Chapter 592 - Shocking the Illusory Sea Realm

"Sixth order of forging, sixth level of the Heavenly Human Realm, the strength of the Dan Emperor is truly terrifying."


"Emperor Dan is relentless and ruthless; if you make enemies with him, you will surely die."


High up in the sky, the Grand Commander of the Immortal Weapons Pavilion was still looking at Feng Wushen, his heart stunned to the core.


When Feng Wushen first went to the Immortal Weapons Pavilion, Feng Wushen was only at the Heavenly Yuan realm, but now he had broken through to the sixth level of the Heavenly Human realm, a terrifying cultivation speed that also shook the Grand Commander's heart.


"This power of Emperor Dan is very terrifying, I am afraid that it is the legendary power of ten thousand ages, or even the primordial power!"


"The Dan Emperor realm, the divine ability to form weapons with a single thought, and the ability to refine high-grade Immortal weapons, such a terrifying genius is absolutely unmatched on the mainland, even the Young Lord of the Yin Yang Family cannot can match Emperor Dan, with the talent of Emperor Dan, in a few more years, he can definitely surpass Young Lord of the Yin Yang Family!"


“The Pavilion Master's decision seems to be correct, Emperor Dan has such a terrifying ability at such a young age, there must be an ultimate power behind him! I am afraid it is the legendary power of the True God Realm.”


The Grand Commander murmured in his heart, and in addition to his respect for Feng Wushen, he now had an additional qualm.


The Grand Commander had seen too many geniuses, but he had never seen a genius as terrifying as Feng Wushen, and Feng Wushen was the first.


"Brothers, well done for killing." Eliminating the Heavenly Martial Sect, Feng Wushen spewed out the blood from his Dragon God Sword, his face revealed a smile.


"It's the enemy, it must die!" Huanyang and Chao Shen and other generals roared, their iron-blooded murderous aura spread wildly, their voices shaking the sky and taking the breath away.


"Next!" Feng Wushen made a fierce face.


The destruction of the Heavenly Martial Sect was the eighth force that the Dragon God Temple had eliminated!


The onlookers were so shocked that they couldn't even speak, and they all froze in place as if petrified, even after the crowd from the Dragon God Temple had left.


Feng Wushen had not gone to the Sacred Sun Sect because he wanted to stay last, he wanted to eliminate those shrimp and crab soldiers first before slowly dealing with the Sacred Sun Sect.


“The Heavenly Martial Sect has been destroyed! The Heavenly Martial Sect has been destroyed!”


“The Dragon God Temple is so terrifying! No one from the Heavenly Martial Sect was spared, they were all killed!”


“Including the Heavenly Martial Sect, it is already the eighth force to be bloodied! How many more forces does the Dragon God Temple have to wipe out?” When the news of the Heavenly Martial Sect's bloodshed spread, it violently shocked the forces and clans of the Illusory Sea Realm, and countless cultivators panicked at the thought that with such a terrifying slaughter rate, the main forces from the Illusory Sea Realm would only be cleanly annihilated.


Who can stop such a terrifying Dragon God Temple?


The Dragon God Temple has decimated all the great powers with a bloodbath, simply killing Gods and Buddhas in their encounters, no one can beat them!


The existence of the Dragon God Temple is like the Hades Room, and Feng Wushen is the King of Hades who is in charge of life and death, if you are told to die you must die!


This is definitely the most tragic thing the Illusory Sea Realm has ever encountered.


The great powers that had participated in the attack on the Dragon God Temple were in utter despair knowing that the Heavenly Martial Sect had also been bloodied, and they had no idea how many of them had fled from their powers.


If you don't run, you will only die.


Nowadays, the Dragon God Temple has become an existence that scares everyone in the Illusory Sea Realm.


Next, the three great powers of the Purple Wind Hall, the Skycloud Pavilion, and the Xuan Dao Sect were successively bloodied, and no one was able to escape the demonic clutches of death.


A cold-blooded and merciless slaughter, the generals of the Dragon God Temple did not suffer any injuries.


They are the embodiment of the invincible gods of war.


The generals of the Dragon God Temple, all covered in the blood of the enemy, could imprint bloody footprints with every step they took, completely turning into bloody men, with the blood still dripping in a very terrifying manner.


Eleven now, up to eleven great powers have been bloodied by the Dragon God Temple!


"Next!" Feng Wushen brandished the Dragon God Sword with a mighty and imposing aura.


(NT: ALV, Feng Wushen is destroying everyone: v)


“ Temple Master, the great forces that attacked us have been left with the Sacred Sun Sect, and all other forces have been wiped out.” Ye Tianwei said.


“Is the Sacred Sun Sect the only one left?” The corner of Feng Wushen's mouth turned up into a cold smile as he said, “Brothers, let's go to the Sacred Sun Sect.”


The Sacred Sun Sect is the most powerful force in the Illusory Sea Realm and is extremely strong.


But the Dragon God Temple is not the least bit afraid!


"Shoo shoo shoo!"


Hundreds of Dragon God Temple generals, led by Feng Wushen, flew towards the Sacred Sun Sect at the speed of fire, carrying a monstrous aura, as well as a soul-attracting iron blood killing aura.


The Sacred Sun Sect is the last battle of the Dragon God Temple!


"The Dragon God Temple has wiped out three other great powers, it's so terrifying!"


“The Dragon God Palace is heading for the Sacred Sun Sect! Oh, the Dragon God Temple still wants to take down the most powerful force in our Illusory Sea Realm?”


“The Dragon God Temple does not have any Heavenly Extreme Realm power, how dare they go to the Sacred Sun Sect , they are also sure that they can wipe out the Sacred Sun Sect?”


When they heard that the Dragon God Temple was targeting the Sacred Sun Sect, countless Illusory Sea Realm cultivators became even more terrified. The shock that the Dragon God Temple gave them was so intense that they all felt that not even the Holy Sun Sect could stop the Dragon God Temple.


The news swept through the Illusory Sea Realm in a frenzy, and all cultivators who received the news were terrified to their cores.


In the Immortal Sea Building, Mo Ling'er and Zhuge Liancheng also gaped.


“Thirteen… Thirteen forces were bloodied…” Mo Ling'er's mouth dropped open, her pretty face covered in shock and disbelief.


“Heavenly… Has the Heavenly Martial Sect also been bloodied? This… How is it possible…” Zhuge Liancheng was frozen like a wooden chicken, his speech broken and trembling.


“That's right! The Dragon God Temple is now on its way to the Sacred Sun Sect!”


"The strength of the Dragon God Temple is too terrifying! I don't even know if the Sacred Sun Sect can hold back the Dragon God Temple!"


Hearing this, Mo Ling'er jerked awake and rushed to say, “Brother Zhuge, let's go to the Sacred Sun Sect!”


Right now, there are already many cultivators with powerful cultivation levels rushing towards the Sacred Sun Sect, and they want to see the final result.


Wherever the Dragon God Temple passed, the people of the Illusory Sea Realm would freak out as if they had seen a ghost.


Eleven great powers of the Illusory Sea Realm had been bloodied by the Dragon God Temple, and the news had also reached the Sacred Sun Sect.


Within the Sacred Sun Sect, the faces of the elders and senior clansmen were covered in panic and worry, while the only one with a grim and ugly face was the clan master.


Duan Mo Ming was filled with astonishment and disbelief, he knew the strength of the Dragon God Temple very well, it was impossible for him to have bloodied so many major powers of the Sea of Illusionary Realm.


Furthermore, the Heavenly Martial Sect still had an Extreme Heavenly Realm power house sitting in the city, and no matter how strong the Dragon God Temple was, it did not have an Extreme Heaven Realm power house, so how was I going to destroy this to the Heavenly Martial Sect?


But the news had already spread in the Illusory Sea Realm, and Duan Mo Ming couldn't help but believe it.


A deathly silence fell over the Great Hall of the Sacred Sun Sect, the atmosphere was creepy in the extreme, and no one dared to speak.


Hundreds of Dragon God Temple generals, led by Feng Wushen, were already closing in on the Sacred Sun Sect.


"They are coming!" Inside the main hall, the Patriarch frowned deeply, already sensing the ironic murderous aura and the astonishing aura.


The monstrous aura and the intimidating iron-blooded killing aura of the Dragon God Temple generals came like a mountainous sea, hovering over the Sacred Sun Sect.


Within the Sacred Sun Sect, the hearts of many strong men and disciples trembled as the pairs of gazes were raised to the sky.


"Duan Mo Ming! Get out there and lead to death!" High up in the sky came the roar of Feng Wushen filled with majestic aura.

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