Chapter 596 - Ancient Blood Wolf Martial Spirit

Duan Mo Ming was somewhat badly injured.


The power of Feng Wushen's punch was enough to kill a strong person of the seventh level of the Heavenly Human Realm in seconds.


“How can his combat power become so terrifying when his cultivation level has only broken through one level!” Duan Mo Ming said in pain, his chest almost exploding as if the bones in his chest had been shattered.


"The genius of the Illusory Sea Realm is no better than that." Feng Wushen smiled weakly and coldly.


Hearing these words, Duan Mo Ming's slightly pale face flared up like a small green snake, anger began to consume him, and his eyes filled with blood.


As the first genius of the Illusory Sea Realm, how could Duan Mo Ming allow Feng Wushen to insult and trample him like this?


"Feng Wushen! How dare you insult me with your words? I will make you pay the price!" Duan Mo Ming roared horribly, his anger soaring, and his murderous aura spreading out.


"Is that so? I haven't exerted my full strength yet, I'll wait for you!" Feng Wushen playfully sneered.


"Not at full capacity?"


With these words, Feng Wushen immediately shook everyone present.


After such a fierce battle as before, and his opponent being the Illusory Sea Realm's first genius, Feng Wushen said that he had not exerted his full strength.


“Able to suppress Young Master Duan before he has exerted his full strength?”


"This can't be! At the sixth level of the Heavenly Human Realm, even if Feng Wushen's strength is strong, it can't be that strong, right?"


"Oh my God! He's bluffing, isn't he? How is it possible that he hasn't exerted his full strength yet?"


The crowd was in shock and screams of horror rose to the sky.


Even Duan Mo Ming froze for a moment when he heard these words from Feng Wushen.


Is Feng Wushen really conserving his strength?


Was it a bluff, or did Feng Wushen really not use his full strength?


The crowd was scared and bewildered, no one was sure.


Temple Master really still conserving his strength?" Yi Tianqing was stunned, and he himself could not believe it.


"It is very probable!" Ye Tianwei nodded intensely, he had fought with Feng Wushen, and Ye Tianwei knew very well how terrifying Feng Wushen was.


"Big Brother Feng's sword technique has yet to be realized!" Liu Qingyang added.


The crowd from the Dragon God Temple was not sure if Feng Wushen had truly conserved his strength.


"Early Earth grade martial skill! The Seven Star Heavenly Palm!"


Stunned for a moment, Duan Mo Ming came to his senses, he didn't care if what Feng Wushen said was true or not, he just put all his strength into performing his martial skills.




With a loud cry, Duan Mo Ming launched his palm across the sky, a hundreds of meters in size blue palm imprint carrying a destructive aura rushing towards Feng Wushen with powerful force, a crack tearing and spreading wherever it passed.




The moment Duan Mo Ming struck, Feng Wushen moved as well, his feathered wings fluttering as his body shot out in a quick burst, at the same time as he exerted all his strength, his dark red light erupted, permeating a suffocating power. scary.


“Dragon God Fist!”


Feng Wushen's speed was astonishing, and it came in the blink of an eye, followed by a loud scream, a monstrous surge of Qi, and a ferocious fist that swept through the hundreds of feet of blue palm imprint, the terrifying fist wind sweeping.


"This is a high-grade Xuan martial skill!" Duan Chong's heart shuddered in astonishment and horror, his eyes instantly widening to the extreme as the uneasiness in his heart sharply multiplied.


"Martial skills are very terrifying!" The old faces of several elders were written with astonishment and horror.


The power of Feng Wushen's punch was so overwhelming that it had reached a terrifying level, giving off a feeling of invincibility.






At the moment of impact, the huge palm print exploded, shaking the heavens and the earth, and extremely domineering energy rolled out with destructive force, causing Duan Mo Ming to spurt out a stream of blood from his mouth.


With this heavy blow, Duan Mo Ming was completely badly injured by Feng Wushen.


In the past, when he fought with Feng Wushen, Duan Mo Ming was able to gain the upper hand and even seriously injured Feng Wushen.


However, this time, Duan Mo Ming did not even touch Feng Wushen's clothes and ended up in a miserable defeat.


"With all my strength, I can't hurt him in the slightest! How can there be such a powerful sixth level of the heavenly human realm in this world?" Duan Mo Ming's heart was terrified to the extreme, he simply couldn't believe that Feng Wushen, who had reached the sixth level of the Heavenly Human Realm, had his power increased to such a terrifying level.


"Duan Mo Ming!" Duan Chong was so alarmed that he couldn't wait to rush towards him, but he didn't dare to do so rashly.


The power of the Ancient Dragon God Fist was extremely overwhelming, so how could a simple Earth rank primitive martial skill compete with it?


“The young patriarch has lost…”


“The Young Patriarch is so powerful, and yet he failed to hurt Feng Wushen!”


“The strength of the Feng Wushen is too terrifying…”


Every face in the room was filled with horror.


"This is the end? Your strength really disappoints me." Feng Wushen laughed coldly as his gaze fell on Duan Mo Ming who flew out.


Hearing Feng Wushen's words, Duan Mo Ming, who had flown out, suddenly forced himself to a stop, his pale face looking frantic, obviously having received a stimulus.


Duan Mo Ming was seriously injured and his aura was much weaker, but his appearance was even more terrifying than before.


Everyone present could see the change in Duan Mo Ming.


"Feng Wushen! You are the first who can force me into such a state." Duan Mo Ming roared in anger and madness, although his aura was greatly weakened, Duan Mo Ming's murderous aura became bloodthirsty and more terrifying.


“This is the Ancient Blood Wolf Martial Spirit!” Feeling affected by the sudden change in Duan Mo Ming's aura, Feng Wushen was incomparably shocked.


"No wonder there is such a violent bloodthirsty aura, and no wonder you are so confident, with such a powerful martial soul power, isn't it good to use it from the start?" Feng Wushen was not in the slightest afraid, instead the corners of his mouth turned up in a cold smile.


With a fierce gaze fixed on Feng Wushen, Duan Mo Ming said fiercely: "I will destroy you into dust!"


In a frenzied and furious state, Duan Morninging was already completely in the grip of rage.


The power of the Blood Wolf Martial Spirit erupted in a frenzy as Duan Mo Ming crossed his hands and pulled them out to his sides, a strange broken sword offered itself and Duan Mo Ming's aura shot up.


“A high-quality spirit weapon, what a rabid martial soul power!” Liu Qingyang exclaimed in shock.


"Duan Mo Ming's martial soul is not simple." Ye Tianwei frowned, with a few moments of contempt in his eyes.


Yi Tianqing nodded and snapped: "Indeed, it is not simple, this aura is extremely uncomfortable."


The numerous cultivators watching the battle were also shocked by Duan Mo Ming's burst of martial soul power, the violent and bloodthirsty aura was terrifying.




Duan Mo Ming sprayed a mouthful of blood onto the broken blade, and it burst into light, its terrifying power like a volcanic eruption.


Duan Mo Ming's aura instantly transcended the peak.


"You're really not willing to give up." Feng Wushen smiled faintly, and the Dragon God Sword also appeared out of thin air at that moment.


"Suffer death!" Duan Mo Ming roared, his broken sword soaring into the sky, extreme and terrifying power turned into waves of fire that soared into the sky, his aura surged, Duan Mo Ming roared, “Mid-range martial skill of the earth! The burning flame destroys heaven and earth!"

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