Chapter 596 – The Space Under the Lake

The bottom of the six-color lake.


Zhou Yuan came to the place with the fluctuation of hidden space, and Lu Luo followed him with her big eyes looking around curiously, although she knew from the Ghostly Python that there were secrets at the bottom of the lake, but she had not actually come here. .


"The space here has a strange fluctuation, if what is expected is correct there should be a small space at the bottom of the lake." Zhou Yuan pointed to a certain place at the bottom of the lake and said.


Lu Luo took a look at that place but found nothing strange and could only blink his big eyes innocently.


However Zhou Yuan didn't expect much from her, he walked over and felt for a moment, frowned and said, "I don't have much else to do, I can only try hard and see if a passage can be opened."


Saying that, he held the Heavenly Yuan Brush that appeared in his hand, expanding directly.


The majestic golden Genesis Qi rose from Zhou Yuan's body gradually covering the Heavenly Yuan Brush as well, and the Brush vibrated emitting a long roar. The sound of the Brush directly at the bottom of the lake caused large waves to roll.


Zhou Yuan's eyes were serious, and in the next instant the black brush stabbed violently, there was a jade light floating on Zhou Yuan's skin, and his bones with silver light. He was clearly pushing his own power to the limit.




The black shadow passed by, using the brush as the origin point, and waves of water exploded.


The brush shadow finally landed heavily on the place of spatial fluctuation, slightly stagnant, then violent power poured out.




Huge waves rolled and low sounds exploded at the bottom of the lake.


Then in the next moment, a shock wave erupted from that spatial fluctuation, and the violent force directly bombarded Zhou Yuan's body, then he was directly blown backwards.


A moment later, Zhou Yuan stepped back, "This space is too solid."


Fortunately, he had prepared himself beforehand, otherwise the rebound force would have been enough to shake him.


Lu Luo saddened: "What should we do then?"


Seeing the secret before him, but unable to enter the door, she was really anxious.


At this moment, the small black snake on Lu Luo's sleeve crawled out, coiled around Lu Luo's white wrist, stood up straight, and sneered at Zhou Yuan with a snort.


"What did he say?" Zhou Yuan took a look at Lu Luo.


Lu Luo was a little embarrassed, "He said you are so stupid to try to break it with brute force."


The corner of Zhou Yuan's mouth straightened, and he gave the Ghostly Python a fierce look, while at this moment the snake's pupil also seemed to have an attempt at mockery, apparently intending to release the previous bad mood. .


"Can you do something about it?" Zhou Yuan gave the Ghostly Python a sideways glance, he knew that at this level, the Genesis Beast was already born with spiritual intelligence and could understand human speech.


However, the Ghostly Python paid no attention to Zhou Yuan.


Zhou Yuan glanced at Lu Luo, as he stretched out his small hand and gently touched the python's head, saying, "Little Spirit, if you know what to do, you should tell me."


The Ghostly Python spat out its snake handwriting, and only after a moment did it hiss.


Lu Luo's big eyes lit up and said, "It says that the small space at this moment is stable and solid and cannot be broken at all, but you can sneak into it and wait for the moment the solidity of the space is submerged." space will loosen in a split second, and at that moment you will be able to tear if you are able to catch the weak point of space."


Zhou Yuan nodded slightly, this method was searchable, but the difficulty was how to catch the weak points of the space, ordinary people might have difficulty with this, but he didn't have much problem with it since the Deciphering Saint Rune could help him perfectly.


"Let's try it then" Zhou Yuan didn't linger long, although the Lake of Six Colors was now rarely visited by people, but in case it was unintentionally discovered by some people wandering around, it would be a bit troublesome to get out.


"Little Spirit, go" Lu Luo ordered.


The ghostly python responded, then floated, turning into a black light that directly collided with the place where the spatial fluctuation was, then its body seemed to melt and the spatial fluctuations gradually intensified, while its body, however, rubbed a little. .


Solid space on the other hand became a little more turbulent as the Python rubbed.


"Zhou Yuan!" Lu Luo saw the situation and hurriedly urged.


Zhou Yuan did not respond, but deep within the pupils of his eyes the Saint Rune flowed, and spatial fluctuations quickly became clear in his eyes.


The space that was originally solid, appeared some changes at this moment.


Zhou Yuan's eyes were like a hawk's, his palm once again grabbed onto the Heavenly Yuan Brush, and with a wave of his arm several golden brush shadows flew out violently, almost at the same time, he struck the center of the ripples . that were rippling in those eyes.


When he hit like this, he no longer seemed to be brutal.


However, as the brush shadow fell, Lu Luo was pleasantly surprised to see the space in front of him shaking violently, and finally black cracks gradually spread from the space.


In the end, a spatial crack about three meters in size was directly formed.


"Zhou Yuan, you are amazing!" Lu Luo couldn't help but applaud, his eyesight was not lacking and he knew how impressive Zhou Yuan's previous shot was.


Zhou Yuan smiled, his eyes staring at the twisted space crack with the warmth and expectation that once existed, saying, "Come on, let's see what's inside."


Lu Luo also nodded vigorously, his eyes shining.


Zhou Yuan entered the spatial crack first, but he also remained cautious, the Genesis Qi in his body surging, his body with golden light, always on guard.


There was a change of light before his eyes as he entered the crack, and then the sound of the lake in his ears became silent, and he entered the solid ground.


The scene in front of him had changed.


Zhou Yuan's gaze widened, and what entered his eyes was a space that was not very big, and there was not much scene in it, so his eyes quickly condensed on the same front.


There was only a pool of golden water about three meters wide, and in the center of the pool was a jade tree, shiny and without branches or leaves. However, Zhou Yuan and Lu Luo's eyes were the first to freeze at the highest position of the jade tree.


There were only two jade fruits hanging there, as if they were real.


Looking at the two jade doll-like fruits, Zhou Yuan and Lu Luo's mouths couldn't help but widen a little...


Because both of them clearly saw that above the jade fruit, there was a six-color halo of light intertwined.


They both sucked in a breath of cold air and looked at each other, both could see the shock and ecstasy in each other's eyes.


Because those were actually two Six-Color Divine Establishment Treasures!


This is the true opportunity that this treasure land contains.


However, the Lake of Six Colors in the outside world was only caused by some of the aura that overflowed from here… However, Zhou Yuan was lucky that he didn't miss anything after all.


This opportunity was still firmly seized by him.

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