Chapter 597 - A Crushing Defeat

“Earth Rank Mid-Grade Martial Art! The burning flame destroys the sky!"


Duan Mo Ming roared, grabbing his broken sword with both hands and slashing from top to bottom.




Hundreds of meters of flaming energy shot out, violent and quite shocking, with an aura like a rainbow, a small crack that spread at a speed visible to the naked eye.


The Heaven Destroying Burning Flame is Duan Mo Ming's killing technique, which gathers the power of Blood Wolf Martial Spirit and Essence Blood, and can be extremely terrifying.


The fact that Duan Mo Ming was able to perform such a ferocious martial art despite being severely injured proved just how strong he was, and that the First Genius of the Illusory Sea Realm was not a name for nothing.




The disciples of the Sacred Sun Sect and the numerous cultivators watching the battle gulped in horror, their pale faces filled with fear.


This Duan Mo Ming sword seemed to open the sky.


Faced with this terrifying energy, Feng Wushen's face also froze for a few moments.


“A cultivation level of the eighth level of the Heavenly Human Realm can inspire power comparable to the peak of the ninth level of the Heavenly Human Realm, indeed a rare genius, it is a pity.” Feng Wushen muttered in his heart.


Feng Wushen's aura changed as he slightly raised his hand, pointing his sword at Duan Mo Ming, and quenching power poured into the Dragon God Sword with full force.


"An immortal art! It is actually an immortal art." Tian Xianzi's old face suddenly changed as he looked at Feng Wushen in surprise.


"This aura is really a soul sucker, the Dan Emperor's sword skill is extremely terrifying!" A seventh grade alchemist said in horror.


"An immortal art! It must be an immortal art." The Zhuge Family Master's heart unleashed huge ripples of extreme shock.


"Feng Wushen's aura is terrifying, I am afraid that this is an immortal art!" Duan Chong frowned, and a hint of panic appeared on his face.


The faces of the elders and senior members of the Sacred Sun Sect had a frightened look, as Feng Wushen's fierce strength was clearly beyond their imagination as well.


“Feng Wushen's sword skill has an aura more powerful than Young Master Duan's!”


"This aura is so terrifying that I can hardly breathe!"


The cultivators watching the battle were all scared and terrified to the core.


Duan Mo Ming, who was in a frantic state, was also looking at Feng Wushen in a bit of a daze at this moment, he couldn't believe that Feng Wushen had an even more terrifying martial art.


An enormous pressure washed over Duan Mo Ming and the only thing he felt was that all his hopes had been crushed and shattered.


Holding the Dragon God Sword, Feng Wushen stood proud in the void, majestic and domineering.


"Soul Destroyer Sword Skill! Destroy the soul and cut through the vault of heaven."


Feng Wushen let out a stern shout and the Dragon God Sword swept out, seemingly simple, but containing the highest dao essence of the sword, the essence of the Soul Destroying Sword Skill at its end.




A dark red monstrous sword aura tore through the air, hundreds of enormous feet, the pressure of the monstrous aura, shocking the crowd, the terrifying sword aura, as if destroying heaven and earth, the void large cracks. spread openly.


The horror of the sword aura was so terrifying that it actually had the aura of cutting through the heavens!


“Er… How is it possible…” Seeing this terrifying sword mane of Feng Wushen, Duan Mo Ming stiffened and looked terrified.


At that moment, space seemed to freeze, and everyone fell into a petrified state, their terrified gazes falling on the towering sword mane.






In an instant, two destructive energies collided, the explosions were shocking and deafening, and just a moment after the collision, Duan Mo Ming spat out a mouth full of fresh blood.


"How dare you?!" Duan Mo Ming roared through clenched teeth, extremely resentful.


Seeing this scene, everyone present was shocked again.


Neither Mo Ling'er nor Zhuge Liancheng realized that they were trembling, terrified to the core.


At the mere moment of the collision, Duan Mo Ming was shaken.


This demonstrates the huge gap between the two forces.


How terrifying was the aura of Feng Wushen's sword?






At the moment of the collision, a large crack spread rapidly through the burning blade, and finally, with a snap, the burning blade exploded, the destructive energy of the earth swept and spun uncontrollably, the void trembled. violently and nearly collapsed.




The blast of flaming sword energy swept wildly, shaking Duan Mo Ming once more, as he spat out blood from his mouth and sent his body flying.


"The power of the sword mane is too terrifying!"


“Such a powerful Earth rank martial skill performed by Young Master Duan is so unbearable in front of Feng Wushen's sword aura!”


"What exactly is the sword technique that Emperor Dan is performing?"


The room was instantly filled with screams of horror.


The overwhelming and terrifying sword aura, which crushed the flaming sword, still rushed towards the badly injured Duan Mo Ming with devastating force.


"Duan Mo Ming! Watch out!" Duan Chong roared in extreme panic.


"Young Patriarch!" The crowd from the Sacred Sun Sect was in a panic.


Duan Mo Ming was badly injured and was unable to avoid the terrifying maneuver of the sword.


“It's over…” Duan Mo Ming stared at the dark red sword mane with extreme fear as a feeling of helplessness surged in his heart.


"Duan Mo Ming!" Duan Chong felt an incomparable panic and couldn't resist the urge to strike.


No one could guarantee whether the seriously injured Duan Mo Ming would be able to withstand such a terrifying sword mane.






In the blink of an eye, the terrifying sword mane pounced on Duan Mo Ming's body, just like a huge mountain pressing down on an ant, Duan Mo Ming spit out blood again and was pulled directly into the vortex of the burst.


Ripples of destructive energy mercilessly ravaged the void, spreading thousands of meters away in the blink of an eye.


Everyone's terrified eyes stared at the terrifying ripples of energy that covered the void.


"Duan Mo Ming!" Duan Chong finally couldn't sit still and his body was shot up into the sky, plunging into the vortex of the explosion.


Duan Mo Ming was his son, so how could Duan Chong stand by and watch his son get killed?


Duan Chong struck, and Feng Wushen's face turned icy.


Duan Chong seems to have made his choice!


Overhead, a terrifying gale swept through, dispersing waves of destructive energy in a matter of moments.


There, Duan Chong was holding Duan Mo Ming, who was extremely badly injured with only half a breath left.


If Duan Chong had been one step slower, he would have feared that Duan Mo Ming would have died for sure.


This battle was a crushing defeat for Duan Mo Ming!


Feng Wushen was unharmed and had only consumed a lot of true essence.


"Looks like you've already made your choice." With an icy gaze fixed on Duan Chong, Feng Wushen said with an expressionless face.


Hearing this, Duan Chong pleaded, “Dan Emperor, Duan Mo Ming has already lost, I implore Dan Emperor to give him a chance.”


"Duan Mo Ming must die!" Feng Wushen responded coldly, his determination to kill Duan Mo Ming not wavering at all.


"Who in the world could watch his son get killed and do nothing about it? If Emperor Dan were to kill Duan Mo Ming, how would this master stand by doing nothing?" Duan Chong said in a deep voice.


With these words, Duan Chong hinted that the battle between the Sacred Sun Sect and the Dragon God Temple was already inevitable.


"Very good! For Duan Mo Ming's sake, you choose to resign from the Sacred Sun Sect." Feng Wushen smiled weakly and coldly.


"Do it! Kill them all." Feng Wushen shouted fiercely and coldly.

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