Chapter 593 – The Bottom of the Lake

The depths of the lake of six colors.


Zhou Yuan's gaze swept everywhere, in this six-color lake the eyes were full of light, making people somehow feel a sense of dizziness.


However, there wasn't much life in the lake, and it was even quite cold and quiet as if there was only that Three-Headed Ghostly Python surviving here before.


Zhou Yuan's eyebrows trembled and his spirit perception continued to spread probing the depths of this six-colored lake.


He wanted to detect if there was anything hidden in the lake.


However, with this way of detecting, Zhou Yuan did not feel any strange fluctuations.


If it weren't for the fact that Zhou Yuan had previously used the Deciphering Saint Rune to sense some slight fluctuations as the precious tree dissipated, he would have been unable to detect it in the slightest!


"Is it even impossible to detect with spirit perception?" Zhou Yuan's gaze flickered, since that was the case he could only use the power of the Saint Deciphering Rune.


"Holy Deciphering Rune."


In the depths of his pupils an ancient saint rune turned and the world in front of Zhou Yuan's eyes suddenly appeared some changes.


The bright colors faded and everything became empty.


Zhou Yuan's figure moved quickly across the six-color lake, his pupils constantly analyzing everything.


So until a certain moment his figure was beaten fiercely, his eyes were fixed on the bottom of the Lake of Six Colors somewhere, and by virtue of the Saint Deciphering Rune Zhou Yuan could finally "see" that in that place there was a subtle wave that emanated.


Looking there, Zhou Yuan's heart lifted, the bottom of this six-color lake was really something different!


But it was also hidden too perfectly, if he did not possess the Saint Deciphering Rune, it would have been difficult or impossible to discover it!


I was a little curious to know what else was hiding at the bottom of that six-colored lake.


His figure landed at the bottom of that lake, and with a wave of his sleeve a wave of Genesis Qi unfurled and rolled into the mud, however he found that there was nothing in it.


Had the Holy Rune Decipherer misunderstood him?


He frowned, his eyes staring there and so after a long while his gaze suddenly blinked as he saw the space there. There seemed to be a slight fluctuation.


Zhou Yuan's eyes were filled with suspicion, could it be that there was another small space at the bottom of the lake?


If that were the case it would be a problem, it was not easy to open such a small space... Furthermore, the noise when opening it was so great that it would inevitably be discovered by others.


Zhou Yuan however did not want this secret to be exposed.


After all, it was too crowded here… Of course, the most important thing was not to give the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace any more shares of this secret, after all it had already given up quite a bit earlier.


As Zhou Yuan's mind flickered, he suddenly raised his head and saw that there were several shadows crossing the lake, they were Jin Zhang Tang Xiaoyan and others.


"Boss Zhou Yuan, can you notice anything different?" Tang Xiaoyan walked over, her beautiful eyes glancing at the place where Zhou Yuan had previously raised his Genesis Qi and asked.


Zhou Yuan shook his head with a calm face, not caring about what Tang Xiaoyan had discovered, after all, even he had relied on the Saint Deciphering Rune to discover something.


As expected, Tang Xiaoyan's beautiful eyes turned to Zhou Yuan after turning around and said with some regret, "We also probed before and nothing was found."


Zhou Yuan nodded and said, “With that precious tree, this precious land is already considered worth the trip.”


Tang Xiaoyan nodded her head slightly and was a little embarrassed, she was a little greedy.


"Come on, let's first collect the mythical genesis essence contained in the Lake of Six Colors." Zhou Yuan said, and then he no longer hesitated to go towards the lake, it seemed that the secrets at the bottom of this lake would have to wait until they separated from the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace, after separating he would find another opportunity to try again. .


The group crawled into the lake once again, while the disciples of both sects had already entered, and then distributed themselves according to the area, and were happily collecting the mythical genesis essence in the six-colored lake.


The mythical genesis essence here was of extremely high quality, far beyond what they had collected before and if they were able to collect it for them to condense divine establishment treasures. Obviously it would be very useful.


After all, although the treasure tree had condensed some of the Divine Establishment Treasures into it, there were still many who could not obtain one of the Divine Establishment Treasures because of the number of disciples. So they still had to work hard to collect the mythical genesis essence.


Of course, Zhou Yuan also gave some care to these disciples who had not received a share of the Divine Establishment Treasures, and would receive more by collecting the mythical genesis essence.


When Zhou Yuan appeared, the disciples of the two sects looked at him with amazement and gratitude, especially the young ladies of the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace with their beautiful eyes. They even more boldly swept around Zhou Yuan's body and then gathered together to make low frolicking noises.


It could be seen that they were extremely interested in Zhou Yuan who was making a huge leap in this fight.


"If you run over there now and hook your finger, I'm afraid many girls will run after you." There was a voice coming from the side, only to see Gu Hongyi's arms hugging his chest, his long legs stretched out in the water, smiling at Zhou Yuan.


Zhou Yuan's mouth moved slightly upon hearing the words.


"But I think you shouldn't have the guts to do that... By the time it reaches Yao Yao's ears, I'm afraid it will be difficult to explain." Gu Hongyi's red lips lifted slightly in jest.


Zhou Yuan stared at her and said, "What do you mean it would be difficult to explain? You say it like I'm afraid of him!"


"Brother Zhou Yuan..."


Behind Zhou Yuan, a sweet and tender voice suddenly came out and he turned around to see a young woman wearing a dress from the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace. The young girl's features were exquisite, her skin clear as snow, a rare beauty, she spoke timidly, "Big brother Zhou Yuan, I wonder if I could trouble you to instruct me on how to collect the mythical genesis essence?"


The delicate appearance of the young woman, thinking that any man would soften when he saw her.


However Zhou Yuan did not hesitate to shake his head and said, "I fought the battle before and I need to recover from my injuries right now. Go introduce yourself to the other disciples of my CangXuan Sect."


The young girl's small face hardened a little, and then she shook her head as if she was a little disappointed, "Then it's best not to disturb the other disciples."


After saying that, he trotted back.


When Zhou Yuan turned his head, it was to see Gu Hongyi's seemingly smiling gaze, when he coldly snorted, "I'm really hurt and I need to recover!"


"Oh, I believe it." Gu Hongyi smiled and then walked away calmly, only the last glance he gave Zhou Yuan seemed to be compassionate.


Zhou Yuan gritted his teeth, but in the end he could only sit depressed in the water, muttering, "What do you mean I'm afraid of him?! That's mutual respect! What do you know?!"


He growled and no longer paid attention to Gu Hongyi, holding a jewel-like fruit with a five-color halo of light in his hand.


It was the five-colored Divine Establishment Treasure.


He held the five-color Divine Establishment Treasure, and then looked around, now the six-color lake was full of silhouettes and seemed very crowded, this time it was impossible to try to break through that small space.


'Well, let's first refine this five-color divine establishment treasure that came into our hands.'


After the collection of the mythical genesis essence here is complete it will become clear and only then can you find the opportunity...


Thinking like this, Zhou Yuan also discarded his thoughts of distraction, his eyes gradually closed, and the five-color divine establishment treasure in his palm began to gush out. A stream of five-colored air flowed from Zhou Yuan's hand, pouring incessantly...

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