Chapter 594 - Fighting Duan Mo Ming Again



"Did I hear correctly? Mister Tian Xianzi and the others, call themselves disciples?"


“This… It is hard to believe that Senior Tian Xianzi and the others are all disciples of the Dan Emperor…”


The crowd from the Sacred Sun Sect, as well as the numerous onlookers in all directions, instantly seethed with astonishment and disbelief.


Among the dozen or so alchemists, excluding Tian Xianzi, there were three seventh grade alchemists, while the rest were all sixth and fifth grade alchemists, and they were the pillars of the Illusory Sea Realm's dan community!


As the most powerful alchemist in the Endless Domain, Tian Xianzi's position is so superb that he is equated to the Great Elder of the Zhang Family and stands next to the Immortal Weapons Pavilion.


But it was such a supreme status of Tian Xianzi and the Dan Realm pillars of the Illusory Sea Realm that they called themselves disciples in front of Feng Wushen!


"How is it possible...?" Zhuge Liancheng's eyes widened.


Mo Ling'er also froze on the spot, her heart had already caused a huge wave.


Although Mo Ling'er has risen to the Zhuge family and has a coveted position, the Zhuge family is a long way from Tian Xiaozi.


Tian Xianzi's position is beyond the reach of the Zhuge family, not to mention Mo Ling'er.


And now that she finds out that Feng Wushen is even higher than Tian Xianzi, how can Mo Ling'er bear it?


Right now, Mo Ling'er has undoubtedly fallen into the endless abyss once again.


Tian Xianzi's position was a height that he could never reach in his life, let alone surpass Feng Wushen.


The question was whether Mo Ling'er would have regretted that much at this time.


None of those present, other than the mighty ones on the great ship from the Alchemy Conference, knew that Feng Wushen had displayed the divine ability to form pills with a single thought, not to mention how respectful Tian Xianzi and the others were in front of him. to Feng Wushen.


“Senior Tian Xianzi, if you are here to beg for mercy, then please come back, no one can save Duan Mo Ming today!” Looking at Tian Xianzi and the others, Feng Wushen said nonchalantly.


Thinking that Tian Xianzi and the others had come to persuade the fight, Feng Wushen's attitude was therefore very cold.


Hearing these words from Feng Wushen, Tian Xianzi and other alchemists were startled and panicked, Tian Xianzi rushed to explain. "Emperor Dan misunderstood, the disciples did not come to ask for mercy, Duan Mo Ming had offended Emperor Dan and is worthy of death, the disciples only heard that Emperor Dan had come to avenge and came to greet him."


With these words, Tian Xianzi was undoubtedly cleaning up his ties with the Sacred Sun Sect, even though there were some relationships in normal times, but right now, Tian Xianzi and the others were on Feng Wushen's side.


The faces of Duan Chong and the Elders of the Sacred Sun Sect became even uglier.


"So it is so, it seems that I have misunderstood." Only then did Feng Wushen's cold face reveal a faint smile.


Seeing this, Tian Xiaozi and the others were relieved as they had just broken into a cold sweat.


"If Emperor Dan has any orders, all you have to do is ask, and I'll do what I can." Tian Xianzi then said respectfully.


"No need, you guys can watch." Feng Wushen shook his head slightly and his gaze went to Duan Chong as Feng Wushen said:


"Patriarch, you should think it over."


"......" Duan Chong was silent, his heart having a hard time making up its mind.


"Duan Mo Ming, make your move." An ice cold gaze was directed towards Duan Mo Ming, and Feng Wushen smiled weakly and coldly.


Now that Feng Wushen had entered the sixth level of the Heavenly Human Realm, his combat power had skyrocketed, while Duan Mo Ming had not improved much in the past two months, Feng Wushen was absolutely certain to kill Duan Mo Ming.




The terrifying energy of the eighth level of the Heavenly Human Realm was boosted with a majestic and furious aura, followed by a thunderous explosion as Duan Mo Ming shot into the sky at astonishing speed, the terrifying energy shaking the void.


Feng Wushen's eyes flickered coldly as the power of Extinction and the second stage of the Supreme Body activated simultaneously, and an extremely dazzling dark red glow shot up into the sky, engulfing the entire Sacred Sun Sect, as a monstrous aura rose up. spread out, terrifying energy like a volcano erupting in a wild surge.


“Sixth level of the Heavenly Human Realm!” The moment Feng Wushen urged his power, Duan Mo Ming's angry face grew dazed and his heart trembled.


Duan Mo Ming did not expect Feng Wushen to break through again.


“Sixth level of the Heavenly Human Realm!” Mo Ling'er and Zhuge Liancheng were also shocked once again.


Feng Wushen's current cultivation level can be said to be ten blocks behind Mo Ling'er's.


“He… how was he able to increase his cultivation level so quickly?” Mo Ling'er was completely stunned.


How radiant, how imposing and domineering Feng Wushen was at that moment!


At such a young age, he has reached heights unattainable for many, and is a hero in the hearts of many young girls.


“A cultivation level of the sixth level of the Heavenly Human Realm has the combat power of the peak of the seventh level of the Heavenly Human Realm! What kind of power is this?” Duan Chong and the elders couldn't help but gasp, incomparably surprised.


With the fisted gloves and the Qilin Battle Armor used one after another, Feng Wushen's aura shot up again, breaking through to the ninth level of the Heavenly Human Realm in a breath.


"The ninth level of the Heavenly Human Realm in combat!"


" Sixth Order Forging! His gloves are Sixth Order Forging!"


"How dare you increase your combat power three times, it's terrifying!"


The crowd instantly boiled, looking at Feng Wushen in disbelief.


The instant triple increase in combat power of Feng Wushen was enough to shock countless people, and with the addition of the sixth rank forged gloves, I really dare not imagine the terrifying power that Feng Wushen has.


Tian Xianzi and the others, who had seen Feng Wushen fight for the first time, were also shocked by Feng Wushen's terrifying improvement, and their old faces were already as dumb as wood.


Shaken for a moment, Duan Mo Ming's face turned fierce again as he rushed towards Feng Wushen with a ferocious attack.


Feng Wushen gave a slight cold snort as his feathery wings flapped behind him and his body plummeted with astonishing speed, like blood-colored lightning.




In an instant, the two men collided fiercely with each other, and the explosive sound was shocking. The violent and terrifying energy was like a raging wave that rolled, shaking the void and cracking it with tiny cracks.


The terrifying qi turned into a gale that swept across the sky, dispersing the clouds and mist.


Many of the cultivators who were watching the battle from all sides, those with weak cultivations, were shaken back by the terrifying qi, while everyone else raised their hands to block their bodies.


A hard punch was thrown and the two men were neck and neck in force.


“This is your full strength? The first genius of the Illusory Sea Realm, has your cultivation improved so much in two months?” Feng Wushen asked with a cold smile, apparently this hard blow had left Feng Wushen without pressure.


Seeing Feng Wushen's contemptuous smile, Duan Mo Ming flew into a rage and said angrily through clenched teeth, “When I kill you, I'll see how you keep smiling!”


"Is that so?" Feng Wushen's eyes suddenly became fierce, and more domineering power instantly surged out.


"How can this be?!" Duan Mo Ming, who had sensed this, had his face drastically changed all of a sudden.




In an instant, before Duan Mo Ming could react, an extremely overbearing force shook him.


Seeing this scene, the disciples of the Sacred Sun Sect and the many cultivators watching the battle were shocked.


With a single hit, you can probably tell which of the two is stronger and which is weaker.


"This is the power of the forge!" Duan Mo Ming's heart trembled.

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