Chapter 590 – Missing Body

Fan Yao's screams still lingered in the ancient mountain forest.


In the gigantic pit, Zhou Yuan's eyes looked indifferently at the huge crack in the ground before him, and after a moment, the pale yellow color of his eyes began to fade, and the pale yellow crystal cloak on his arm also faded. it dissipated.




And as the power within his body receded, Zhou Yuan's appearance changed slightly, as a blood stain fiercely appeared on the surface of his body at that moment, a sign that the flesh was being torn apart.


Particularly on his right arm, an indescribably intense pain arose, the skin was directly torn into tiny pieces, and blood gushed out, dripping like water from the fingertips.


Zhou Yuan winced in pain, he knew that this was a direct result of the power that had surged in his body earlier, it was too strong for his flesh to withstand.


But it was fortunate that he cultivated the Mythical Saint Small Body and his flesh body had some small success, otherwise I am afraid that he would not have been able to withstand the power that exploded from his own flesh.


And just as the severe pain in his body continued to erupt, a turquoise-green ancient pattern suddenly appeared on the surface of Zhou Yuan's body, and an exuberant vitality emanated from him, pouring into his flesh and blood.


Soon, the bursting of flesh and blood stopped, the turquoise light spread and the severe pain gradually subsided, and Zhou Yuan felt the control of his flesh return to his hands once again.


"Taiyi Wood Mark!"


Zhou Yuan said in surprise, these turquoise ancient patterns were the Taiyi green wood marks he had been practicing.


The Taiyi Green Wood brand can extract vitality from the outside to repair the flesh and at this time they are the most suitable for repairing this type of flesh wound.


In just a few minutes the terrible wounds on Zhou Yuan's body were repaired, the Genesis Qi in his body was slightly shaken and the yoke of blood also dissipated.


Zhou Yuan was relieved, although this Taiyi Green Wood Mark did not have much combat power, this exuberant vitality and repair power was not weaker than the Cangxuan Seven Arts in Zhou Yuan's opinion.


Just like here now, although he had killed the Fan Yao, the situation here was still chaotic and if he couldn't move here due to the reaction of his flesh, it was not good news.


“This Earth Saint Rune is truly terrifying…”


Zhou Yuan lowered his head and looked at the palm of his hand, where the lines of the Earth Saint Rune were gradually hiding between his flesh and blood, but his eyes were filled with amazement.


At that moment, he knew very well how amazing those pale yellow Genesis Qi pouring into his body were.


That is the Genesis Qi of the Earth.


An extremely unique Genesis Qi was hidden in the earth, incomparably thick and heavy, making it difficult for ordinary people to mobilize, but with the help of the Earth Saint Rune, as long as the earth was stepped on it could be mobilized . the Genesis Qi of the earth into the surrounding land.


But it was also because this Earth Genesis Qi was so thick and heavy that it placed such a heavy burden on the flesh.


Furthermore, Zhou Yuan could feel that this was not the limit of the Earth Saint Rune and due to his own power, the power of the Earth Saint Rune had been very limited.


According to Zhou Yuan's imagination, if one day, when he was strong enough to reach a certain level, he might even be able to mobilize the Genesis Qi of the earth contained in a continent.


That kind of power is what really destroys heaven and earth, and it is unimaginable.


"This is worthy of the power of the Holy Rune..."


Zhou Yuan sighed in his heart, the Saint Rune he had obtained before was partial to functionality, and although it was also incomparably divine, it was not too obvious in terms of improving his combat power.


Therefore, Zhou Yuan had always felt a little unworthy of the name of these four Saint Runes before.


Until this moment, when he saw the power of the Earth Saint Rune...


"It is fortunate for you that you died under the Earth Saint Rune." Zhou Yuan looked at the cracks on the ground in front of him and smiled faintly, he actually intended to want to test the Earth Saint Rune this time, so to speak.




Zhou Yuan's body slowly rose from the giant pit, and at this moment there was also a constant sound of breaking wind from the rear, those people finally rushed over.


And when they came here, they saw the vast disorder between the mountains and the forests.


The forest was torn by huge cracks, horrible and terrifying, making it difficult to imagine how fierce the battle has been...


"How's the war going now?"


"I don't know, there is no sign of Fan Yao..."


"What is the situation exactly?"




People everywhere were murmuring, their eyes filled with suspicion, because here in front of them, they only saw Zhou Yuan's figure, but there was no trace of Fan Yao.




Tang Xiaoyan and Jin Zhang also rushed here with their disciples, and on the other side, it was Wang Yuan and the Holy Palace.


Obviously, everyone knew what the battle between Zhou Yuan and Fan Yao represented, and the two of them would have a decisive impact no matter who failed, so they had to know the winner or loser at the first opportunity.


However, from the looks of both sides, it was clear that Tang Xiaoyan and Jin Zhang were mostly worried, after all, they could clearly see Zhou Yuan being chased and fleeing earlier and Fan Yao in that state was really too terrifying.


However, when they arrived here, they were also a little surprised as they only saw Zhou Yuan's figure and had not even sensed Fan Yao's Genesis Qi fluctuations.


They looked at each other.


"What about Fan Yao?" Tang Xiaoyan whispered.


Jin Zhang also shook his head, and the two looked at each other, but a possibility occurred to them, but it was a very incredible thing.


"Zhou Yuan! Where is Chief Fan Yao?!" At this moment, that Wang Yuan was also scrutinizing and shouting violently.


Zhou Yuan took a look at him and said carelessly, "Dead."


Wang Yuan was shocked and made a fool of himself: "Boy, have you been beaten?"


The others laughed out loud, before it was clearly Zhou Yuan who was fleeing in disgrace, but now he dared to speak here.


The Cangxuan Sect disciples also blushed a little, feeling that Zhou Yuan's bragging was a bit unrealistic.


Zhou Yuan smiled upon seeing him, but he didn't say much, he just waved his sleeve and a golden Genesis Qi spread out, rushing into the scorched mountain forest in the distance.


A dozen breaths later, the Genesis Qi receded and a white bone ghost claw staff was grabbed by Zhou Yuan, it was Fan Yao's lower heaven rank genesis weapon!


He casually played with it, spun it around and pointed it towards the distant Wang Yuan who ridiculed the outburst.


"This thing... It's some kind of relic, right?"


His weak laughter spread throughout the field.


Wang Yuan looked at the white bone staff in Zhou Yuan's hands, and the sneer on his face slowly solidified.


Tang Xiaoyan and Jin Zhang were stunned.


The disciples on all sides seemed to have been struck by lightning and were frozen in place, as if they had seen a ghost.


The atmosphere seemed to freeze at this moment.

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