Chapter 592 - Harvest

On the surface of the Lake of Six Colors.


Zhou Yuan, Jin Zhang, Tang Xiaoyan and the others were all gathered outside the treasure tree looking with some fiery eyes at the fruits hanging above the treasure tree.


"There are four five-color treasures, seven four-color treasures, and thirty-eight three-color treasures." Jin Zhang told them in detail, and then spoke.


As soon as this was said, even Zhou Yuan sucked in a breath of cold air clearly surprised, knowing that they had worked so hard to collect them for so long before and now among the two teams only Zhou Yuan and Jin Zhang had condensed the Divine Establishment Treasures. of four colors.


As for the other disciples, those who were able to achieve all three colors were few and far between and basically the vast majority of them were two-color Divine Establishment Treasures.


From this, it can be seen what kind of enormous amount of Mythical Genesis Essence was required to condense the Divine Establishment Treasures, yet right now at the top of this treasure tree nearly fifty numbers of Divine Establishment Treasures had been condensed. , so one could imagine how surprised Zhou Yuan and the others were by this.


"It is worthy of being a six-color treasure." Zhou Yuan exclaimed, he finally understood that in this Mythical Utopia if one wanted to obtain a high grade Divine Establishment Treasure, the most efficient way to do so was to find a treasure site.


If you want to condense it by simply collecting the mythical genesis essence, that speed is too slow...


"It seems that if I want to condense a seven-color divine establishment treasure I will have to pay more attention to these treasures later." Zhou Yuan intoned in his heart.


Jin Zhang looked at Zhou Yuan and asked, “How are these going to be distributed?”


Tang Xiaoyan also directed her fiery gaze from above the treasure tree at Zhou Yuan, smiled lightly and said, "Boss Zhou Yuan, in this fight you made the greatest contribution, how to distribute it is up to you to decide."


He was also a deep-minded person, he was not clamoring at all at this moment and made a gesture of taking Zhou Yuan as the leader.


And it had to be said that Tang Xiaoyan was much smarter than that Zhao Ru, and she was extremely comfortable with people, even Zhou Yuan was a little fond of her.


However, he did not pretentiously refuse, after all, now that he was the leader of the two Cangxuan Sect teams, many disciples fought to the death for his orders, he also had an obligation to fight for their interests.


He stared at the treasure tree, and intoned lightly, saying, “Of the four five-color Divine Establishment Treasures we want three, and the other goes to Chief Tang Xiaoyan, what do you think?”


Although the Hundred Flower Fairy Palace had two bosses, Zhao Ru had not made any contribution in this fight so Zhou Yuan did not feel qualified to receive a Five-Color Divine Establishment Treasure.


When Tang Xiaoyan heard this, her shell teeth bit her red lips and after a moment of silence, she finally nodded lightly with a small cursor.


In her heart she also knew that Zhao Ru had treated Zhou Yuan so badly before that the latter must not have any good sense towards her, and most importantly, in the previous battle Zhao Ru did not contribute in the slightest but instead because of his own carelessness had almost put them all in danger.


Therefore, it could be considered that she understands that Zhou Yuan did not share the Five-Color Divine Establishment Treasure with her.


Zhou Yuan felt relieved in his heart upon seeing it, but if Tang Xiaoyan didn't agree it would be really troublesome, after all, he would rather go and fight with Fan Yao than fight with a group of women from the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace. here to get some benefits.


“There are seven four-color Divine Establishment Treasures, four for my CangXuan Sect and three from the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace.”


"There are thirty-eight three-color divine establishment treasures, twenty-three for my Cang Xuan Sect and fifteen for the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace."


"And the mythical genesis essence contained in the Lake of Six Colors, sixty percent to the Cang Xuan Sect and forty percent to the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace." In a single breath, Zhou Yuan said the following distribution in its entirety.


Tang Xiaoyan listened and calculated carefully, turning her small red mouth to raise a small smile, willow eyebrows curved gently, "Then on behalf of the sisters of the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace, I will thank Chief Zhou first." Yuan."


He was also a smart person, and with a slight calculation, he knew that Zhou Yuan had let them have quite a few benefits to the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace and it was generally considered to be a nearly forty percent distribution to them.


This was already considered an extremely high quota, and if it was Fan Yao here, it was even possible that he would only give them 20% or even 10%! ...


Zhou Yuan laughed, and Jin Zhang who was on the side looked at each other, both of them were somewhat impressed, this Tang Xiaoyan was a powerful character seemingly gentle and uncontroversial, but always able to make the most of the situation.


If it was Zhao Ru who negotiated here, Zhou Yuan felt that he would at most give in to 30%, but instead of facing this Tang Xiaoyan, Zhou Yuan was unable to exert his tactics too much.


This was undoubtedly where Tang Xiaoyan was powerful.


But it was good to back off a little, let's consider it as a show of goodwill to the Hundred Flower Fairy Palace in the long run it was not necessarily a loss.


"Since it has been distributed, let's all choose it first." Zhou Yuan said.


Tang Xiaoyan nodded and offered to move forward and as her Genesis Qi flowed, she clicked and collected as many of the previous Divine Establishment Treasures as she could, then held them with her Genesis Qi and sent them to Zhou Yuan.


Zhou Yuan first took two of the five-colored Divine Establishment Treasures and handed them to Jin Zhang and Tang Xiaoyan, who also received them with a joy they could not hide.


“Five-colored Divine Establishment Treasures ah…” Jin Zhang looked jubilant, with this item when he broke into the Divine Dwelling, he would be able to open the Five Heavens Divine Dwelling, which for him was already considered to be quite rare.


It could be said that all of his basic goals of entering the Mythical Utopia this time were considered achieved.


"It seems that following Chief Zhou Yuan there really is meat to eat, nowadays in the Mythical Utopia as long as one does not meet a Chosen One I am sure that there is no Chief capable of competing with Chief Zhou Yuan." Tang Xiaoyan smiled and smiled, flattering Zhou Yuan a little.


Of course, it was actually the truth, although that Fan Yao was only the third in the Holy Palace, but according to Tang Xiaoyan's guess in that final state of Fan Yao even if he faced the first and second head of the Holy Palace he would probably have the power to fight him.


However Fan Yao in that state was still annihilated by Zhou Yuan without even leaving a corpse... One could imagine how strongly Zhou Yuan had hidden his methods.


Therefore, as long as he did not encounter a Chosen One, Zhou Yuan's strength was enough to walk the periphery of the Mythical Utopia.


Zhou Yuan smiled, and also took out the two remaining five-color Divine Establishment Treasures, saying, "I'll take these two."


Jin Zhang had no objection to this, with Zhou Yuan's contribution in this battle it was unlikely that anyone would have a problem with eating two five-color Divine Establishment Treasures for one person.


"The rest of these Divine Establishment Treasures will be distributed to the disciples who have contributed the most." Zhou Yuan distributed the rest of the divine establishment treasures to Jin Zhang and Tang Xiaoyan.


They nodded and received them.


But when they finished distributing the Divine Establishment Treasures, they discovered that the treasure tree growing in the lake water began to wither at this point and finally melted rapidly, completely melting into the lake water and dissipating.


Apparently, the departure of the divine establishment treasures caused the treasure tree to also lose all of its vitality and could no longer extract mythical genesis energy to grow.


However, with the dissipation of the treasure tree Zhou Yuan and the others were aware that the resistance emanating from the Lake of Six Colors was gradually dissipating, so that the other disciples could apparently enter as well.


“The mythical genesis essence within the Lake of Six Colors will be distributed according to the previous distribution, the two disciples will enter together to collect it…” Zhou Yuan said.


"Boss Zhou Yuan, there are still many forces coveting here." Tang Xiaoyan suddenly said in a low voice.


Zhou Yuan's gaze was also far away, as the resistance here in the Lake of Six Colors dissipated, some forces began to move a little, although they knew that there were two supreme powers here, but the temptation of the Lake of Six Colors It was too big.


"Shall we kick them all out?" Jin Zhang asked.


Zhou Yuan recited lightly, shook his head and said: "It's very annoying, just leave them a small corner in the six-color lake and let those groups distribute it, how they fight is their business and anyone who interferes with us will regret it." ".


Tang Xiaoyan's beautiful eyes lit up, Zhou Yuan's hand saved too much trouble, although giant sects like them could take care of those various groups, it was annoying once there were more flies to harass them.


And by throwing away a small piece of cake, Zhou Yuan had solved the problem cleanly, and was able to gain a lot of goodwill, and of course most importantly, was able to save them too much energy.


So both of them withdrew first, arranging for the disciples of the two sects.


Zhou Yuan stood on the surface of the lake, looking at the place inside the Lake of Six Colors where the precious tree had melted before, but his eyes flickered slightly.


Perhaps in Jin Zhang and Tang Xiaoyan's opinion, the treasure tree had turned into nothingness due to the collection of the Divine Establishment Treasures, but the Saint Rune flowing in the depths of Zhou Yuan's pupils told him. allowed us to detect something strange.


"This six-color lake, does it have another mystery?"


He murmured, and his figure suddenly moved, directly stepping into this huge six-color lake.


'Whatever happens, let's check it first.'


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