Chapter 594 – Hidden Return

The mythical genesis essence extraction in the Lake of Six Colors lasted for six full days.


During these six days, the disciples of the CangXuan Sect and the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace collected the essence contained in the lake of six colors without rest, as if they were tireless.


On the sixth day the color of the lake gradually faded and finally turned into clear water that was indistinguishable from ordinary lake water.




Next to the lake of six colors.


The disciples of the two sects stood on the shore of the lake, looking at the clear water in front of them, their faces all had the color of regret, obviously they were still not satisfied, even if they could, they would rather stay here for a long time.


But unfortunately this was too extravagant...


"Boss Zhou Yuan."


Tang Xiaoyan led a group of female disciples, her beautiful eyes swept towards Zhou Yuan and smiled, "Now that the collection of the Lake of Six Colors is finished, we also have to go out to the depths of the Mythical Utopia to meet the chosen ones of our palace."


"This time it was thanks to Chief Zhou Yuan, this favor is remembered by our Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace."


He bowed to Zhou Yuan, after all if it weren't for Zhou Yuan his Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace would definitely have suffered many casualties in this battle for the Lake of Six Colors.


Zhou Yuan smiled and said, "Since I have chosen to cooperate, then I will do my best."


Tang Xiaoyan pursed her small red lips and smiled lightly, saying, "Boss Zhou Yuan, although you are only the boss nowadays I don't know why, but I have a hunch, maybe in the depths of the Mythical Utopia you will also not be suppressed by those many Chosen Ones."


Although the words may not be taken seriously by many people, Tang Xiaoyan had a hidden intuition that the young man before him was not as simple as what he saw.


"He thinks highly of me." Zhou Yuan scratched his head and returned a genial smile.


The two exchanged some polite words again, and Zhou Yuan turned his gaze towards Lu Luo who was behind her, when the young woman also smiled at him with a cheerful smile and waved her hand, saying, "Zhou Yuan, I will see in the depths of the Mythical Utopia"


Just from his big, watery eyes, Zhou Yuan seemed to see some cunning intention.


However, he didn't think much about it and just nodded with a smile.


"So here, we go our separate ways."


With a slight movement of her forehead, Tang Xiaoyan did not say anything more, and stepped on the Genesis Qi and rose into the sky, and behind her many of the warblers and swallows from the Hundred Flower Fairy Palace also followed with a wave. delicate smile.


When they left, some of those female disciples also cast some flirtatious glances at Zhou Yuan.


Zhou Yuan didn't notice this and watched the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace leave, then he stretched his back as if relieved, facing Jin Zhang and the others, "Let's prepare to leave too."


His next step was also to run into the depths of the Mythical Utopia to meet with the Chosen of the Cult.


Jin Zhang nodded his head, and then stepped forward to instruct the other disciples to reorganize and leave.


Zhou Yuan on the other hand stood on the hill and extended his palm, and suddenly there was a colored light gathering in his palm, finally forming a round gemstone pearl, and around the pearl was a dense halo of light of five slowly flowing colors.


Mysterious fluctuations emanated from him.


"I didn't expect that after refining and absorbing those two five-color divine establishment treasures they both failed to evolve to the six-color divine establishment treasure level." There was some regret in Zhou Yuan's eyes, in these six days he had not only absorbed the two five-color divine establishment treasures that he had obtained from above the treasure tree, but he had also collected many mythical genesis essences from the Lake. of Six Colors, but in the end he did not succeed in evolving this Divine Establishment Treasure to a six-color grade.


Apparently, the mythical genesis essence needed for the six-colored Divine Establishment Treasure was quite a large amount.


With a wave of his hand, Zhou Yuan included the five-color clear pearl into his Qi Dwelling, and his slightly flickering gaze swept towards the six-color lake that had become clear, but he still clearly remembered that there seemed to be something hidden beneath the lake. lake bottom.


"Let's go with the other disciples first, then return secretly and explore the bottom of that lake properly." Zhou Yuan said to himself in his heart.


He had no intention of revealing this secret as he also had some selfish intentions, after all in his opinion, he had already done a complete job in leading the team this time, and the people following him were now overflowing with money.


And right now, it was time for him to fight for himself.


Naturally, there were also many uncertainties in the bottom space of that lake, so there was no need for him to raise a mob over this.


In the midst of Zhou Yuan's thoughts, Gu Hongyi came to report that he was ready, so he looked deeply at the clear lake in front of him once again, and then turned around.


Soon, the CangXuan Sect disciples also conducted Genesis Qi and rose into the sky, far away from the location.


With the departure of the Cangxuan Sect and the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace, some of the forces still remaining here headed to the Lake of Six Colors trying to find something in the water left by the two sects.


But in the end, after they had turned around the lake they could only shake their heads in disappointment, and finally they no longer had any attachment to this place and retreated one after another.


Thus, in a single day this place that had been the center of attention of this region, was deserted again.




Two days later, night covered the land.


Zhou Yuan's figure once again appeared in the still miserable mountain forest, his figure fading away and he restrained the fluctuations of his Genesis Qi as he swept across the forest like a shadow.


He soon arrived outside the Lake of Six Colors again, standing on a high place and looking down.


Today's Six Color Lake was clearly damaged, presumably caused by some other forces trying to collect some waste here after they left.


However Zhou Yuan was not alarmed, the small space at the bottom of that lake was too secret for even him to detect, let alone the others.


He had set up Jin Zhang and the others a day ago, then looked for a reason to leave temporarily and return to the Lake of Six Colors at full speed.


"Prepare to attack." He said to himself, and planned to fly down.


However, the moment his figure moved, his pupils suddenly shrank and his gaze fiercely swept towards the dense forest in the distance, only to see there a black shadow that crept silently and finally landed on the edge of the lake. of six colors.


"Is there even anyone at this late hour?" Zhou Yuan's eyebrows are wrinkled.


But just as Zhou Yuan was about to knock the shadow unconscious first, he saw the shadow squatting by the lake, his hand emitting a faint light of Genesis Qi, Genesis Qi gushing into the lake water causing a bit of ripples. .


"What are you doing?" Seeing this shadow's strange actions, Zhou Yuan's eyes narrowed, did this person also know the secrets of the bottom of the lake?


Zhou Yuan did not act recklessly, but instead chose to observe.


Under his gaze, the shadow rose and at this moment, Zhou Yuan fiercely discovered that the lake water was actually rippling, and a shadow of around dozens of feet crossed from the water, finally emerging from the water.


With the help of the faint moonlight, Zhou Yuan saw the shadow clearly, and at that moment even with his fixation, a touch of shock crossed his eyes.


This was because he discovered that the black shadow was the Three-Headed Ghostly Python that he, Fan Yao, Tang Xiaoyan and the others had teamed up to kill earlier!


This python was obviously killed by him at that time, and then its flesh rapidly decomposed after falling into the lake water, and its vitality disappeared, how come now, it actually appeared here again?


And why was that dark shadow able to push her away?


Zhou Yuan's face became heavy, and there was a hint of scruples in his gaze as he looked at the shadow.




And just as Zhou Yuan was looking at the shadow, suddenly, the Three-Headed Ghostly Python fiercely raised its snake head, its vertical pupils locked on him in this direction, and there was a sharp screech from the snake's mouth.


Clearly, this Ghostly Python had discovered Zhou Yuan.




The shadow had also discovered that there were other people in the area, when beneath the black robe there was a suppressed voice that changed pitch when it came out.


"Little Spirit, finish him off!"

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