Chapter 595 - Overwhelming Power

Combat powered by the Sixth Order Forge should never be underestimated.


With a single strong blow, Duan Mo Ming felt a tingle on his arm, which was already trembling.


“With a mere cultivation level of the sixth level of the Heavenly Human Realm, the power of the Dan Emperor is so strong!” Duan Chong frowned, the discomfort in his heart growing stronger.


"Young Master Duan's cultivation at the ninth level of the Heavenly Human Realm and his power is truly no match for Emperor Dan!"


"So strong! It's amazing."


"Is this still a human? It's simply a monster! With a sixth level of cultivation, he was able to suppress Young Master Duan!"


The numerous cultivators watching the battle were frantic, sucking in a breath of cold air.


“The last time you ingested the Sixth Grade Soul Gargling Pill, it seems that the aftermath has been cured, but it still has a considerable effect on you.” Feng Wushen said nonchalantly.


With Duan Mo Ming's talent, it was impossible for his cultivation to improve this much in two months, especially since he had been affected by the Sixth Grade Soul Throat Pellet.


"Take out your magical treasure, or I'll most likely kill you in two or three hits!" Feng Wushen said nonchalantly, his icy gaze fixed on Duan Mo Ming's grim face.


Feng Wushen and Duan Mo Ming fight for the third time and both know each other's strength.


With a thought, Duan Mo Ming offered a medium grade spirit weapon, a crystal bead. As Duan Mo Ming injected his power, the crystal bead burst into blue light, emitting an extremely strong aura and spreading out even more terrifying power.


Right now, Duan Mo Ming's aura had surpassed Feng Wushen's and he had the upper hand.


An extremely violent aura spread out, and Duan Mo Ming was covered in a bitter killing aura, his aura surged out.


With his extremely fierce and murderous gaze fixed on Feng Wushen, Duan Mo Ming slowly raised his hand and a monstrous energy gathered together, bursting out a blue light that engulfed the void.


With his eyes looking at Duan Mo Ming, Yi Tian Qing shook his head: "Die to die!"


"Big Brother Feng is far above him." Liu Qingyang shrugged and smiled coldly.


“High Grade Xuan Martial Art! Finger of Silence and Destruction!"


Duan Mo Ming coldly yelled, and the terrifying energy he had gathered, along with the sound of the yell, a blue energy pillar as thick as his arm burst out, as fast as lightning, with a loud sonic boom.




Feng Wushen gave a slight cold snort, and at the powerful martial arts technique performed by Duan Mo Ming, Feng Wushen threw out his bare-handed fist, and with a loud bang, a multi-meter web-like crack exploded in the air. empty.


Duan Mo Ming's martial art was shattered by Feng Wushen's fist!


"Sure, this guy's power is even stronger than I thought." Duan Mo Ming frowned and said in a grim tone, a Xuan grade martial skill couldn't harm Feng Wushen at all.




Seeing this scene, the numerous cultivators watching the battle, as well as the Sacred Sun Sect disciples, withdrew a breath of cold air and trembled in horror.


"Such overwhelming power! A punch shattered young master Duan's martial art energy!" The entire room boiled again, their faces full of shock.


"How violent!" Zhuge Liancheng shuddered, his face pale to the core.


“He… How can he be so powerful…” Mo Ling'er's pretty face held nothing but surprise and horror.


Mo Ling'er has realized that she and Feng Wushen are already in two different worlds, and no matter how hard she tries, she will never be able to catch up with Feng Wushen's footsteps.


Every time she flaunted her power in front of Feng Wushen, she was mercilessly trampled every time, suffocating her and making it impossible for her to turn around.


"No need to waste time on carving tricks, show your true skills." Feng Wushen said coldly and arrogantly, from these words from Feng Wushen, it was not difficult to hear that Feng Wushen had not used his full strength in that strike just now!


Feng Wushen had casually thrown a punch that shattered the energy of the Xuan rank martial art executed by Duan Mo Ming, proving just how domineering and powerful his power was.




As the words fell, the black feather wings fluttered, and Feng Wushen shot out with a fierce rush, carrying a loud roar, so fast that it came in an instant.


"Boom boom boom!"


A deafening explosion was heard in the void as a fierce physical battle unfolded, and a wave of terrifying energy swept out one after another like a furious wave.


The fierce battle caused the disciples of the Sacred Sun Sect and the numerous cultivators watching the battle to hold their breath, their faces filled with tension.


However, although Duan Mo Ming was capable of fighting against Feng Wushen, he was constantly being suppressed by Feng Wushen in terms of strength and speed, and even after exerting his full strength, he was still unable to suppress Feng Wushen.


As time passed, Duan Mo Ming began to struggle and was a bit exhausted.


"Bang bang bang!"


Although Duan Mo Ming's aura was above Feng Wushen's, he was still heavily suppressed by Feng Wushen, and he was hit by several punches one after another.


The first genius of the Illusory Sea Realm has never been in such a big mess as now.


Who in the Illusory Sea Realm did not know the strength of Duan Mo Ming?


But now, facing Feng Wushen, Duan Mo Ming seemed very weak.


The more Duan Mo Ming struggled, the more frustrated he became. In the face of Feng Wushen's fierce and harsh attack, he was unable to do anything at all.


Duan Mo Ming tried to give up the physical fight, but Feng Wushen surrounded him and chased after him, violently beating him.


"Bang bang bang!"


The fierce and severe attacks slammed into Duan Mo Ming, who found himself powerless to fight back.


“Young Patriarch…” The disciples of the Sacred Sun Sect looked so shocked that their hearts were about to burst.


Duan Chong and the elders were full of worry, and their palms were dripping with sweat.


"How dare you?!" Duan Mo Ming was on fire, but he couldn't do anything as Feng Wushen's forceful attack had hit him without any mettle.


"True Essence Protector!" Duan Mo Ming let out a ferocious roar and gathered up an energy shield.








With a stern cry, Feng Wushen's fist gathered overwhelming power and burst it, the overwhelming and terrifying power was like bursting into a mirror, with a click, the energy shield instantly shattered.


"How is it possible...?" Duan Mo Ming's heart trembled greatly, the power of Feng Wushen completely surpassing his imagination.


"Humph! Your strength is too weak." Feng Wushen said fiercely, his fist bursting with dark red light, once again slamming his fist into Duan Mo Ming's chest.


Duan Mo Ming's face paled as a warning of danger flashed through his mind.






A fist shot out, Duan Mo Ming was too late to resist, colliding with a boom, his chest suffered a heavy blow, Duan Mo Ming spat out a mouth full of blood, his body was like a shot cannonball.


The sixth rank forged gloves are incredibly powerful, and Feng Wushen's strength is definitely not something that Duan Mo Ming can resist.


"Duan Mo Ming!" Duan Chong was so anxious that he couldn't help but cry out in worry.


"The Young Patriarch has been injured!"


"Feng Wushen's power is so terrifying, the Young Patriarch is no match for him at all, how can the sixth level of the Heavenly Human realm have such terrifying power?"


"The Young Patriarch is really unable to defeat Feng Wushen!"


The disciples of the Sacred Sun Sect were in a state of panic, completely shocked by the overwhelming power displayed by Feng Wushen.


The numerous cultivators watching the battle gaped and stared at Feng Wushen in horror.


The first genius of the Illusory Sea Realm was no match for a sixth level of the Heavenly Human Realm!

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