Chapter 597 – The Secret Treasure at the Bottom of the Lake

On the top of the ancient jade tree, two jade fruits hung silently, with a six-color halo of light around them, making them look so mysterious and eye-catching.


Below, both Zhou Yuan and Lu Luo were shocked by the two jade fruits and remained silent for a long time.




However, Zhou Yuan finally came to his senses and took a deep breath, saying, "I told you, although there are quite a few treasures in the Lake of Six Colors, but since some of them do not deserve the name of Six Color Treasures, it turns out that... The real treasure is here."


Lu Luo also nodded vigorously, his eyes filled with joy and although he had already accounted for quite a bit of his Hundred Flower Fairy Palace's allocation earlier, he had barely managed to condense a four-color Divine Establishment Treasure into his Qi Dwelling in the end.


Clearly this was still a long way from what Lu Luo needed.


But she couldn't ask for more, after all Tang Xiaoyan and Zhao Rou were the leaders of the team, and although she had been accepted as a personal disciple by the Palace Master, she was not strong or old enough to get most of the benefits.


This was also the main reason why Lu Luo went out alone to look for opportunities.


Zhou Yuan turned his gaze to Lu Luo and smiled, "One for each?"


Lu Luo smiled and nodded, if there was anyone else with her here right now, I'm afraid that when they saw the two Six-Color Divine Establishment Treasures they would have already started hooking up.


After all, everyone knew the value of the Six-Color Divine Establishment Treasures, no one would have too many…


Even if they have one, they would still want a second one using it to climb to that higher level.


However, to Zhou Yuan, Lu Luo obviously still trusted him, after all, he was the little friend who had fought side by side at the beginning and as a beast heart seeker, Lu Luo also had a talent for sensing human hearts. which was difficult to reach for common people.


Zhou Yuan smiled at the situation, and with a wave of his sleeve, a golden Genesis Qi swept directly to the top of the tree and picked up the two jade fruits that were emitting a six-color halo.


The gathering was extremely smooth and did not encounter any obstructions, presumably the Ghostly Python should be the guardian beast here, but now that it had even been subdued by Lu Luo, there was naturally no obstacle.


Zhou Yuan extended his palm and grabbed the two jade fruits.


The moment he grabbed them, Zhou Yuan could clearly sense the rolling pure power they contained, which directly caused the five-color Divine Establishment Treasure within his Qi Dwelling to vibrate strongly.


An incomparable wave of longing spread.


Zhou Yuanan endured his heart's longing and handed one of the jade fruits to Lu Luo.


Lu Luo even stretched out her small hand to receive it, and couldn't help but bounce with excitement as she pressed the jade fruit tightly against her small face, her cute face full of satisfaction.


"Thank you, Zhou Yuan!" Only a moment later, he recovered and ran towards Zhou Yuan sweetly.


Zhou Yuan smiled and waved his hand, temporarily putting away the six-color Divine Establishment Treasure for the moment and slowly walked towards the golden pool of water, the jade tree, that was growing from there.


The water of the golden pond seemed to be somewhat viscous, and at this moment, the Spiritual Python was soaked in it, its body trembling but Zhou Yuan could feel that the injuries that the Spiritual Python had suffered earlier seemed to be recovering quickly.


Apparently, this pool of golden water was also divine and very strange.


"What is this?" Lu Luo stepped forward and looked into the golden pool of water, then squatted down, extended his slender jade finger and gently probed.




But as soon as his finger went in, he flew back and his little face was so full of pain, his whole finger was red.


"It hurts much!" She screamed.


Zhou Yuan watched for a moment, and also stretched out his palm slowly reaching for the golden pool of water, and the moment he reached it, he felt a sharp pain! The golden pool of water was like lava when it surged.


However, Zhou Yuan did not retreat immediately, as the severe pain was not unbearable.


He kept it for a few minutes, and then a touch of ecstasy suddenly came out of his pupils as he found that although the golden pool of water when touched gave severe pain, but for the flesh it had an unimaginable tempering effect.


“It is even stronger than the Water and Fire Dragon platform on the Holy Genesis Peak.” Zhou Yuan's heart trembled, and then he was pleasantly surprised, his small Mythical Saint Body was now stuck at the second level of the Silver Bone Realm, then the third level of the Golden Blood Realm could never enter it.


Flesh cultivation was inherently difficult, and without the aid of a divine item one could only improve a little over a long period of time.


Although Zhou Yuan did not reject constant progress, if he could have a way to progress without damaging his foundation, he naturally would not reject it either.


Like the Dragon platform of water and fire, and also the golden pool of water in front of him.


After previous personal experience, Zhou Yuan believed that if he was able to use the power of this golden pool of water, his small Mythical Saint Body would most likely reach the long-awaited Golden Blood realm.


At that time, he would be able to crush all of the bosses of Cangxuan Heaven with just his physical strength.


"Zhou Yuan, are you okay?" Lu Luo on the side saw that Zhou Yuan had been putting his palm in the terrifying golden pool of water, and asked incessantly.


Zhou Yuan smiled and shook his head, but did not hide anything, saying: "This golden pool of water is also a good treasure, it has a strange effect on flesh cultivation. Don't let it go either, just take it away."


Lu Luo shook his head repeatedly at the words, saying, “If you want it, take it, I am not interested in cultivating my flesh body.”


Flesh cultivation is a great pain, every flesh transformation has pains that are unbearable for normal people, Lu Luo cultivation just wants to be with Genesis Beasts together, he didn't want to do this kind of self-abusive thing.


Zhou Yuan smiled foolishly, and then with a wave of his sleeve, he took out ten huge wooden cylinders from the bag, taller than a man.


Rotating his eyebrows, his soul vibrated and his soul power emitted, about to bring the golden pool of water into the wooden cylinders.




But at this moment, the Python suddenly hissed angrily, the snake's pupils staring at Zhou Yuan, its body had an impulse to swell.


Only a moment later, he turned around and approached Zhou Yuan: "Zhou Yuan, these puddles of water! Can you give little spirit some too? He depends on these puddles of water in his daily cultivation."


Zhou Yuan was slightly stunned, no wonder this Python was so strong, and was even able to escape despite being severely injured by it in the end, it had been relying on this water puddle place to temper itself.


“No problem, there is already a part of what is here for you” Zhou Yuan nodded, these golden pools of water even if he shared half of it should be enough to cultivate the Mythical Saint Small Body to the third level of the Golden Kingdom of Blood.


Lu Luo looked at the ten big jars, stretched out three fingers, then withdrew one and said, "Then let's divide two jars for ourselves."


"Divide three jars." Zhou Yuan smiled, and then said to the Ghostly Python, "Aren't you still letting it open?"


The Ghostly Python hissed twice, looking at the golden pools of water, still a little reluctant.


"Little Spirit, come back quickly, you are leaving with me anyway, there is no point in keeping this" Midori urged.


When the Ghostly Python heard this, it turned into a black light and crawled into Lu Luo's sleeve.


Without any obstruction, Zhou Yuan immediately urged spirit power, and the golden pool of water shattered, enveloped by invisible spirit power, and finally moved into a single wooden jar.


When the ten huge wooden jars were filled, the golden pool of water also reached the bottom, and also revealed the roots of the jade tree rooted in them.


Zhou Yuan looked at the ten golden jugs filled with water, and satisfaction appeared in his eyes, then he put away seven of the jugs, and left the rest of the jugs to Lu Luo.


"Here it is, we have finally collected everything, right?" Zhou Yuan stretched out a lazy waist, intending to go down the road.


On the side, Lu Luo with his eyes looking at the bottom of the pool, suddenly pulled Zhou Yuan's sleeve and said, "What is that?"


Zhou Yuan was frightened, his eyes followed his point, and he saw that at the bottom of the water pool, at the location of the roots of the jade tree, a strand of roots intertwined and formed a mass of ball-shaped rhizomes.


At that moment, there seemed to be a mysterious glow coming from the gap in that mass of intertwined rhizomes.

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