mountain along the way turned into a flat land...


The entire world was silent.


Only the miserable screams of that Fan Yao could be heard echoing.

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